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Toyota Tundra vs. Chevrolet Silverado



  • What Tundra do you compare with the CrewCab?
  • nice pics. Like the gmc look better then the silvy
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "What Tundra do you compare with the CrewCab?"

    Actually, it's hard to say.

    The Tundra has 2 distinct 4-door models: the DoubleCab and the CrewMax. The are virtually identical except in legroom.

    The Tundra DoubleCab has front/rear legroom of 42.5" / 34.7".
    The Tundra CrewMax has front/rear legroom of 42.5" / 44.5".
    Yes, the rear legroom in GREATER than the front legroom in the CrewMax.

    As comparison, the '07 Silvy CrewCab measures 41.3" / 38.7". So it looks as though the Silvy CrewCab slots nearly halfway between a DoubleCab and a CrewMax.
  • Here the CrewMax SR5 4x4 is $41660.00 before freight or any other fees. A Sierra CrewCab 4x4 w/ 5.3 SLE pkg is $40915.00. this is where you'd be crazy not to get the Tundra if it's sticker for sticker. The transaction price on the Sierra would be around $35-36g. It is hard to get Toyota to deal. I think they are going to have no choice once the "new" factor wears off.
  • I do too..But the Silvy SS I saw at the Plant is wicked looking. It'll be here in the fall.

    The Dealer gave a new Sierra for the weekend that just passed. It's an SLT with the 5.3 and it's a pretty nice truck.

  • beliasbelias Posts: 316
    That is a really nice lookin' truck! I'll have to check it out when it is readily available here. I thought it would look a little more distinguished from the Silveraldo but to me it looks like the arrangement is the same, just some better materials. As for fit and finish, how do you like it? Is there anything in particular I should look for when checking it out? I know that many people will claim that their vehicle is absolutely "perfect", but there are always little things to look for to make sure you are getting a well-built vehicle. Let me know!
    Just a note to those comparing MPG -- do the conversion when talking with people from Canada (I know, I used to be Canadian and spent most of the first 26 years of my life there). A Canadian gallon is ~ 4.54 liters (litres for Canadians!) as opposed to 3.78 liters. So when they say they get 15-16mpg city and 18-20mpg hwy (as you stated), it is really equivalent to 15to16/4.54 * 3.78 = ~12.5to13.33mpg city and 18to20/4.54 * 3.78 = ~15to16.67mpg highway.
    That is just so we can compare apples to apples... a number of my friends in Canada thought that cars in Canada somehow were more fuel-efficient until they understood this conversion. It is the difference between the two types of gallons (imperial and standard?). Anyhow, that still isn't too bad for an engine that size compared to other offerings here.
  • i noticed the crew max has more leg room, hip room and shoulder room then the crew cab silvy and sierra. The tundra crew max is almost in mega cab territory :surprise:
  • beliasbelias Posts: 316
    It is doubtful that any deals will be made on the new Tundra for at least the first 6 months... Toyota doesn't tend to do much for deals to begin with and they certainly won't do it with this new Tundra until demand for it slows down somewhat...
  • When I post MPG I think of you guys...Those MPG are US MPG's. If you're talking about my Denali i don't have it yet. I'm driving just the normal Sierra right now but it's loaded with leather. Since the Denali improves on it, it's going to be a fabulous vehicle. The only thing I'd like changed is the shifter to the console.
  • beliasbelias Posts: 316
    You already did the conversion? That is pretty amazing mileage if you can get that on their 6.2. Most people driving the 5.3s don't get that at all. I was told that GM is the best for fuel economy, but to also expect about 20% less than current EPA estimates... one of my friends that has the new Tahoe with the cylinder-deactivation on his 5.3 is averaging about 14to15mpg combined city/hwy. I think he said his truck had an EPA of 15/20 or 16/21 or something close to that. In any case, he said he was far from it but not off of what he was used to with his previous vehicles.
  • This Sierra w/ 5.3 I have right now is getting 16 -18mpg in the city. Also remember the new 6.2 has a 6 Speed and 3.42 gearing and cyl deactivation. Plus since it's the dealers truck I've been babying
  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011

    You have me so jealous of you I think I'm just going to buy one this or next month and be done. The wife said I could get one if I wanted to.

    Lucky Dog :shades:

  • :D :D
    This cracks me up. Crew MAX....MEGA cab.

    When is the Super Duper Cab coming?

  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011

  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011
    You couldn't get the Bose 10 speaker surround sound system ?

  • yeah suits most peoples tastes here in the U.S. bigger is always better :P I wonder when the big 3 or toyota are coming out with compact and 1/2 ton diesel trucks? since theyre already millions in different countries except here.

    I'd like to see how the 6.2 denali does in towing & hauling comparisons. Since the old GM trucks averaged 26% drivetrain loss.

    would suck to see 6.2 put less torque & hp down then the smaller displacement 5.7 tundra just how the 6.0 vortecmax did ;) .

    if you want more power without voiding warranty toyota has a SC in the works for the tundra 5.7. the Super charged pre runner tundra at sema was rated 550hp :P. if Those hp #s are true the SS will have some competition
  • They have the 7 speaker with subwoofer..10 would be nice.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    My Denali features are 403 HP and 417 LB TQ 6.2L VVT, 6 Speed Auto w/ Driver Shift Control,20 Chrome wheels, Unique Chrome Grill, unique woodgrain accents, deeper pile carpet, covered console storage and cupholders, heated steering wheel, Nav with reverse camera, heated front and rear seats, rear seat DVD, Sunroof, front and back leather seating, (not Vinyl) sill plates, different guage cluster, Heated washer fluid,Rainsense wipers, EZ lift tailgate, Chrome step bars, tonneau cover, chrome door handles, Remote Start, 7 speaker Bose with Sub, Stickered for $60320.00 loaded, got it for $54219.00 out the door plus taxes. A loaded up CrewMax with C pkg is $56995.00 plus tax. Toyota don't like to deal too much. So you may be able to get it $55500.00- $56000.00 and that is with no bars, tonneau, etc. ClubCab is $52450.00 + taxes. These are Canadian prices.

    I'm certain that this is a beautiful ride and very very capable. This is not what the Tundra is aiming for in it's sales. 60-70% of the Tundra's will be 5.7L Double Cabs ( the middle size ) in SR5 or Ltd versions. The CrewMax will be a very very very small segment of the volume. With only 200K-250K vehicles to sell the concentration will be on the center of the market and giving the working guy a kick [non-permissible content removed] truck for $28K. There's no need to spend $50K+ to get all that working capability.
  • That's because GM has a 4 second delay programmed into the PCM. A canned tune is all it needs to correct that. Diesel vehicles isn't going to happen till they get the diesel stations cleaned up. The main concern with diesel is smell.
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