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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bxteachbxteach Posts: 16
    About three weeks ago, my wife and I purchased our 2014 MDX w/Tech from Curry Acura, located in Scarsdale, NY (I found a few leftover 2013's, but it made more sense to go new). We locked down our price and they went to work. After getting the paperwork together, we went to the dealer on a Saturday, sat with the Finance Mgr. and were out the door in less than 2 hours (talking too much to the FM).

    Price of car was $48,000. **This included at least 2 expensive accessories, the advance running boards and the roof rails. The last one was the molding.** My tax rate is 8.375% which added a little over $4k to the price. We then paid $263 for DMV and a $75 Doc fee. We secured outside financing because AFS doesn't have any plans.

    The technology in the car wasn't needed, but we love it. The nav system is one of the best. In addition, there is the blind spot monitoring, forward collision warning system, and the lane departure warning system. After driving for a month, I can say the blind spot is the most used. The collision warning system engaged about 2 times. And I've shut off the lane departure for now.

    Forum viewers and posters debate whether or not to get the tech. You don't need it. Since we were able to afford it and my wife likes the accessibility and ease of the nav system, we got it.
    In addition to the warnings and the nav, it comes with upgraded wheels, voice activated everything, and those silly little puddle lights.

    We looked at the German sleds and couldn't justify the extra cost (a la carte accessories and then some). Yes, the Acura is an entry level luxury car. And we are very comfortable with that. We now have two Acuras in the family.

    To anyone thinking of or has already purchased, good luck. Enjoy your new ride!!
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    Would you mind sharing the dealer name where you got that deal? I'm flying out there (to LA) a week from Saturday to visit my cousin and hoping to have her in a 2014 MDX before I leave nine days later! She lives in LA County (Woodland Hills) and would be getting a 2014 MDX Tech Pkg in White Diamond (hopefully with Eucalyptus interior).

    She currently has a 2008 Lexus GX470 that drinks gas at an obscene rate (14mpg on a good day)! Needs to dump it!
  • Riverside. Ask for Lacy or Candace. Several other dealers in the LA areas could not do the deal at this price point. Riverside is a little further. However, for this price, it is worth the drive for me.
  • Got the rates from a dealer for a 2014 MDX base awd and asked to use the online Here is what he gave me:

    MSRP: 44290
    Dest: 895
    Optional : 0
    Total MSRP: 45185

    Selling Price: 42900
    Acquisition Fee: 595
    Cap Adjustment: -595
    Net Cap Cost: 43495

    Lease: 36
    Tax: 7
    RV: 64
    MF: .0018
    Interest: 4.32%

    Monthly Base: 404.91
    Finance Charge: 130.34
    Base + Fin : 535.25
    Tax: 37.27
    Monhtly Payment: 572.72

    Title: 75
    Reg: 325
    Fees: 12.50
    Due at signing: 985.22

    How does this look? It seems a bit high from what other people are stating. What can I negotiate with here?
  • Negotiate on the selling price. In LA, I was able to negotiate the selling price from MSRP: 45,185 to Selling Price: 40,957.15. This should lower your costs. Also, in LA the money factor is .0017.
  • supra5supra5 Posts: 2
    I'm looking to purchase a 2014 MDX SH-AWD w/ Tech Pkg in the DFW area before month end. Does anyone have any recommendations on pricing and dealership experience in this area?
  • kolli1kolli1 Posts: 2
    I am getting $40K as the best offer in the SF Bay area. Has anyone seen better prices? Given the price trend, I am hoping if I wait a month or two, I might save $500-$1000 more. What do you guys think?
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    edited October 2013
    I've noticed that some White Diamond Pearl models are finally showing up on dealer lots with Eucalyptus interior! Have any recent lease/purchases posted here in the forum been with the Eucalyptus?

    If I'm not mistaken, models with Tech Package and above are offer the choice of Parchment or Eucalyptus interior with the White Diamond Pearl and Forest Mist Metallic exterior colors. I think Eucalyptus would also look very sharp paired with the Silver Moon.

    Once again, I'm impressed with Acura for offering an interior color with limited availability, comparatively speaking. Parchment, Ebony and Graystone can be paired with more than just two exterior colors.

    I've finally seen the Eucalyptus in person and it looks amazing! Maybe Acura will jump on the Saddle Brown interior bandwagon next.....hint, hint....

    But I still have to vent a little about something else I just noticed. It really hacks me off when a $45k+ has certain exterior colors that have a 'mandatory' interior color (no choice). It's the way Honda operated for decades and I, like all Honda lovers, submitted to their rigid color combos. It's just odd to see that the 2014 MDX in Dark Cherry (Parchment) or Fathom Blue (Graystone) doesn't offer buyers a choice. Then again, I can't imagine choosing either of those paint colors either....
  • maresidentmaresident Posts: 4
    edited October 2013
    Planning to buy MDX ,
    Anybody bought recently 2014 MDX with Tech / Entertainment or MDX with Tech.
    appreciate If you could post the prices paid in and around boston area.
  • Programdd, By Selling Price did you mean Out of the door price?
  • I would like some feedback on this deal for 2014 w/Tech & Entertainment at a dealer in Colorado. Sticker was $51,460 and negotiated sale price of $49,750 (-3.3%).

    Thanks for your feedback in advance.
  • I am getting similar offer. I am getting offer of 2014-AWD MDX with Tech Pkg for $47,530. So for 2014-AWD MDX with Tech+Ent, $49,750 is comparable. It can come down little bit.

    I am debating between 2014 AWD Tech Pkg and 2013 AWD Tech Pkg. I got offer of $47,530 and $41,500 respectively...Just thinking if $6000 difference is justified. What I get extra with 2014 model are below
    1. better gas mileage - around 3mile/gallon more on avg with Variable Cylinder Management.
    2. Blind Spot Monitor
    3. Lane Departure Warning
    4. One touch Keyless start
    5. Forward Collison Warning
    6. Keyless Access
    7. Remote Smart entry

    Any guidance from experts will be appreciated.
  • 3mpg better means you're using 119 gallons of gas more each year (at 15,000 miles each year). That's $458 per year saved (@ $3.85 per gallon) times the # of yrs you plan on keeping your car. If you're a long-termer like me, say ten years, that's $4,600 recouped from the $6,000 difference. The added option/benefits you cited make up more than the difference imo. If that's not enough, think of the higher resale value in the future of the newer generation vs 2013. Then there's better safety (more crashworthy newer model). How much is that worth? It was a no-brainer for me.

    I neglected to factor in the opportunity cost of the lost interest on $6,000 at what? 2-3% per yr? vs the 2-3% interest gained on the $ amt saved on annual gas costs. But that's splitting hairs. You can adjust any of these numbers as they apply to you. Bear in mind, though, the 2014 MDX routinely beats its estimated fuel economy, especially on the hwy, whereas the 2013 models did just the opposite, so real world fuel savings should be higher with the 2014 as they have been for me and others. Hope this helps.
  • Hi Rajesh

    I was in same dilemma some time back and finally did some calculation what deannie explained already. I preferred 2014 and bought for the following reasons:
    1 3mg extra - will be big saving in long term (couple of years)
    2. All new feature (as you listed already) - except - you do not get remote start - but you can get that anytime by paying around $400+.
    3. when you like to sale this vehicle (anytime) there would be difference of resale price - 1500-2500 because of the year and model.
    4. there are lot of enhancements in 2014 version - you can see this on Acura website.
    5. 2014 is whole redesigned model

    I bough 2014-MDX-Tech - $46500 (including destination) + (Including destination) + tax+registration+documentation Fee($259) - around 51500 OTD from NJ.

    Hope this help
  • Hello, living in northern va was looking into mdx fwd, can anyone please share a good deal what should I be looking at price wise? Also looking at toureg tdi and ml blutec..please share dealership and contact name of possible thank you in advance for your help!
  • I am getting quotes on a 2014 MDX AWD Base in Colorado and the dealers are giving me quotes but not including the Dealer Handling fees. I finally got one to tell me it is $689!! Another dealer told me his quote included a $400 Regional Advertising fee. What is everyone else paying? Are you including this "extra fee" in your price quotes? Has anyone negotiated these fees down?

    So far I've gotten the following quotes for a 2014 MDX AWD Base:

    1. $43,062 ($41,016 invoice + $400 advertising fee + $895 destination + $750 profit) + TTL

    2. $43,300 ($42,611 + $689 dealer handling) + TTL

  • Never heard of these fees before. Unless this represents doc and bank fees. I got a quote for 41,911, which is the invoice and destination.
  • Hi- Are the money factors and residual values set by Acura Financial? Should these be consistently quoted from dealers in the same region? The reason I'm asking is I'm getting different answers from two different dealerships, and I'm wondering who is telling me the truth.

    Example- One dealer is saying .00200 (4.8%) and another is saying .001700 (4.08%). Also one is saying 63% residual for 10K and the other is saying 62% for 10K.

    Please help.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Be very cautious.

    Rates or residuals are fixed by Acura.

    If you do start to see varying terms, a dealer may be using a 3rd party bank that is not Acura Financial. We have a local dealer that will almost always quote a $30-50 better lease payment than others, but will not disclose that it goes through a different 3rd party bank such as US Bank or Haan Financial until too late and you go to sign. This means losing out on any Acura benefits or loyalty, no mileage rollover, no wear & tear, no mileage forgiveness, and an inflated residual at end plus fees making it tougher to get out of at end--with no support by Acura.

    If not this, a dealer may also be providing updated vs. not updated terms. They will not vary much dealer to dealer, other than sale price. Avoid 3rd party leasing companies at all costs.
  • Anyone bought 14 MDX with tech in Oregon? Do you mind share the price and dealer information? Thanks!
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