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Toyota Sienna Future Models



  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    NAv is a great toy. IMHO some cost up to 2k, and if the sienna has rear camera, it might be that costly, So I will not opt for it. I also would consider the dvd for under 1k, but not above. Put my money in stereo and awd.
  • Again, this is before any pricing information has been released yet. However, the NAV option on most Toyota's is about $1,700. The positives of it are: In the sienna, it will have the back-up camera linked to it. Touch screen controls. I have had quite a few customers who looked into an aftermarket NAV system that mounts in the factory stereo position with the benefit that they will let you watch DVD movies which most Toyota's will not let you do with the exception of the Landcruiser at this point. I don't know of the DVD NAV system on the Sienna will let you do this at this point either. However, all of the aftermarket systems that my customers have found have either remote controls or buttons under the screen to navigate the audio, Entertainment and NAV systems. After trying the touch-screen that Toyota has on their NAV systems, they have preferred it about 80% of the time. Most of the relatively comparible systems price between $1,500 - $2,000 installed, so are comparible price wise as well.

    So there are alternatives out there, the only question is what style do you like better and what features do you think are worth it.

    Hope this helps.

  • dkrilldkrill Posts: 20
    Be forewarned, however, that having a screen in-dash is illegal (at least in NY state) and can result in a nice little ticket from your friendly neighborhood police officer. That is why all the DVD screens you see are not visible from the front seats. If you put a screen in the dash, better conceal it some way.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 380
    i have used it two ways. behind one seat and between two seats. when using two seats the 4 straps and that it rests on the center/ or next to center consule doen't sway at all. behind the one seat, i wrap the two lower straps at the seat base and litte motion. Very slick, they will sell bunches. also many sites that sell the portable players now list the suspension theater to purchase. it's a lot better than those heavy and cumbursome "video in a bag" messes. this is a very elegant solution and its the carrlying case as well. very impressed. I tell everyone about it. It is so nice that my wife says withthe changes to dvd players, larger cheaper etc., why spend big bucks when this can be moved easlily from car to car. and if we wanted a newer better unit we could without hassle. Securitty, we take it with us, just undo the strap hooks, very nice.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 380
    We both love our nav in my ls430 my wife doen't have to get out the map, it gives me a bireds eye view of sidesteets, less hassle when you are entering an unknown region....all our cars will have nav and one more thing. rear parking sensors, wow my wife has it on her a6 quattro and at first thought it wasn't necessary but now it's a godsend for parking around town and inner city. Now the entertainment system she will have to see. our baby can't use headphones so this portable works out great she also likes the idea that she can remove it so the kiddy doen't get addited to dvd all the time.
  • Rainbow24,
    Please provide the link to the medical journal article that discusses the connection between motion sickness and video system placement in a vehicle.
  • Rainbow, I would suggest that you check out the Camry boards and re-post your question there as it is more appropriate. I'll be happy to answer your qustion about the engine specs on the Camry there.

    As for the navigation system on the camry, I'll give you a brief description although the system on the Sienna may be slightly different as it is different on every vehicle that Toyota has it as an option for.

    Each of Toyota's navigation systems feature voice and map guidance, the ability to choose multiple routes to one destination and route tailoring that allows the user to avoid freeways, toll roads and ferries if desired. The Toyota systems include hundreds of thousands of addresses for restaurants, gas stations, hotels, ATM's, and other points of interest. Owners can also add 100 points of interest of their own. In addition, the Emergency feature provides guidance to the closest police station, hospital, or Toyota dealership.

    When inputting a destination, you can input an address using the keypad that comes up on the touch screen. If you're parked in a driveway or parking lot, the voice guidance will direct you to "please procede to the highlighted route". If you're already on a street, the voice guidance will prompt "Route guidance will start now." As you drive, the system will show your position on the street, while the voice prompts for upcoming turns. When you arrive at a destination, the voice prompt will announce that assistance is over.

    Hope this gives a better description of how the systems work for Toyota vehicles.

  • dkrilldkrill Posts: 20
    Jack, aka Sequoiasaurus, check out this post:
    <#891 Auto Show Experience by rpram1> which states that they tumbled every seat and sat in every seat. So I am interested to hear what rpram1 has to say about the seats.

    rainbow24: Any "doctor" who tells you that you get less sick if it is above shoulder height (with no proof) is selling you snake-oil also. Any sailor knows that if you are seasick you are to keep your eyes on the horizon, which is at or below shoulder level. I don't think that the console in front of the second row of seats is near ground-level, probably at waist or mid-torso level, especially on young kids, so I don't think that it should be a problem.

    If they do feel sick, open the window (with the new roll-down window in the sliding door) and get them some fresh air in the back. That should do the trick. (I should know, having left my mark on every state between Ohio and Florida back in the 70's traveling with my folks, in the back of a Olds 98, no car seat, no seat belt, just a mattress for my sister and me!)

    And thanks to everyone for all the good information. Thanks for the info on the latest monthly's, too.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731

    "Be forewarned, however, that having a screen in-dash is illegal (at least in NY state) and can result in a nice little ticket from your friendly neighborhood police officer. That is why all the DVD screens you see are not visible from the front seats. If you put a screen in the dash, better conceal it some way."

    Just to let you know, some newer cars, (2003 Cadillac Deville, for instance) have an in-dash NAV system which can play DVD movies while shift is in park. Once you shift out, it returns to NAV system. Hope you don't get a ticket for that from your friendly police...
  • zorax2zorax2 Posts: 12
    I am curious as to whether anyone on the board knows whether it is likely that Toyota dealers will keep a van on hand to allow potential buyers to drive or sit in? Given what appear to be an initial limited shipment of vans, we also are curious as to whether we will be able to look at a various trim lines for comparison at dealerships.

    We are most interested in the XLE and Limited and are also considering whether to purchase an AWD model as we live in Minnesota. I think we would prefer the Limited model however it appears that a Moon Roof is standard which cuts down on headroom and I am 6&#146;2&#148;. It has always bothered me that luxury packages from many manufacturers insist on a Moon Roof in these packages which makes it difficult for tall people. The Limited trim line appears to be the only way we can get the HID headlamps, Radar Cruise Control and Parking Sonar. It&#146;s really too bad you can&#146;t get these options with the XLE package without a having to get a Moon Roof as well.

    When my wife and I first began shopping for a van last year, we found that none of the Honda dealerships had a new Odyssey (nor in most cases even a used Odyssey) to look at. The salespeople were a bit too smug for my taste saying that the Odyssey was so good people just bought them without trying them. Of course that didn&#146;t sit well with us. Nonetheless, we had a friend with an Odyssey who was kind enough to let us look at their van. We decided to hold off on purchasing knowing the new Sienna was coming out and heard rumors about a new Odyssey as well. By the way, has anyone heard whether Honda will actually release a newly redesigned Odyssey this fall?

    Another question I have for those with greater familiarity with transmissions is how well do you believe the AWD system will hold up pulling a boat assuming it will be near the 3500-pound maximum trailer weight limit? We typically go 25 to 100 miles each way when towing our boat. We are somewhat hoping we can get rid of our Chevy Tahoe if it doesn&#146;t appear that this would be too hard on the vehicle. We&#146;ve heard the Chrysler Town & Country has had a lot of transmission problems particularly for those who tow boats. So, transmission experts, what do you think?

    Thank you for your comments!
  • First, let me say that I'm sorry it's taken so long to get back to you on this topic. I'm holding a pair of wireless headphones here that were ordered from my parts department. They look like they should fit children from about the age of 5 up to adult with the adjustments they have. They run on 2 AAA batteries that go into the left earpiece. That same side has the push-button on/off button. On the right earpiece is the volume control and power indicator. There is no auto on/of actuator that I can tell looking at it. You do need to make sure that the rear seat audio/entertainment system is on before they will work, however.

    As for towing, at least on Toyota vehicles that I have seen, the Transmission is the strongest part of the whole vehicle next to the engine. The weakest link I've found is the suspension. So as long as you're within the limits, and from the amount of towing that you're talking about, it should not be a big problem for you.

    As for the likelihood of the dealers keeping one or more in stock, that is each dealer's decision. Some will likely do so, while others very well may not. At least initially, it is highly unlikely that they will have multiple trim levels to look at just because of the limited allocations going to dealers and expecially the limited number of some trim levels being produced.

    Hope this helps.

  • Since there is an interest in what Honda may/may not be planning for the Odyssey, I have created a discussion specifically for that topic.

    Honda Odyssey Owners: Future Models

    Please go there to offer comments/observations about Odyssey's future.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled program....

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • wholiganwholigan Posts: 148
    I had to have an appendectomy Sunday and I missed 132 posts! Ya think folks are gettin' a little giddy?

    But I digress - we are all in the same "hurry up and wait" mode. Remember the simple facts:
    &#149; Only the BASE PRICE OF THE BASE MODEL has been released
    &#149; What is in the brochures can be changed at any time
    &#149; Sequoiasaurus and Toyotaken are the best!

    Relax and wait... BTW - I have gotten a call back from a Honda dealer that wants to talk about an Ody LX?!?! I wish I looked forward to buying a car like I look forward to football season!
  • Does anybody know the size of the factory installed dvd screen? I am trying to decide getting a factory installed dvd system vs an after market dvd entertainment system.
  • FYI, and FWIW: The headphones that were in my van at time of purchase did have auto on/off actuators built in to one earpiece. One pair was broken on delivery, and the replacement from the parts dept has no actuator. The actuator doesn't work so well on little heads - another reason we often end up listening to Aladdin on the JBL 47 times in an 800 mile trip. Ever so slight exaggeration, but you parents of 3 and 4 year-olds understand :-)

    Larry R
    2002 Sienna XLE
  • Thanks for the note about #891. I realize now that I must have missed about 10 posts that day and didn't catch that one.

    Busy now but will return later on that subject.


    Bowellville Garage
    Toyota Minisite
  • Talked to a dealer in the mid-atlantic region today. He said that they received their 2004 Sienna allocation list today for March and it
    consisted of several LE models and XLE models. I don't know how reliable this information is.

    - Kevin
  • Could anyone explain the tray vs. console in between the 2 front seats? It seems like the CE, LE and XLE Limited have the tray that folds down while the XLE has a console. Not sure but something like that, but it did not make a lot of sense. I like the idea of the drop down tray like the older models and Kia have for easy access to the back seats. I also thought about putting the video on it if I do not get the built in.

    I am still hopeful that Toyota does not take lessons from Honda on the mark up from MSRP. I understand Supply/Demand very well. However that is why many of us could not swallow the Oddusee last year. Out of 5 Honda dealers I would only consider buying from one. On the other hand I bought a Tundra in 2002 and there was only one dealer that made my skin crawl. The Honda dealer who told me the EX was "safer" because the alloy wheel had a "lip" that kept the tire from coming off with a still calling me. What about "no way" does he not understand?

    It has been a long time since I have waited for any vehicle to hit the market with this much anticipation. Maybe never! I just hope it is now "a good value". Toyota is usually true.

    Please Be Cheep!
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    The centre tray was basically an idea introduced by Honda (CR-v and odyssey) and is on the lower end models. It gives you the convenience of having it upright or folding it down to allow for passage to the rear.

    On higher end models the tray is repalced by a console which probably has more space to store stuff without it being exposed. This console can be removed and installed between the second row seats as well.

    The last month or so has seen some incredible amount of info being posted and shared. nearly 9 months ago i had the honour of posting the first message and what we knew back then is more or less bang on. This is also message # 1000. wow. Keep up the great work especially Jack & Ken
  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    does anyone know if the AWD versions will have traction control and stability control or are these available only on the front wheel drive versions. My x-type has AWD and the difference on hard pack snow and ice is huge with the traction control/stability control on versus off
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