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Toyota Tundra vs. Chevrolet Silverado



  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    If you want the best all-around truck, drive them all, then make an educated decision. Some are better at that than others.

    You know what happens when you assume? :surprise:

    You also start losing market share.

    Check with Vmax for details on these facts, and much more! ;)

  • vmax2007vmax2007 Posts: 46
    The Doc is a salesman, it's his job to dance.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Well said.

    Oddly enough, Toyota is applying the same principle that GM used decades ago by offering a stout powertrain, with the rest of the vehicle paying the price. Whether it was body intergrity, poor interior quality, or overall sloppy workmanship, they just did not stand out.

    Fast forward to '07, and with Toyota not coy on talking about overtaking GM, it is happening to them. GM has the best quality record for the company in 35 years, while Toyota's is down 16% over the past 5 years. Millions of cars sold, 16% is no small number.

    You just can't get that big, that fast, without letting quality slip, and Toyota seems to not care But to each his own. As long as there are people there to buy Toyota just because that what it is, then I see no reason why Toyota can't complete their goal.
  • vmax2007vmax2007 Posts: 46
    You know what happens when you assume?

    And you are "assuming" I didn't educate myself just because I didn't drive an ugly Tundra.

    Bad assumption dude. I know more about the GMs than 90% of the GM salesmen out there. Enough to know it was the truck I wanted. Does that mean I think it's the truck everyone wants? Nope, didn't say that, so don't put words in my mouth please. YOU need to understand that the Tundra is NOT a take-over-the-world, God-of-all-trucks truck. But it's your JOB to try to convince everyone of that, isn't it?
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    You're like George Foreman, trying to hit Ali on the ropes. Do you have me, or do I have you, right where I want you.

    As I said before, Toyota doesn't have a hard time winning comparisons, here and elsewhere.

    As you just admitted, Audi cannot compete with Toyota.

    You seem to believe the word obsolete is my catchphrase or something. Audi, and the A8, aren't obsolete. They are non-factors. Clutter. Ornamentation. One step ahead of the Repo-Man!

    Toyota, and the Tundra, are major factors. Check the press, the specs, the AMCI test, check the e-mails, ads, sweat from the Big 3.

    Hard to ignore a better truck, eh? :blush:

    Toyota feels like making the best half-ton. Toyota's ads are correct. It is the Truck that changes Everything!

    The writing is on the wall.

    Question is: Can you read? :confuse:

  • vmax2007vmax2007 Posts: 46
    typical salesman speak here....huh?

    may I ask again, since you didn't answer me before...

    What do you drive? (not sell, drive). And how did you base your buying decision? Personal experience or job experience? If you weren't a salesman, would you be here posting?

    Answer honestly please, or is that impossible for a salesman to do?
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    But making sure not to drive the top truck? I practice what I preach.

    Why test drive the GM either? Just read about it, buy what someone tells you to buy, have it delivered to your door. Hope you like it for the next 5 years!

    I dated my wife before I married here. Dated other girls too.

    It's called playing the field. Or learning.

    Helps make sound decisions. Not guesswork. There is a difference. Try it sometime! ;)

  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    And a Tacoma.

    Want fun in a truck, and a car.

    Test drove 2 or 3 competitors of each, then tested 2 or 3 dealers of the intended.

    I don't just buy the first thing thrown in front of me. I test drive cars, and dealers. Earn my business.

    Not a car salesman, either. Little too honest. ;)

  • vmax2007vmax2007 Posts: 46
    Yeah, but would you date an ugly girl to see if she was the one you wanted to marry? I have been "playing" the field for 24 yrs (since i was able to drive), and my Mrs right has been GM the entire time.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I told you a while back that I think the Tacoma is best in it's class. Hands down. And this in addition to the Dakota being able to tow more, haul more, and is a bunch more spacious. You see, I can break from the mold, you obviously are JB Welded to yours.

    But not the Tundra. Not by a country mile.

    You say it's the best truck do to it's extensive list of accolades and comparo wins and the like.

    Yet the Silverado has more of all of them. These are facts. Check them for you self. And to boot, back to the comparos, your favorite auto mag put a 4 year old Nissan over the Tundra. I mean how much faith do you hold in these people? Oh, that's right , because they let your LS be a back-door winner in a couple of comparos.

    BTW: Didn't Foreman win the title? Something that one truck will never know what it feels like, sorta like Spinks. Oh so close, buy far, far, FAR away...
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    Leave him alone already! :mad:

    Somebody has to drive the weaker/slower truck, so you'll know when a Tundra is on the scene!

    You should really be thanking him. ;)

    Now apologize!

    Darned if I didn't notice it before. Check out the scoreboard above. Consumer Ratings.....9.4.....

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    If you can't discuss the trucks without taking potshots at each other on the way, please don't post any longer. If you want to trash-talk, find another website - it's not gonna happen here.

    If we have to close this discussion again, it may not re-open.

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  • vmax2007vmax2007 Posts: 46
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    Let's all be friends and shake.

    Deal? No more slapfighting.

  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    One thing I would like to see from all manufacturers (including Toyota) do is follow GM's example in offering a 100k warranty. Extending the warranty benefits all ;)

    On a different but related note, a local Toyota dealer offers an unlimited mileage warranty on all new Toyotas. However, I have yet to check for myself the "fine print."
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    Some makers need them, some don't. You won't see a $2k rebate on a Porsche Cayman anytime soon.

    Nor will you see all makers lengthen warranties. You do what it takes to make the deal.

    Some need to do more. :(

  • vmax2007vmax2007 Posts: 46
    Deal, as long as you stop bashing me, I will stop bashing you.

    Now, when you say "Some need to do more", are you implying GM "needs" to do this? Well, maybe they feel they do, but if they weren't confident in their vehicles and were taking a huge risk of losing money, they would NOT have done it. They know they CAN do it, so why not? Bottom line though is most people will not put on 100K miles in 5 yrs. I would rather have seen a 8 yr 100K warranty. But that is a little unrealistic for any mfr. Except Hyundai, but they don't make trucks, which get used harder.

    C'mon, let's get this comparo re-fired up again. I want to know real reasons from you Toyota guys on why you think the Tundra is a better truck. Yeah, yeah, I know about the extra 26 hp (5.7 vs 6.0)...and the 0-60 times...blah, blah, blah. Let's talk about realistic everyday stuff.

    I'll start:
    1. Rear Locker
    2. OnStar
    3. AutoTrac transfer case (a proven design feature used since 1999)
    4. about a million config options: 3 cab sizes, 3 box sizes, 5 engine choices, 2 interiors, 3.42, 3.73 and 4.10 rear ends.
    5. Rainsense wipers. (no more adjusting intermittent wipers based on rain intensity.)
    6. Heated Washer fluid. (a real treat here in MN)
    7. Interior refinement: No exposed seat brackets in front or rear.
    8. Remote Start, is this available on Tundra?
    9. AFM. Jury is still out on real-world benefits, but it's still worth mentioning.
    10. E85...Ditto, but again, if/when it becomes a viable feature, GM will be that much further ahead of the game as far as refinement of the option.
    11. Overall fuel economy across the line of available engines.
    12. Inferior frame design on Tundra.
    13. HDs are available NOW.
    14. 6 speed trannys are available on a limited basis, much more readily available next year. No, this is not an advantage, but it certainly makes the Tundra's advantage here short-lived.
    11. 6.2 liter has more power and torque, so when comparing "available" engines, Tundra loses. Again, these will be more widely available next year.
    12. Better rear cab access on ext cabs vs DCs.

    Not sure about Tundra, but my GMC has more "Bells and Whistles" than I ever even realized. Climate control is very intuitive and automatic. Ditto on the memory seats with easy exit feature. Lane change blinker feature. Yes, I realize these are all "little" things, but they add up and are used on an everyday basis. Unlike 0-60 times. The GM truck is extremely refined and luxurious. Seats are the MOST comfortable seats I have ever sat in. And this includes the Tundra (I sat in the DC, front and back, at the Auto Show). Interior controls are all within easy reach and the steering wheel controls (cruise and audio) are VERY well laid out and easy to use. Much better than even my Chev Impala's.

    Now, your turn...
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    jreagan, welcome back. glad to see you again. :surprise:

    hint- here's what gave it away- you live in MN, you just joined edmunds 3-13-07, you comment on the owner's forum, you have an Impala and you make the same arguments. ;) :P
  • vmax2007vmax2007 Posts: 46
    Excuse me?
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