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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • apocalypsoapocalypso Posts: 12
    OK, it's been some years since I've bought (will be leasing) a new car, and I've never bought an Acura before. Mostly Hondas.

    So I have a lease quote from the internet sales rep. for a 2014 MDX with Tech. There are several interesting add-ons:

    Aftermarkets $499 (not described)
    Doc Fee $549
    Acquisition Fee $595
    Maintenance $299 (they did describe this, I will reject it)

    I appreciate that "my mileage will vary" in negotiations, but will I be successful on average telling them to remove all these charges, or are some customary/mandatory for Acura dealers?


  • I just bought a 2014 AWD Advance from John Eagle in Houston for about $1k below MSRP with no dealer adds which is a pretty good deal. I had shopped around the country and that was the best deal I could find. If you use them, make sure to go through Tiffany in the internet department, she seems to be able to discount more.

    As to the previous poster, just tell the dealer you will not accept any adds. It should be Price + TTL. If they won't do, it somebody else will.
  • hkny79hkny79 Posts: 7
    did your price already include destination charges of $895??
  • dmz6dmz6 Posts: 1
    Can you share - which dealer in PA?
    Best I can do is $1k off retail.
  • qualitiequalitie Posts: 9
    Baierl Acura in Pittsburgh, ask for ken
  • wdm1wdm1 Posts: 1
    Hi theadmiral, what is the OTD price? MSRP - 1000 + TTL ?
  • Any luck with any Colorado Acura dealers getting a Costco price?
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 179
    Any lease should include the price negotiated for the vehicle and the accusation fee. Aftermarkets, whatever that is, maintenance (?), and doc fees are simply part of the price. They are not fees despite what the dealer may say. Personally, I would walk away from this dealer.
  • eyedi27eyedi27 Posts: 4
    On Sat, the best price I have gotten in colorado is 1000 off msrp and this is with tech+ent. They wouldn't lower it and would not negotiate more than that. They should have lowered it by at least 2500 for tech+ent. Funny thing is that dealership claimed they sold most of their MDX but I still see most of their MDX still on their lot with stickers on it. I think they sold 1 that day.

    I guess I may have to wait for few months or fly to cali to pick one up.
  • akhatriakhatri Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    Hi, would you mind sharing which dealer in Cali is giving you a better deal? I contacted Ken from Baierl Acura and got a quote of $1700 below MSRP for 2014 MDX AWD w/ Tech. This is the best quote I have received so far.
  • cp0861cp0861 Posts: 2
    edited August 2013
    Just bought Saturday.....2014 MDX w/AWD.....the base model w/AWD.

    Long story short, dealer offered "employee pricing" and took $2698 (i think thats the number, might be off $100 or so) off MSRP. Added a few options and they discounted the options slightly from dealer cost.

    My brother in law purchased one a year or two ago, and he had searched high and low for best price. I called the guy he bought from (Rosenthal Acura - Gaithersburg, MD), and he couldn't match that price. He actually told me it was a great deal and I should go for it. So we did.

    Price Acura, Dover, DE.......ask for Roger Hinkle.
  • cp0861cp0861 Posts: 2
    Try Price Acura in Dover, DE. Ask for Roger Hinkle. They are a "no haggle" dealership and offered $2600 off msrp. From my research, I doubt you'll find a better deal, and if you do, it won't be by more than maybe a couple hundred bucks.....and in this area (MD/DE/PA) I really don't think you'll beat that deal. Good luck.
  • mrmonty1mrmonty1 Posts: 6
    edited August 2013
    Courtesy Acura (Littleton, CO) might be negotiated down by $1500 for the base model. I haven't pulled the trigger yet though.
  • pete2815pete2815 Posts: 20
    I have bought 3 MDXs from same dealer/salesman. Currently driving an '07 with Tech/Sport pkg. Dealer offered me a low trade value and weren't discussing anything beyond sticker. Rumor has it that Acura will be flooding the dealerships this Fall. I plan to wait until their lots are full and the early buyers have bought. May go shopping the week after Christmas and see if there is a better offer or wait until 2015 models arrive.
    Please keep posting here as this forum saved me a lot of $ in 2006.
  • bought three from them and they still look to burn you. You're right, wait till they are crying again in a couple months.
  • As I recall it was 60,500 list with TT+L and I was out the door at with a 4k trade in( very fair) at 55k.
  • In Los Angeles area-

    Last night I bought a 2014 MDX 2WD Tech 1 Package, Diamond White Pearl/Eucalyptus

    $1,900+ off MSRP Where: Acura 1000 Oaks. I got my deal working with Sam. He is the internet sale department manager and has worked at Acura for 16 years. If he is not there, day off or something…..wait. I don’t think that I would have gotten as good a deal from the other salesmen there.

    Never had any dealing with this dealership before, but they are part of a large dealer group in the area. I made the deal on the phone and the paperwork at the dealership was smooth and straight-forward. They even let me put part of the purchase on my Airline Miles credit card. How great is that. Sam hooked up our phones and went over the the NAV and Audio system. We would have been there all night, but the security guard kicked us out so he could lock the gate

    This is my 2nd Acura. First on was new 1987 Legend. When I bought it in '86, no one had even heard of Acura. I kept that one for 17 years- 245k miles. The Legend was an amazing car for it day and this 2014 MDX look like it will be just a great.

    I had no idea what the new IDS system was about when I first test drove the vehicle. There is no way a 15 minute test drive on city streets/Freeway will demonstrate how great this works, I live in the hills, several miles up a windy road. Switching the IDS to "sport" changes the whole steering, throttle and handling characteristics and makes the MDX preform remarkable well for it size in the curves and hills. Switching back to the "comfort” setting on the freeway makes it ride like old Lincoln, soft and mushy; but that is a good thing for long road trips.

    I would write more, but I want to go out and play with my new "toy"

    Thanks to all who posted to this and similar threads here on Edmunds. I got a lot of help and I hope this pays it forward.

  • dwm4dwm4 Posts: 2
    I ordered a blk/parch adv/ent in June that was supposed to be in any day. Still don't have it, production keeps getting pushed back. Feeling very frustrated. Anyone having a similar problem and know the deal?
  • pete2815pete2815 Posts: 20
    Your dealer should be able to provide you with the assembly date and approximate delivery date (which may be a week late). My dealer is receiving the cars that were ordered in June or July. MDXs seem to arriving here weekly. Salesman that I talked with yesterday in Lexington KY has a delivery date for 1st week in October for his personal MDX; he didn't say when he had ordered it.
  • Not only that, they should supply you with the VIN number of your ordered vehicle. Chances are they have had buyers paying more than you and they have had your ordered car and sold it figuring they have you on the hook.

    Speak up and don't be a wuss
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