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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • benzrulesbenzrules Posts: 13
    I typically give my business to the person who provides better service. In a commodity industry like these types of vehicles (I took delivery of a Pilot today) since there is typically no negotiation on price, I would go for the service. The problem I have with these types of situations is that some salespeople assume that the car will just sell itself, so they can excert little effort and still make the sell. I don't buy that. For a car selling at what the Pilot and MDX sell for (while not overpriced IMO, they are not "cheap"), you should get as long as you want on the test drive, as many test drives as you want within reason, and the sales person should be EXTREMELY familar with the vehicle. Having the luxury of living in a large city (Houston), I had about 12 Honda dealers to choose from. While quite a few had multiple vehicles in stock, and all were willing to sell at MSRP with no forced DIOs or BS fees, the place I purchased mine from was strictly based on service from the salesman. He took over an hour explaining all the features of the car to us (before the test drive) and then took another hour to answer questions when we returned a few days later. I've purchased two Mercedes in the last few years and always bought them based on service (three dealerships in the area). Screw the local guy and go for the service (and the homecooked meal from Mom). And unless the local dealer owner is a complete idiot, you should have no trouble getting your car serviced locally. That is where they make money in the long run anyway. Good luck!

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    You are on the MDX board. The MDX rules! Not to take anything away from the pilot, it is a good vehicle, the MDX is just far superior! :)

    DVD can be put in the MDX, either aftermarket or DIO. I would go with the aftermarket. I am not sure, but in the pilot and odyssey you cannot have the DVD and NAV? I don't know if it holds true with an aftermarket system?
  • woodard1woodard1 Posts: 37
    Please do yourself justice and drive the MDX before making a decision. I test drove the Pilot for three days and while "waiting" to take delivery I started looking at the MDX. What was so special about this car? I could'nt for the life of me figure why anyone would pay more for basically the same vechile? The MDX dealer was over 100 miles away so we loaded up and meet the salemans halfway and then I knew I was WRONG! All I can say is sit in it, feel it, drive it, fall in love with it! Happy Driving which ever you choose. I'm at 700 miles with my BK/BK MDX and I love that car!
  • rodeodawgrodeodawg Posts: 19
    I discovered the MDX only after my local Honda dealer added so many accessories to the Pilots in stock that the MDX and Pilot became the same price. At the same price, the Pilot cannot compare to the MDX (and maybe that's why 2 out of the 3 Pilots that were on the Franklin, TN Honda dealership are still there).
  • nickg5nickg5 Posts: 16
    Well I went last weekend and they had 3-4 MDX's in the lot all spoken for. Sales guy was nice but he did not try too much. He did mentioned that the car sells itself. That said we asked him to put down some numbers...

    I wanted a MDX with touring and nothing else. Well how about $41k. He put about 5-6 options in a package that I never saw itemized prices for. I may be willing to pay MSRP which is 37,800. Now it does not include a DVD system, that I have to add at about $1-2k.

    On the other hand I saw a black Pilot and it looked good... I looked on the window sticker it was $39k!!! It had the same options like the MDX for about $2k and also a $3k markup. It did not even have the DVD system.

    Still one more option I need to evaluate.


  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Was that from Honda? or did the dealer make up his own? $39K, absurd. You can definitely get the MDX for MSRP. I know, I did. There are people getting Pilot's for MSRP, but it seems harder. Don't accept it with options you don't want...they can take running boards off too.
  • rodeodawgrodeodawg Posts: 19
    A dealership that's going to add thousands of dollars worth of options on a car "because they can" shouldn't be trusted. If they apply that mentality to sales, who's to say they don't do it for the service department too?
  • leep2leep2 Posts: 2
    Test droved the MDX and Pilot and still trying to decide between the both. Could get either one at MSRP. The MDX seems more agile and exterior looks more stylish. Pilot a lot cheaper. Overall, I like the MDX better but should I wait until the 2003 comes out and make my decision?
  • nickg5nickg5 Posts: 16
    now that I am thinking there must have been a markup on the MDX as well.

    I see the touring version is ~$37k. I cannot imagine that those things were worth in excess of $4k.

    the funny thing is that the one the were just driving in did not have any of those 'options'
    but the guys said that 'we order them from the factory with that option' When I asked him that all those are dealer installed options and they did not have to be installed he said that maybe one or two can be skipped. I thought that was absurd. But hey if folks are going for it and the dealer can get away why not...



    PS: sorry to intersect Pilot info on the MDX board but they did the same thing. Noumerous things packaged up (but not itemized) and a big markup.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Those options are not "WORTH" $4K more. However, they gouge on the options. Here is are some examples of the cut sheet that my dealer presented me for options...$599 wood grain steering wheel, $250 cargo liner, $75 cargo net, $189 wood grain shift nob, $995 trailer hitch. Outrageous. So if a plastic cargo liner can be $250, what do you think a DVD player is going for $3500? Market price at a place like Best Buy is under or at $1000.
  • inky4inky4 Posts: 238
    Gray market vehicle?
    Not new if not from a U.S. Acura dealership.
    What are you talking about, a mall? If an acura dealer then they have a name, the name would be on the sticker even if part of some big conglomerate. This car has an MSO correct?
    Please advise. Very curious.
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    I was in Long Island, New York today looking at RLs and MDXs. Two Acura dealerships told me that they want MSRP plus $1k for the MDX, but the RL can be had for below invoice. I've never bought a car from an automall and I am a bit concerned about their reliability. What is name of the automall in Flushing and its address? I may want to give it a visit if the price is right and it has a good reputation. Please advise.
  • will4271will4271 Posts: 187
    I was in the Acura neighborhood so I went to look at the MDX again.

    The dealer has a special solution that the dealer put on the leather and a solution for the exterior of the car. They said that it will repel bird dropping from sticking and prolong the life of the leather.

    The dealer wanted $699 for this option. Does anyone know about it ?
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    "Does anyone know about it ?"

    It's called snake oil, whether you buy it from an Acura or a Kia dealership. Even if it did have some benefits, you can probably buy it for a fraction of what the dealership is charging for it.

    Refuse it.
  • aut2bemeaut2beme Posts: 1
    I have a Touring w/Navi. Paid MSRP. However, had to buy side steps and chrome wheels. Chrome wheels where $1400. At first I was not going to go through with it.....but could not resist. After you drive the'll know why. After looking at other MDX's on the road....the chrome wheels really make the vehicle stand out. Hind sight being 20/20...would not flinch to get the extras that I did.
  • will4271will4271 Posts: 187
    Thanks for the info.
  • jebivjebiv Posts: 7
    I am choosing between the MDX and the new Volvo XC90 which is due out at the end of 2002.

    I was able to get a price for a basic touring model of $40,238. My lease would run about $599 for a 36 month term.

    Anyone else see pricing along these lines? What about buying one in Canada and bringing it down? I have heard it has to go through emissions tests which can eliminate any savings. Can anyone comment?
  • bradlake1bradlake1 Posts: 48

    My wife and I are in the same quandry (MDX v XC90). We are leaning towards the X because of Volvo reliability issues (history). That price for the Touring model seems high to me?? Did you check ?? The lease term you mention I calculated with the NAVI. Do you have accessories added to the base price? One more note, it may be best in the long-run to get a 03' X, especially if you are going to lease. I also look forward to other responses.
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Posts: 380
    If you live near the border and drive it back you might be OK, but Honda/Acura is VERY serious about warranty only applying to vehicles kept in their desiginated country -- be warned!

    I honestly do not think that the Volvo will have anything going for it, other than the twisted HYPE that Volvo uses with regards to its safety features. If they spoke the truth, 95% of the safety features are in all vehicles.

    Where did you get the price you quote? That is way too high for an '02 MDX with just touring. Why do want to lease? Honda's high residual value should make owning much more attractive (the Volvo lease will probably be smarter, unless you {shudder, repair costs, shudder} want to keep a Volvo longer than 48 months)...
  • lok3lok3 Posts: 5
    Does anyone know how much do you pay for 2002 MDX in Boston area? How long do I have to wait for silver one with touring package? Any words for 2003 model?
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