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Toyota Tundra vs. Chevrolet Silverado



  • toykickstoykicks Posts: 95
    The new tundra comes ready for snow plow install. Toyota made sure of this since the old one got bashed for not being available.

    found one already available for the 07 tundra
  • toykickstoykicks Posts: 95
    Hmmm they removed the toyota tundra first impressions done by Rick Titus. Well i posted a vid earlier from a automotive journalist bashing the new Tundra Turns out this guy "rick titus" is one of the top automotive journalist for Car and driver,popular mechanics & Motor trend and FoMoCo aka Ford. This guy is also into bestiality so i guess he makes a great sponsor for Ford trucks :P .

    I wouldnt judge to quickly bashing a frame which hasnt even come out yet its plain retarded wait a few months. The frame isnt old technology. Toyota tore up a few F150s and Dodge rams and sierras before launching the new Tundra so they know what their doing.
  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011
    pmusce, thanks for doing some homework. I've been gone for a while and missed 534 posts. Holy Cow a week and a half and that many posts. :surprise:

    I priced up a Sierra Denali, on the website all I got to do is decide if I want to pull the trigger. With $2.50 gas and no signs of declining that might be a very expensive choice. :sick:

  • toykickstoykicks Posts: 95
    Time will only tell.
  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011
    Big Daddy Diesel :) How are you doing pal. You dropped off the map. I'm glad to see you back. Hope all is well with you pal :)

  • toykickstoykicks Posts: 95
    Toyota loyalists like to quote insignificant "numbers" which, when put into perspective, do NOT correlate to a better or more capable truck. Common sense seems to be lacking among this Tundra crowd.

    Ok? why doesnt it correlate to be a better truck? We're talking about 1/2 tons not 3/4 tons. The majority of the the 1/2 tons being sold will be ext. cabs with the 5.3 engine. the 6.0 still lacks in overall power vs. the tundra and the tundra isnt piggy backed or averages 12mpg and this is coming from a truck which weights 300-400 pounds more and the higher gear ratio doesnt help either.
  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011
    I got every option minus cargo management and priced out at $48,700. Black on Tan. I of course would get few accessories like Tonnaneu cover or like system, Chrome gas cap because I'm a Generation Xer and like the bling bling :P and perhaps a few other accessories. ;)

    I do get GMS pricing and figure to save around $6500-$7500K off MSRP minus rebates. I think I get discounts on factory accessories also. I don't have a 99' or newer vehicle to trade in for the extra $1k off incentive. :(

    I might just wait for the 2-mode hybrid Sierra Denali. I guess if I could get a deal on a factory warranty to cover me 6 year 100K it would be a easier pill to swallow. I will most definitly check into buying one soon. ;)

    The 2008' CTS is my other option and I would like to know if the Buick Velite Convertible might get made still. Rumors on the net and in mags are holding me in suspense. :surprise:

    Rocky -You can build it now on the GMC website ;)
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "Toyota loyalists like to quote insignificant "numbers" which, when put into perspective, do NOT correlate to a better or more capable truck."


    Just out of curiosity, what DOES correlate to a better or more capable truck? The fact that it says "Silverado" instead of "Tundra" on the tailgate?
  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011

    rorr, I think is very delusional cuz he dyeing of thirst as he's going to watch soon the 6.0 LS-2 or 6.2 V8 be dropped in the 09 Camaro and he's going to have to hear me tell him how good those hops taste on his account. :P

  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011
    Told me the 5.3 V8 was going to be the base engine for the Camaro and I told him it wouldn't be because it lacked the power capability's GM needs to move forward. I told him the LS-2 or the new 6.2 last year would make it in the new Camaro. Right now the 6.0 LS-2 is the engine in the concept coupe's and convertibles. We both agreed the 3.9 or 3.6 would be the base engine. I told others on these forums like Loren, that I thought the 3.6 would be a better choice even if it costs more and thus GM, has said off the record that the 3.6 will be the base. It will also be the base engine of the ultra cool Pontiac G8.

    The 6.2 engine can be tuned up quite a bit so I expect even more power in a year or two and the 6.0 might be dropped ;)

  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    E85 is not what its cracked up to be -cost more the gas in tyhe long run as mielage goes down by 30% when running on E85 so it has to be about a $1.00 cheaper a gallon before it makes sense.

    Pull up Consumer Reports study on E85
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    TOY..........Snowplows can be installed on MOST trucks!
    But yet again what size plow???????????

    A small homesteader or light duty model ? Less than a big 8 footer? One with a rubber band instead of springs?
    (for tripping on either a full blade trip or foot trip model)
    This is where the Fisher differs from a Western, Meyers,
    Diamond etc..............
    And on and on......... You bet !!!!!!!!!!!

    Please note the different models that can and cannot be installed on a tundra or most models..............
    The ONLY Fisher plow that can be installed IS the tiny
    Homesteader model 7.4 ft. Useless in my working world.

    Just be reminded when you smoke that wonderkinds tranny,
    or transfer case and go to mr. dealer don't be suprised
    if warranty is denied because of snowplow related
    This is noted on several snowplowing sites and the
    "plowheads" know this and buy trucks accordingly.
    So besides the $6000 difference in a base GM or a
    base tundra model not to mention the blade size the
    tundra is NOT the truck of choice of most contractors.
    Maybe for Harry homeowner...But not in the real world !

    If it doesn't offer a snowplow prep. pkg. it is not
    equipped to do so no matter WHAT brand !
    So in my book its a weaker brand not up to the task !

    No matter the opinions of the salesfolks and non truck
    owners posting here...............
  • bingo3bingo3 Posts: 3
    New to list and have not read all posts BUT have started kicking tires of new pickups. Use the pick up to tow single and double PWC trailers, runabout boat and a 16' flatbed trailer (that being the only one that has trailer brakes) A detail read of the Tundra Owner's Manual limits trailers to 1,000 lbs w/o brakes. I looks at a 2002 S-10 and found the same limt. What does towing section of the Silverado owner's manual limit say?
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    I think you are looking at Tongue weight not trailer weight
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Lot's or words here but little or no substance. Sounds typical.

    What the GM's have going for them is history, admittedly, and.....
    less towing capabilities - across the board,
    less standard safety features - across the board,
    less maneuverability,
    an 80's-90's vintage transmission - oh boy.

    Now the F150. Well they better have some massive surprise waiting to be sprung on the market because for the next 15 months the current F150 is the tailender.

    Will the Ram even survive this year? Snowplow package or not what if there is no 2009 model?

    The survivors will be the GM's and the T's.

    The Tundra will do just fine with it's advantages.
  • bingo3bingo3 Posts: 3
    No sir! If you look in the index in the back for "tow" then carefully read the towing instructions and limits, the Tundra (and Chev S-10 I looked at) limit a trailer to 1,000 pounds without trailer brakes. Nothing to do with tongue weight in that particular limit.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    2. GM is still ramping up with their drivetrains, they produce nearly 10X what Toyota will be producing in the 1/2 tons. So, going to the 6.2L and the 6-spd transmission will take some time. But by year's end, it WILL be available in all 1/2 tons, and then where is the tundra's so-called advantage?

    GM is going to produce 2 Million 1/2-ton trucks!!!?? Let me call my broker and sell short every GM stock in existence. They'll never climb out of that hole.

    4. GM already has 4 available engines, and once the 6.2's become available in all of the 1/2 tons, it will be 5. Much better choices and configurations available from GM. This will suit everyone's needs and maximize HP and fuel economy.

    This may actuall be a problem...and this is just the 1/2-ton market. Economies of scale seem to suffer in this system.

    5. GM offers Active Fuel Mgmnt and E85.
    AFM is another techno-bling-bling. The AFM from reports I've seen on GMI and Ts are at best a 5% improvement. See Edmunds analysis.

    E85 is unfortunately a bow to political pressure. It takes more than one gallon of dino fuel to produce one gallon of E85. Then the E85 gets worse fuel economy than dino fuel. That saves (?) what exactly? Actually I'm sorry to see that Toyota caved in and will offer it next year.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    This is correct. It's margin-of-safety CYA.

    Toyota says to use trailer brakes over 1000# Gross Trailer Wgt
    GM say to use trailer brakes over 2000# Gross Trailer Wgt.

    Next subject.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    I love those above posts of the upcoming non survival of
    Ford and Mopar trucks !!!!!!!!

    Seems the yota salesfolks WISH this might come true!

    The "wonderkind may get it right someday" brand is gonna
    steal those 1 million a year Ford buyers or the 250k +
    mopar buyers?????????????

    Not in my lifetime............In the 7 years of the tundra
    they have barely cracked 100k a year in sales !
    I don't think GM, Ford, or DCX is sweating the truck dept.!

    As a actual OWNER and truck BUYER...........I know better!
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    "they have barely cracked 100k a year in sales"

    Tundra sold 124,508 for 2006, 126,529 for 2005. Thats more than 100,000.Must be Chevy fuzzzy math.
    Drive down any major Highway in San Antonio where the Tundra is bult and every otrher bilboard is for a Chevy or Ford truck.

    They have already admitted they are concerned about competion thats why the Chevy is as good a truck as it is.
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