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Toyota Tundra vs. Chevrolet Silverado

bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
edited March 6 in Chevrolet
I am starting this discussion because of the following post:

"Mpalombo by bamatundra May 14, 2002 (08:30 am)
I am glad that you want to have an adult conversation. I am afraid that the Silverado owners in this topic really do not want to know the facts about Tundra vs. Chev. I don't want to start a flame war, so why don't you start a new topic? Something like "Tundra vs. Silverado" I would be glad to give you my opinion in an appropriate topic.
Thanks. "

Please try to keep this discussion civil and avoid personal attacks. Thankyou.


  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    ...already have ALL the facts on Tundra. It's a certified lemon according to facts obtained by the Center for Auto Safety, from the NTHSA, one of the 25 worst vehicles for customer complaints to the government.

    2002 LEMON LIST


    You have nothing to lose except your LEMON

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  • h0udinih0udini Posts: 118
    contender if it was engineered and built by Toyota. I've no doubt it's a good truck when everything is working as it should. But I'm not going to pay $30K on a new "Fischer-Price" truck that has the same overall quality, feel and problems of a truck with a lot of years and hard miles on it.

    Quadrunner500, perhaps the GMC folks don't have the time to call the NHTSA and file complaints - they're too busy haggling with lawyers, the BBB, GMC arbitration boards and trying to unload their GMCs. Not to mention creating their own GMC lemon websites, of which there is almost a complete lack of when we look at Tundra websites.
  • kcowboykcowboy Posts: 33
    Anything made by gm is a lemon, especially in the pickup department. Just check your local classifieds and see how many people are trying to unload them. Even Consumer Reports rate them as a vehicle to avoid. Good luck on this one now.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    Yeah, that blank post of yours pretty much sums it up! Why did Consumer Reports rate your truck as a used vehicle to avoid? Is it because of its superior quality?

    Why didn't your silverado make the list? The list shows the F150 as number one (least troublesome). There are fifty other trucks after that. Where is the silverado? You keep refusing to answer this simple question. What is the deal?
  • losangelesemtlosangelesemt Posts: 279
    It was only a matter of time ... let's see where this one goes.
  • hillhoundhillhound Posts: 537

    The Tundra got outaccelerated loaded/empty by the GM1500. Silverado/Sierra has a larger box and ext cab and can be had with a substantially higher factory tow rating. The Tundra's brakes show superior performance but they have been plagued with problems. Heck-we all assumed the Tundra would be a higher quality truck since it's a Toyota platform but the recent discovery of has left this issue up for debate.

    And Bama-you've been unable to prove the point you're tyring to make concerning that Lemon List. I don't agree with you, and until you can post more info to prove your point I don't believe you.

    Just think about what you're saying-if what you claim is true the Lemon List is really just the second half of the 50 best autos?? C'mon Bama! All you have to do is show us the ranking of vehicles that are below those 50 and I'll admit I'm wrong. You keep refusing to address this simple request...why??

    And BTW-I predict this thread will be closed in a day or two.

  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    I guess that you just can't admit when you are wrong!

    There are fifty vehicles listed from best to worst. The silverado did not even make the list! It is a pretty simple deduction that the fifty vehicles on the list are more reliable than your Chev.

    Get real man! Smell the roses! The silverado is below the Tundra on the list. I am amazed that you keep posting a list that shows the Tundra is superior to the silverado!

    Keep posting it - it shows how really weak the silverado is. You are a Tundra owner's best advocate.
  • abc246abc246 Posts: 305
    You are reading the list wrong. The Silverado is actually better according to that list.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    I didn't see the silverado anywhere on that list. Are you sure you are looking at the same list? Where is the silverado ranked on your imaginary list? Should be an easy question - I predict total silence.
  • hillhoundhillhound Posts: 537
    I think this is the original list/info:
    Top 25 Best and Worst Vehicles The Center for Auto Safety analyzed complaints made to the government by Americans having problems with their vehicles. Below are the models that received the fewest complaints, and those that received the most. Models introduced in 2000 and 2001 are not represented due to a lack of data.

    Best (Fewest complaints) Worst (Most complaints)
    1. Ford F-Series 1. Mazda MPV
    2. BMW 3 Series 2. Kia Sportage
    3. BMW 5 Series 3. Ford Excursion
    4. Volkswagen Golf 4. Ford Windstar
    5. Mazda Truck 5. Mercury Cougar
    6. Volvo C70 6. Volvo S40
    7. Volkswagen Beetle 7. Honda Passport
    8. Nissan Sentra 8. Honda S2000
    9. Infiniti G20 9. Mitsubishi Eclipse
    10. Acura RL 10. Isuzu Rodeo
    11. Saab 9-5 11. Ford Explorer
    12. Chevrolet Prizm 12. Land Rover Range Rover
    13. Toyota Corolla 13. Audi A6
    14. Infiniti QX4 14. Hyundai Tiburon
    15. Nissan Altima 15. Honda Odyssey
    16. Lexus RX300 16. Lincoln LS
    17. Nissan Maxima 17. Jeep Grand Cherokee
    18. Acura TL 18. Volkswagen Passat
    19. Saab 9-3 19. Buick LeSabre
    20. Pontiac Bonneville 20. Suzuki Grand Vitara
    21. Mazda Millenia 21. Chevrolet Blazer
    22. Mazda 626 22. Chevrolet Impala
    23. Lincoln Town Car 23. Toyota Tundra
    24. Ford Focus 24. Dodge Dakota
    25. Honda Accord 25. Dodge Neon

    Make what you will of it. I concluded that any auto not on one of the two lists falls somewhere in the middle.
  • lariat1lariat1 Posts: 461
    How dare you use common sense when reading that table.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    Hillhound is telling me that there is a demilitarized zone between the 25 best and the 25 worst trucks. This is the "Chevy zone". Wow!- I'm glad that Hillhound cleared that up for me.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    what are you saying?there are worse vehicles than the 25 worst?
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    KG: "what are you saying?there are worse vehicles than the 25 worst?"

    Now you are getting it!!! - and you are driving it. Man! it sure took a long time to teach the silverado owners this simple fact.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    If you lack the ability to reason,don't try it.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    What are you saying - that GM vehicles exist in the "twilight zone"? They are on some non-existent "Chevy" list? Why would this be? You are not making a lot of sense here.

    If there is a list of 25 vehicles, doesn't it make sense that the Chev would be below the bottom of the list? I am having a hard time realizing your problem with accepting this simple fact.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    does your '52 chevy still have the original engine?How about the tranny?Springs?Punkin?Does it have brakes?Is it still 6 volt?Can it be driven on public streets?Does it have the original head gasket?Is it rust free?

    Just curious what a truck that's worked 50 years looks and runs like.

    Good luck my friend
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    While I am sure that the '52 chev you own is far better quality, reliability and capability than the new-fangled shakerados - what does this say about new Chevs? A '52 is a better truck?

    Wow! - I am amazed a so called GM owner would admit this.

    Good Luck on this one now!
  • losangelesemtlosangelesemt Posts: 279
    Truthteller ... always around to share some good ole farm wisdom.

    Guys I dont know what the heck all the fuss is about the 25 best and worst list, cause I havent read any of the posts above. Pretty simple though right ... if a car doesnt appear on worst list then its obviously ranked better and if it didnt appear on best list, then it obviously ranks poorer right ??? Or in other words .. somewhere in the middle.

    BTW ... its a sad day when the beloved Toyota Tundra Problems thread is laid to rest lol. Let's see how much we have learned in this one.
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