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Lexus ES300 problems



  • edmar1edmar1 Posts: 3
    I have THE SOLUTION to the stereo problem. The dealer told me it would cost $525 to $625 to make it right. I have heard other estimates that were even higher, all from Lexus dealers. My wife found an Audio shop in La Jolla that did the job in 1/2 hour at a cost of less than $200. They repair so many of these panels that they have difficulty keeping the replacement panels in stock. The engineer there, named Cleeve, also has an electronic solution to the needle illumination problem, but I did not have that problem so I don't have the details. I hope gary10000 and mrmargin were able to solve the same problem at an economical cost. Regards to all.
  • rtorrecartorreca Posts: 74
    I took my car in for this issue today and was informed that a TSB has been issued as well as a fix. They performed the fix on my car and the smell seems to have gone away. Whether it will come back in a couple of days is to be determined.
  • suabrahamsuabraham Posts: 6
    I have a 98 Es300 46000 miles. Now have wet windows for a few days after a rain storm or washing. If I do not put the windows up-down for a few days, they do dry out. There is water getting inside my doors. I called Lexus -- they said nothing. The local mechanic told me to do hand cleaning rather than drive through. However, I am unable to avoid rain!!! Has anyone had the problem, was it fixed, what was the cost? Appreciate any input.
  • swish44swish44 Posts: 1
    Car develops "white chips" in paint on an ongoing basis under normal driving conditions. Something to pay attention to if you have this color.Have loads of them.Looks like "chicken pox."
  • toydrivertoydriver Posts: 227
    I own a '95 Toyota Avalon with a very similar engine/transmission to the ES 300. I recently had a similar smell ("burnt oil") coming into the cabin when the heater or A/C was on. I had the valve cover gaskets, intake gaskets and PCV gaskets replaced recently and that fixed the oil smell. Can't say for sure, but it might be worth asking Lexus service or your mechanic. The Toyota service people quickly new what the problem was by looking under the hood while the engine was hot. Good luck.
  • texas83texas83 Posts: 107
    I found another website where people are complaining about the ES 300 '02 and '03 tranny like crazy. ;t=1276&st=15

    Also, complaints on the tranny can be called into the National Transportation Safety Administration.
    1-888-DASH-2-DOT. It's easy to do. I would urge you to do it if you're having problems.
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