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Tundra Problems



  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    This is not the place to seek Tundra solutions. Dave is evidence of that. Posts a problem and gets completely ignored. Seen it happen too many times. Course you know where to find any kind of Tundra solutions now don't ya?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    here? I think it really doesnt matter what you own more important there are like what 4 Tundra owners here? Makes for great conversation eh?

    And Tom is right about you having a problem with name calling. Ahh we'll see who makes it through the weekend.

    Was following a Tundra with a lift gate. I couldn't believe my eyes and it wasn't sitting on the jounce bumpers either. Followed the guy into a gas station cause I just had to know what he used that tailgate lift for. Well come to find out, that its used for carrying core samples of contaminated dirt from gas station sites.

    I also asked if the suspension was stock. Answer I got was a look that he thought I was crazy. He answered course not. Got airbags to support the weight of the lift gate plus carry the load. Said when the first installed the lift, there was a one inch gap from the suspension to the jounce bumpers with the headlights pointing upwards. Truck was pretty much useless till he got the airbags.

    Wishin y'all the best of luck making it through this weekend....

    Good luck on this one now!!!
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    The GM truckowners group wants an instant answer to your question. Since apparently very few Tundra owners have had this problem, they are unable to help you - unfortunately.

    The Gm Truckowners are inhabiting this group because they are hugely unsatisfied with their own trucks.

    I am wondering why the GM truckowners are not posting how great their trucks are to GM groups. They seem to gravitate to Tundra groups. Just a little unsatisfied"

    Ton has said he wants a Tundra. He owns a realatively new GM knocker. What does this say?
  • hillhoundhillhound Posts: 537
    "I post facts, but you don't acknowldege them. Please tell me again how great your 5.3 is, making a whopping 10 lb/ft torque at a higher RPM than Toyota's 4.7. Better yet, compare your 4.8 to the Toyota and tell me how great it is. Still better yet, tell me how great the GM diesels were."

    Check this out:

    As you can see the 5.3L makes it max torque of 325lb-ft @ a high 5200 rpms but is still putting

    out 300lb-ft @ just over 2000 rpms! Don't make the mistake of comparing engines based on maximum torque output alone. The maximum output of all the new Vortec motors comes at high rpms but there's plenty of power down low too.

    Check out a torque curve for the iforce Tundra V8 and see what torque it's making at 2000rpms...that is if you can find a graph for it. I've never been able to locate one. I'd like to see it.

  • tomh12tomh12 Posts: 240
    Great post!


  • losangelesemtlosangelesemt Posts: 279
    was intentionally ignored. These Tundra threads really only have a few regular posters as it is. If you're lucky there's actually a few who own Tundra's. I simply can only troubleshoot based on my years in the shop, and as a non-owner. If there's only so many posters, and possibly even less with any knowledge to specific problems in here, then who's left to answer Dave ??? Not very many people at all.

    Dave we'll await any further testimony from you. I certainly don't feel you were ignored as a matter of arrogance. Hopefully your issue can be resolved before it tarnishes the experience of a new truck.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    I agree.

    Sorry Dave,but there's only a handfull of Tundra owners here and most won't admit there's anything thier truck won't do for fear of being slamed by us GM owners.Have you taken it to the dealer yet.It's been my experience that auto dealers are interested in keeping customers satisfied.The cost of repairs is paid by the factory so the dealer gets paid and keeps a customer.It's not a problem till they say it's your fault(for Toyotas) or it's normal(for us GM guys)

  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Check out
    The guys over there can probably help
    you out..good luck......geo
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    Who was responsible for getting the last Tundra topic that was shut dowm? Well - we had Sonja, Quad, (both of which posted 40 posts in 13 days) hound, ObywannaTUndra and KG11.

    What a surprise!, the same GM owners are trying to get this topic shut down. I wonder if they aren't the same unfortunate GM owner. They all are beginning to sound the same. This incessant whining is very annoying.

    Why is it, if you guys are SOOOO!! happy with your trucks, that you feel the need to post to a Tundra group. Don't give me that crap that Tundra owners post to GM groups because that has not happened since this topic started. Are you guys REALLY that insecure? Apparently so.

    Tom has a brand new Chevy and says that he is considering a Tundra. Does that say something? You guys need to wake up and smell the coffee!
  • h0udinih0udini Posts: 118
    Tom, I applaud you for your post #56. At last, a GMC owner actually posted something that relates to this topic - though it was done more in the spirit of a comeback than anything else. But I will give credit where credit is due. I don't care what everybody else says about you. You are "A-OK" in my book.

    hillhound, if you look closely at your graph, the 5.3 starts to make 300 lb/ft torque at about 2500rpm, not 2000rpm as you suggest. Let's quit the exaggerations and wishful thinking, OK? Know what would REALLY interest me? A chart for GM's 4.8, which is a better comparison to Toyota's 4.7. You conveniently forgot to post it. Hard to imagine, I know...

    obyone, for a second I thought you were somebody else, what with the absence of profanity and disappearing posts and all. I'm speechless.

    And sonjaab, you've got that "tundrasolutions" line down real well. How long did that take, anyway? You are always welcome to chip in your .02 cents!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    is simply that there are no knowledgable Tundra owners at Edmunds. Before the flaming starts, the correct answer for Dave is what sonjaab posts in #70. Cause I'm sure for whatever he's worth, Bama, would help a fellow Tundra owner if he knew how.

    Now, how's about an answer to that long ignored question. Does or doesn't the Tundra and its 4.7 have forged pistons?
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    Why don't you have an answer for Dave? Why don't you tell him all about your Tundra. OH - YOU DON"T OWN A TUNDRA? Just another (of the many sorry GM owners?

    I predict some of your unfortunate GM buddies will come to your rescue. Will it be Quad?, Hillhound? Or - are you all the same?
  • twowheelertwowheeler Posts: 89
    You related to 'Alexbay' from Syracuse, NY, who's been trolling in the Tundrasolutions BBS over the last week or so ? (incidentally 'it' signed up within the last week). Isn't Syracuse about 50 or so miles from Hannibal? That loser sure is trying his hardest to stir up some crap at TS. Kinda funny that this person posted some BS there while you were posting here telling everyone to check out the TS site. You're busted Geo!
  • losangelesemtlosangelesemt Posts: 279
    Houdini I'm quite amused with your last post, nice wit there without crossing into the forbidden zone.

    Wheels ... aka Magnum, nice work son.
  • hillhoundhillhound Posts: 537
    "hillhound, if you look closely at your graph, the 5.3 starts to make 300 lb/ft torque at about 2500rpm, not 2000rpm as you suggest. Let's quit the exaggerations and wishful thinking, OK? Know what would REALLY interest me? A chart for GM's 4.8, which is a better comparison to Toyota's 4.7. You conveniently forgot to post it. Hard to imagine, I know..."

    Here's your 4.8L graph-well the link won't copy so just click on the 4800 Vortec:

    Looks like you conveniently forgot to post the mighty Tundra's 4.7 iforce graph, huh? Anyway the point of my last post went over your head. No surprise there but the point I tried to make was that it's useless to judge an engine based on maximum toruqe alone. The 5.3 and 4.8 torque curves are fairly flat, and the 5.3L makes 300lb-ft at 2380rpms to be exact since you insist on it. I said it gets 300lb-ft at a little over 2000rpms, not 2000 as you knowingly misquoted me as claiming-get your stuff straight. Now, I'll let you go back to comparing the Tundra's V8 to the GM 4.8L since you get so upset when we compare it to the 5.3L!!

    BTW-I made an error in my last post. I stated the 5.3L reached max torque @ 5200rpms and that's wrong obviously. It's actually much lower @ 4000rpms. Sorry.

  • hillhoundhillhound Posts: 537
    Actually amusing is quite a good word to use in describing HIS posts.

    And it's unfortunate that someone is trolling at tundrasolutions. I've always been impressed with the integrity of the posts there. If anyone wants useful info about Tundras or problems that's the best place to go, IMO.
  • losangelesemtlosangelesemt Posts: 279
    Its usually a pretty knowledgeable site ... great taste with less filling lol. I always respect anyone in here who doesn't resort to mindless banter to push a point across. How many times do the forum doors have to be slammed shut before the message appears clearly. Well we'll see how long this one lasts. Hopefully there isn't a virus that's spread to T Solutions.

    Cheers my friend
  • hillhoundhillhound Posts: 537
    Have a good weekend and try to keep an eye on things around here! If I understand correctly you don't even own a Tundra but you seem to be the most knowledgeable Tundra fan on these threads. Hope you are able to get your truck soon! Later!
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