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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • blueaxisblueaxis Posts: 1

    Just purchased a new 2014 Acura MDX AWD with Tech Package in Milford, CT $47,000 + tax out the door. Feel I probably overpaid $1000, but at the same time they gave me $500 more than anyone else for my trade in.... I was in an out in an hour.... I also value my time and my sanity...

  • I am looking for 2014 MDX AWD TEchpackage in NEW Jersey

  • leo_zleo_z Posts: 18

    I am looking for the 2014 MDX AWD Tech package in Phoenix/Peoria/Scottsdale (Arizona) area. Willing to drive to neighboring states as well. Anybody have experience in recently buying the MDX in Arizona ? Thanks for your help

  • suv3rowsuv3row Posts: 3

    I am nj and looking for 2014 acura mdx. if we have more people we can collective bargain

  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,424

    Suv3 row

    My friend is deciding on Mdx or lexus rx, he is going to test drive the RX as soon as the weather breaks. then will decide. Have you looked at the Rx model yet.

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,424

    With sub zero temps here in the Northeast dealers will be willing to sell cheaper at months end..

    This has been a bad month here in the nyc, metro / Nj area for all car dealers

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

  • skrish08820skrish08820 Posts: 15
    edited January 25

    Anyone interested in buying Acura MDX AWD with Tech Package, please contact Acura of Denville and talk to their Internet Sales Manager. I bought one for 45387 + 7% Tax + 190 (Transfer 595 for new #) + .004% NJ Supplemental charge + $7.70 online fee + $7.50 tire charges + 299 document fee. You can give my name Subramanian as a reference. Very professional and will treat you well. Good luck

  • I mean Acura MDX AWD with Tech Package

  • Anyone in the Northwest who has purchased (or will be purchasing) a '14 MDX SH-AWD w/Tech and Entertainment?

    Dealer (so called negotiated) prices are ridiculously high compared to other parts of the country.

    I'm getting the following:

    2014 MDX SH-AWD w/Tech and Entertainment Front/Rear Sport Bumpers Splash guards Cargo Liner Mats etc.

    $51,750 before tax.

    I'm seeing prices more around $49K in other spots. Can anyone recommend a dealer in WA or OR?


  • I had a very good experience with Acura of The Desert. Paid invoice ($46,125) for 2014 MDX AWD Tech and got great trade in value. One of the best purchasing experiences I have ever had!

  • cogniocognio Posts: 1

    We bought a 2014 MDX AWD w/ Tech plus advance running board from Pohanka Acura in VA during the Christmas. The OTD price is $48750. Break down is like this: 45112.61 (car+running board) 499 (process fee) 2736.7 (6% MD sales tax) 10 (oline filling fee), 315 (tag), 76.69 (dealer's biz license fee) I would like to thank all earlier posts and happy MDX buying.

  • foolsidfoolsid Posts: 6

    In Milwaukee area the best quote I received is 46,525 for AWD+Tech package (includes destination fee and dealer fee)+ TTLR+ Any additional accessories Chicago dealers are willing to do up to 46,300 + TTLR+ Any additional accessories. I am really hoping if they could not knock off another 500$/

  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,424


    Make your sales pitch to buy the last 2 days, last day of the month, This will be your best chance to get better pricing along with getting several dealerships involved..

    good luck

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

  • foolsidfoolsid Posts: 6

    Thanks brian. Finally I was able to purchase MDX with 49218 OTD. Here is the break down 45,550 + 550(remote starter)+300 (cargo mats and other + Protection package 1)+ 166 document fee + TTLR.

    Not sure how good is this deal. I might have paid extra but i am fairly happy with the price.

  • brian125/foolsid - great pricing!

    Do you think its an inventory issue? I can't find a dealer on the west coast willing to go that low.

  • In Massachusetts just paid $48,649 + TTL for a 2014 Acura MDX AWD Tech w/ Ent, probably not the best price I could have gotten but I felt like it was a fair price and it was quick, less than 24 hours of shopping and I hate shopping.

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