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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mu8318mu8318 Posts: 20
    Awd or fwd??

    If Awd, I will look no further. I bought 4 months ago for invoice price (45,800)for Awd. I think you already got the best deal I heard in this forum.

    Good luck
  • Does that include Dest. Charges?
  • Who is the sales person? Did you go through Jeremy Pratt? I am getting similar deals, trying to decide.
  • If this is AWD and includes destination this is a heck of a deal.
  • robw5robw5 Posts: 1
    Can you tell me which dealership is offering $1500 below MSRP?
  • Invoice on an AWD MDX-Tech is 45824. 44750 (or even 45078), I'm in! Let me know, please also confirm that you're looking at an AWD.
  • Yes, this is an AWD with Tech, including Destination Fee !
  • Yes, this is an AWD with Tech, including Destination Fee !
  • rjxrjx Posts: 11
    Hello everybody! I am in this Philly area and would love to collectively bargain for a smoking hot deal on an MDX. I am looking to buy one by the end of the month.

    Anyone else in the Philly/PA/NJ/DE Area looking to join in? I think if we can save a a good amount of $$$. It will be absolutely worth it.
  • I have this MDX - SHW-AWD with tech negotiated, and this dealer is based out of NJ, if you are willing to please let me know what MDX you are looking for.
  • rjxrjx Posts: 11
    edited December 2013

    NJ works for me. I am looking at the AWD base model.

    How many people have pooled in so far?

    I will be checking this forum periodically throughout the day.
  • shravancshravanc Posts: 14
    edited December 2013
    41,251 is for the base I have negotiated with for 2014 MDX SH-AWD Base model. (Including Destination fee).

    So far no one has joined the pool !
  • Hi shravanc:

    I'm seriously considering buying a MDX AWD Base model by the end of this year, my target price is 42k OTD or less, the best deal I heard so far is 41k before TTL(Including Destination charge) which happened around Black Friday in TX, the price you got is so close to this deal, if this dealer is in south NJ, I would like to join you
  • for some reason the details I am posting are not getting reflected here in teh forum.
    please mail me at my username at gmail dot com
  • Shravanc, I just emailed you at the gmail address. I'm in. As I said in the email, travel may be tough this weekend, so we might have to get creative on the details by using phone/scans/email. Let me know. Thanks.
  • I am in Richmond, VA but will be open to any worthwhile joint offer in the DC/NJ/PA/VA area. I am looking at 2014 MDX AWD Tech and the best I am being offered locally so far is a little over Invoice + TTL. I think with some squeezing I should be able to get 47.5k to 48k OTD locally (including 4% VA tax, destination, tags, doc etc.) and perhaps between 47k and 47.5k OTD in the DC area. If I can get somewhat better than that around NJ/Philly, I too am game to purchase from up there (target 44.2k to 44.5K + TTL) or (46k to 46.5k OTD) for the AWD tech. If there is around $1000 price difference then NJ would be worthwhile. Considering that brand new 2013 MDX since May/June have been selling for 7k to 8k less than these prices for an exact equivalent vehicle; paying much more than 46k would be silly taking into account the depreciation/resale value a few years from now or the potential deals on 2014 in under six more months. I am seriously considering QX60, RX350 or Enclave as alternates or just wait if the dealers do not budge on the prices.
  • Hi, Collective bargaining is a very good idea. I am from Philly and would like to join. Looking for a 2014 AWD Tech with entertainment. Ready to purchase as early as the next weekend. I am currently in CT area for work and could only travel in the weekends. you guys can reach me on my email srini.mdx this is my gmail account.
    Seems like this forum is not available for posting messages on 12/15 and 12/16.I hope you guys already took a note of it.
  • Since posting to Edmunds will be down tomorrow and Monday I can be reached at ka.acuramdx followed by gmail dot com.
  • sam_bsam_b Posts: 5

    All..I am looking for 2014 MDX + Tech package in Dallas Fort Worth DFW area. So far what I noticed is the best price (~44,700 + TTL) dealers are offering hasnt changed for last 2-3 months and with year end, holidays etc. also. Is anybody else also interested and has got any better quote?

  • sam_b Like you I am looking for the MDX - I am looking for a AWD with Tech. Best price I have seen in DFW thus far is 46,522. Have you received a quote in the 44,700 range for the MDX +tech in DFW? If so please share the dealer. - Thanks

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