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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm also interested to getting one in Boston. Should perhaps pull our offer together to get a good deal.
  • 2014 Acura Base AWD for $42,185. Is this a good deal in the boston area?
  • Has anyone bought the extended warranty since I was reading the forum about the MDX transmission problems? How much does it cost ? Is it worth it?
  • They quotes me 3200 for an 8 year 100k mile extended warranty. Got it down to 2400.
  • Is it Acura warranty or some other third party kind?
  • raywrayw Posts: 9
    I got the same for 2100
  • raywrayw Posts: 9
    that's a great deal. I managed to get only 3000 off MSRP, including doc fees though.
  • It's the acura-care extended warranty. This was in Northern California.
  • I got an e-quote of 42,371 and a Truecar quote of $43,038 for the 2014 base AWD at Acura of Boston. Is your quote from Herb Connolly Acura?
  • We're planning to buy a 2014 AWD in the Boston area (most likely Acura Boston dealership) within the next few weeks -- is anyone else is serious and ready to go, please let me know. We're leaning towards Acura Boston because my husband bought his current MDX from them years ago.
  • I'm planning to get one myself in the next few weeks too. So far I have gotten good price for Prime Acura North in Hampton. What price have they quoted you? They are running a special for 0.9% financing which make the base model attractive.
  • Got this quote from prime Acura north thru their internet manager. Do you think this is a good price?
  • AWD with tech = $47,060.
  • $42185 is a couple hundred less than what I was quoted online -- looks good! I'm going to call the Acura Boston internet manager next week and see how much he can beat his own auto-reply e-quote. I'll post again then with new info.
  • sfbaycarsfbaycar Posts: 2
    edited November 2013
    Hi all,

    We purchased a new 2014 Acura MDX AWD with Tech near Daly City for $46,500 incl $895 dest fee (excluding tax, title, and licensing). We received 60 month financing with 1.89% APR. Hope that helps with your car shopping. Thank you to all previous contributors who posted their purchase prices. My research on this site helped us negotiate a good price!
  • vk323vk323 Posts: 2
    I didn't care much for their selling prices, as I knew they'd be quoting me close to the MSRP. I just came in and told them the price I was willing to pay, based on the prices offerred through Costco's auto purchase program. In the end, I'm sure the dealer is fine with the sale, too, as it certainly makes money through things like doc fees plus whatever I pay above invoice (maybe even more), and I get the car I want knowing I'm not being ripped off. I think it would have been possible to knock off another $100-200 off my purchase price but that would have required me to walk away, wait for their call and come back to close the deal. I didn't want to waste time doing that.
  • I love Edmunds for prices paid discussion. I have bought several cars after gaining info here including my wife's 2006 MDX. It's now time for a new one.

    It would be helpful for me (and others) if you could post how much below MSRP all of you are buying for. It's the easiest way for buyers to see trends by looking at approximate percentages off MSRP. Plus, people should mention if they have a trade in (details don't matter) as that can totally alter a deal and make it apples to oranges.

    Also, you should specify if buying a 2013 or 2014 since there are differences in pricing, obviously.

    Any great Acura financing deals out there now?

    Lastly, I am really in a quandary between Advanced and non-advanced. Would be curious why any of you chose one v. the other.

    Thanks in advance for all the help my fellow MDX shoppers and I look forward to posting my pricing once I buy.
  • I just bought 2014 AWD Tech and Entertainment for $2000 below MSRP. A couple of dealers offered $500 below MSRP for the Advanced. Serramonte verbally offerred $2000K below MSRP on Advanced, but I think they were just playing a game to get another buyer to commit ("I have another buyer ready to pull the trigger!"). There is so little supply in the Bay Area the dealers don't seem to feel much pressure to discount.

    I went with Tech & Ent rather than Advanced basically on cost for the features. I liked the 9 inch screen better than the 16 inch because I don't have two kids, so I'd rather have one big screen than two smaller screens. Some of the Advance features, like the roof rails, back-up sensors, and remote start, you can get as accessories for a few hundred a pop. And the mechanism for running the venilated seats was a little loud. It came down to about $4K difference for CMBS, lane assist, front parking sensor, HDMI input for the DVD, and perforated leather. Not worth it to me, although it was fairly close. It also helped that I liked the dealer that was offering the Tech & Ent much better than the dealer that was offering the Advance.
  • Congrats on your new MDX!!
    I am also looking for the AWD with Tech in VA area. The $46,500 includes dest fee. Is any other fees also included? In Virginia one of the dealer quoted extra dealer processing fee of $499. So please let me know if any other fees or charges is included or are they extra. Did you get any free goodies like complementary services/oil changes etc?
  • I just bought one in NJ for 41500. I think you can get a few more hundred off your price.
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