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Tundra Problems



  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    Dual ferrets now? Okay, you win!

    Made my decision...Yamaha FZ1 in silver.

    Upright riding postion, 458 lbs dry, de-tuned R1 engine, with center stand, ferret horn!

    FZ1 Picture
  • tomh12tomh12 Posts: 240
    My "anxiety... is transparent"???
    Are you trying to say that I am, or should be concerned, and therefore anxious, about GM loosing market share to Toyota's entry into the full size truck market?
    When I purchased my current truck, I looked at the Tundra and was DISAPPOINTED, not anxious. I found I would have to give up over 1600 pounds of towing capacity, give up payload, settle for less horse power and torque, sacrifice interior room and comfort, settle for a bed that needed side boards to equal other manufacturers' beds depth, live with a much shorter wheel base than I prefer for towing, and not have disc 4 wheel ABS, when compared to the GM 1/2 ton 4X4 SB EC.
    I compared the Tundra to the full size 1/2 ton offerings from Ford, Dodge, and GM and found that Toyota had "set their sights" and MISSED the target. Rather than introducing a truck that raised, or equaled the performance capabilities of the other full sized offerings, they introduced the Tundra, which is a step up from the T100, but BARELY in the class of full size 1/2 ton trucks, IMHO. I will again consider Toyota if and when they introduce a "bigger and better Tundra." That is why I asked Losangelesemt the questions.
    BTW, I am not "brand loyal" to GM or any other manufacturer. I purchase what I decide is the best vehicle to meet my needs. I have owned 4 GM current GMC pickup which I am very happy with, 1 other GMC pickup, and 2 Suburbans. I have also owned vehicles from Plymouth, Jeep, Ford, Mercury, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, and VW. My children currently drive 2 Toyotas, 1 Honda, and a Ford pickup.
    So please be careful when you imply that someone is PRO one manufacturer, or CON regarding another. I am PRESENTLY a satisfied GMC owner who is looking at all options for my next vehicle purchase whenever that might be. I am skeptical when anyone says "XYZ" brand does EVERYTHING best, OR worst.
  • twowheelertwowheeler Posts: 89
    I said DOMESTIC SOUNDING horns. Not the typical OEM Japanese "ferret" types. Not knowing the quality of the tooters that came stock on your ride, I'd say the ones on MY Tundra are fairly authoritative.

    BTW, I thought you swore off streetbikes??? And that Yamadog is kinda ugly IMO!
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    I did swear off streetbikes. What can I say?

    Yamadog is love it or hate it. I want to be loved for me!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    just bought a FZ1 in February. Says it does 140 in a heartbeat and scares the **** out of him. Course 140 around a volcano is kinda spooky. Also says it was a steal at $7500.
  • h0udinih0udini Posts: 118
    appropriate place to discuss motorcycles.

    Tom, just because the Tundra doesn't meet YOUR needs doesn't make it a bad truck. And yes, I believe Toyota has created a lot of anxiety in you folks. If it didn't, you guys wouldn't create such an uproar over a truck whose sales numbers are insignificant so far.
  • qzs4vbqzs4vb Posts: 14
    A couple of quotes from the all-knowing Houdini:

    "3/4 ton pretty quick if they follow GMC's footsteps and simply put an Isuzu or some other manufacturer's engine in it, but then it wouldn't be a Toyota would it?"

    "GMC can't say the same; they play "musical" engines in their trucks, alternating between their own and even Japanese engines in their quest to "get it right."

    I gotta admit Houdini you make me laugh.

    Now how about some facts:

    The Duramax Diesel is produced at GM Powertrain in Moraine, Ohio. A plant that is jointly owned by GM and Isuzu. Yes the engine was jointly developed by GM and Isuzu. GM has a part ownership in Isuzu and partners with them in various projects. Why wouldn't GM use all of thier resources? Isuzu has a proven expertise in diesel engines and that is why they have been involved. For you to say that the Duramax is not a GM engine is just plain wrong.

    GM's gasoline engines in the Sierra and Silverado are incredibly powerful and efficient. The 5.3 liter V8 has 285 hp and 325 ft/lbs torque while getting 16 mpg. That is in my opinion very impressive. Does your Toyota have something to rival this? This 5.3 is the engine that the vast majority of Sierra's and Siverado's have. Not enough power for ya? How about a 300 hp 6.0 liter? Need more? How about a 340 hp 8.1 liter with huge torque?

    I also have to laugh at the way you think that GMC Sierra is a different vehicle from the Chevrolet Silverado. They are identical vehicles differing only in appearance. They are produced in the same plants and run down the same production lines.

    I have compared the Toyota Tundra side by side with the Silverado and Sierra. And the shortcomings of the Tundra from a durability standpoint are laughable. It is a fine grocery getter, but it IS NOT a work truck, nor will it take the type of abuse that many people put thier trucks through. Look at the flimsy door handles, both inside and outside. Look at the thin gauge door hinges. Look at the the suspensions. Look at the thin gauge sheetmetal. The Toyota is a lightweight and will not hold up under heavy use. GM knows that thier trucks have a reputation for being tough, and if they skimp in these areas, the guys out there using them in a work environment will look elsewhere if they fail.
    When big Bubba decides he wants to hang off that Toyota door while its open what do you think is going to happen to those flimsy little hinges and thin sheetmetal? Its going to fail, and thats why you won't see many Toyota's out on the work site, where trucks are put to the test. And don't hook too much of a load up to the hitch, cause the motor is lacking and so are the brakes.

    I know these things because I work for GM Truck Engineering, where these GM products are developed. Thats right across the street from Pontiac East Assembly, one of the locations where Silverado and Sierra are assembled.

    Yeah, your misinformation and BS annoys me. That Toyota is a cute little truck, just go easy on it and you shouldn't have any problem. I know not everyone is going to use thier truck up to its limits of strength and durability, but if you decide you want to the GM full size trucks will come through for you.
  • h0udinih0udini Posts: 118
    The FACT of the matter is between GMC, Ford and Dodge, ONLY GMC offered a crappy diesel to the buying public, discontinued it, then offered another one with the assistance of another manufacturer.

    I'm not impressed with your GMC 5.3. It only makes 10 lb/ft more torque - and at a higher rpm -than Toyota's smaller 4.7. I know you'll never admit it, but it is RIDICULOUS GMC can't make an archaic pushrod V8 engine that runs right, ie KNOCK. Maybe it's time to enlist the help of Isuzu once again...

    Funny you automatically assume I have a Toyota. I have a Ford PSD and from my point of view, all your rambling about the Tundra more accurately describes your precious GMC trucks - lightweight, troublesome "Fischer-Price" grocery getters.

    YOU guys make ME laugh. Sometimes, you have to read between the lines to see the truth. Isn't it peculiar that only the GMC folks continually compare their trucks to Toyota? Doesn't this say they are too embarrased to compare with Ford or Dodge? I guess GMC won't even be a Big 3 contender anymore. Most likely, they'll be bumped by Toyota in the future and now you need a place to whine about it.

    But go on, keep it up. The Ford, Dodge and even Toyota guys watch with amusement your having to compare to Toyota, the new kid on the block, to bolster your bruised ego.

    Furthermore, if you don't like my "misinformation and BS" then why don't you simply leave this thread? Your posts have nothing to do with the topic.
  • qzs4vbqzs4vb Posts: 14
    As usual you have stated no facts, just more of your misinformation.

    I'll put the GM Trucks up against any other, bring it on pal. The Duramax diesel is a world class engine that has set the new standard for power, durability and low noise levels in diesel truck engines.

    C'mon Houdini, you really don't know anything about this subject now do you? GM has got the most powerful, best selling trucks in the world. The Fords are in second place, though they are outdated, underpowered and technologically inferior, the Dodges look nice when they're new (they never have and will not hold up in the long haul), but neither is the equal of the GM products.

    By the way I have a 5.3 in my truck, it doesn't knock, and I don't know anyone whose 5.3 does knock.

    I think you need to grow up, just look at how angry and ridiculous you act when your misinformation is knocked down by fact. And if this thread is about Tundra's only, then why don't you stop talking smack about GM?

    (Notice I said GM, not GMC. GMC is not a car/truckmaker, it is a brand)
  • h0udinih0udini Posts: 118
    you say it is, would you have to insist it upon us?

    If GM really was superior, why do you find Toyota so threatening? Why do you spend so much time and effort comparing everything to Toyota, whose sales numbers and product line-up are insignificant right now?

    If GM really was superior, do you think your continual comparisons to Toyota, of all manufacturers, makes much sense?

    Why don't the Ford and Dodge boys do the same? Do you think maybe they're a little more secure and don't feel the need to do so?

    It's all very simple, really. If you don't like me talking smack about GM, quit talking smack about Toyota in Toyota threads. What a concept, huh?
  • qzs4vbqzs4vb Posts: 14
    You are here talking b.s. about GM products. I am in disagreement with your statements. Is that a problem with you?

    Why do you call yourself Houdini? Because you say things that are nonsense and believe that they (presto!) magically become the truth?
  • h0udinih0udini Posts: 118
    You are here talking b.s. about Toyota products. I am in disagreement with your statements. Is that a problem with you?

    Why do you call yourself qzs4vb? Who cares? Does a user's handle have anything to do with the content of their posts?
  • tomh12tomh12 Posts: 240
    I think the answer to your question in post #31 is your own words......

    "I believe Toyota has created a lot of anxiety in you folks. If it didn't, you guys wouldn't create such an uproar over a truck whose sales numbers are insignificant so far."

    People buy what meets their needs and desires of their own free will. The fact that Toyota has "insignificant" sales volume compared to GM or Ford, or Dodge, says everything about who has the superior product. IF Toyota was outselling the others you guys would be posting the figures every 15 minutes to show how superior your vehicles are.....LOL
  • qzs4vbqzs4vb Posts: 14
    QZS4VB? I use that because it is my computer ID at work. And I am not here saying anything that is bs.

    And no your disagreement is not a problem with me. You're really not very smart are you? Do you need to resend my own message back to me? How about an original thought of your own? Bring on those facts pal. I'm anxiously waiting.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    Our host has asked repeatedly to not make personal attacks. Would I be wrong in assuming that Tundra owners (you claim not to be) would prefer some comic relief in most any form to your tired anti-GM tripe in their topic?
  • h0udinih0udini Posts: 118
    comparing what you clearly think is the superior product to the most inferior (at least in your mind)?

    What is the real message being sent when people continually compare to the "loser?"

    Draw your own conclusions, gentlemen.
  • h0udinih0udini Posts: 118
    You know what? Other people seem content with their vehicles simply because they're a pleasure to own and drive, and you don't hear a peep from them. You GMC folks, however, only seem content when you're in Toyota threads (of all places!) loudly insisting how superior your products are.

    I say let the product speak for itself.
  • tomh12tomh12 Posts: 240
    Let me remind you, it was a Tundra owner who started the now closed topic..."Tundra VS Silverado 1/2 ton".

    Let's drop the disagreement over whose vehicle is "superior" and discuss and compare features, capabilities, components, problems, etc.

    Let the public vote with their pocketbooks!

  • qzs4vbqzs4vb Posts: 14
    QZS4VB? I use that because it is my computer ID at work. And I am not here saying anything that is bs.

    And no your disagreement is not a problem with me. You're really not very smart are you? Do you need to resend my own message back to me? How about an original thought of your own? Bring on those facts pal. I'm anxiously waiting.
  • losangelesemtlosangelesemt Posts: 279
    Lol ... I still have ole Johnny Elway's lot in sight. I'll have you know though, that for an extra 100 or so you can get the train horn in lieu of the ferret. Ya it would have been nice to get the 02 but I'll have to wait for the 03s I suppose. Unless they do something hideous with the design, then I might have to visit the Chev dealer.

    Hey I talked to a few folks out your way the other day, and they cant wait to leave. Seems the place is too boring for them lol. Although they both have their sights set on this great city of angels here. The circus is only fun for so many years though, time for a change. Make sure YOU at least hang around that place, I don't wanna walk in and talk to Elway all alone. Maybe they'll take that GM off your hands and set ya up with one of dem foreign ones.

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