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Audi A6 Maintenance and Repair



  • civic4civic4 Posts: 33
    I have read posts that have commented on the reliability of the 2.8, the 2.7T and the 3.0, but how is the 4.2 engine holding up for Audi owners. We have a 2001 A6, still under powertrain warranty with 43,000 miles and were wondering how these particular engines hold up as more miles are accumulated on them. Also, any other reliability issues any owners have had on the A6 4.2 would be welcome. Our most "serious" problem was with the brake pad warping which is no longer a problem since the dealer has replaced them. Thanks.
  • I think you need to take the car into the dealership and leave it with them to investigate. These are certainly not "glitches" but are true problems that you shouldn't be having.

    Good luck.
  • Until I found this board a week ago, I thought I was the only one with myriad quirky Audi problems. Notably: 2 water pumps, 1st w/timing belt, 2nd necessitating another new timing belt after 9000 miles on the replaced one, Window that wouldn't come up unless coaxed mercilessly, cruise control, door that wouldn't open, and now the best of all...hesitating, stalling, misfiring that can not be diagnosed (sorry, your 'check engine light' doesn't come on so we'll have to wait.....). Geez, I do have 79000 miles on my 99 Audi A6. Maybe its back to a Camry for me. (Give me the simple life....) david
  • Oh Yes: I also had my front bumper 'separate'. That is some kind of incredible design flaw. It was replaced by the dealer at no cost (not considering the cost in time and aggravation) david [once again]
  • Are you using Advanced Key? I have had the stalling problem two times...I found that it seems that when the Advanced Key is in my seems that something (my cell phone?) is interfering with it. The second time it happened I pulled they key out of my purse as it was sputtering and the car literally roared to life the second it came out. I have started keeping the key in my pocked instead of my purse and have not had a problem since.
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    Has anyone had any luck finding a Verizon supported cell phone that will interface with the MMI in the 2005 Audi A6 4.2? I expect to take delivery in a few weeks and all indications are that finding such a cell phone is going to be difficult. Thanks for any help.
  • No, we don't have Advanced Key (and every time I load my daughter into the back seat while carrying her life support system I wish I did!). I do usually have my Bluetooth cellphone with me. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • signza6signza6 Posts: 1
    could you please tell me whats a bumper separate? because my car had no accidents and theres like a little design to the bumper on boths sides that are nice and neat....but like a crack sticking out between the bumper and fender...please reply thanks
  • fastpaulfastpaul Posts: 11
    I have just blown a rear turn signal bulb on my 2001 A6. As I recall, the uppermost bulb is the TSB. Close examination, tho, shows no broken/burned filament. The opposite side and the fronts also appear normal. Any ideas?
  • asiu28asiu28 Posts: 7
    I also reported CVT jerking problems when shift to reverse, see message #104. Dealers always say "No Problems Found". Tired of going to dealers. Any one know any independent Audi specialist in the Pasadena, CA or San Gabriel, CA areas. Want to try those specialist and not the dealers.
  • tangomomtangomom Posts: 1
    I've purchased NEW, paid cash and full price, a 1999, A6 Quattro. Ever since that purchase, I've had nothing but problems, recalls and now, the worst experience of my car-owning life.

    The car has been driven conservatively, has JUST 60,000 miles, has been taken to Metro Audi, the dealer, for all of its regularly scheduled maintenance, and was taken three weeks ago for its 60K mile service. THREE WEEKS ago! The current bill, and still counting is $5,000. The call today from Metro was that the car was unsafe to drive, the last part they installed has not stopped the unpredictable stalling (which it was NOT doing prior to coming in for its service).

    They advise that the (maybe? air intake value) is on national back order, they have no idea when they will be getting one. As soon as this car is off the lot, I'm taking it to a Subaru dealer, and trading this dog in on a new Forrester. I love the Audi, but the problems, lack of bedside manner at the dealer's, the safety issues caused by the intermittent and unpredictable failures have made luxury car ownership undesirable. I am OVER AUDI!

    Anybody else have these problems? Any class action lawsuit I can join?

    I want my old Saab back - drove it for 12 years, never had a problem.
  • I had the same problem, starting at 48K miles, after only a few hundred more miles, the gearbox failed completely. Required new box (said to be > £4K). Cause was failure by garage to service it properly at ~40K - no oil or filter changed. Eventually they admitted liability and replaced the box. I have heard that many A6 Allroad gearboxes also fail at 40K miles. Good luck!
  • sloansloan Posts: 6
    I just received last night my 2005 A6 4.2 and the memory seats are doing the same thing as yours. I also noticed that the side passenger mirror isn't going down when going in reverse...does this happen to you too? (note: I live in los angeles now, but used to live in Seattle and bought two A6's from Barrier, I know amanda too. They will take good care of you.)

    Hope they fixed the car. Let me know what the problem was, so I can forward that info when I take mine in for service.
  • carroll1carroll1 Posts: 2
    FYI... The Motorola V551 works perfectly with my Audi A6 Bluetooth interface..
  • garth1garth1 Posts: 7
    I have discovered that Audi have recently issued new guidelines to dealerships regarding this problem. The problems seem to be being caused by 'contaminated' oil. This messes around with the intricate hydraulics and gets between the clutches(evidently there are either 6 or 7 hydraulicly activated clutches in the box!). This is why it is intermittent. Also why it is so important to have the oil changed properly. Not clear where the debris is coming from yet.
  • garth1garth1 Posts: 7
    Can you give me any firm cases I can use in my battle with Audi?
  • garth1garth1 Posts: 7
    Sorry I am in the UK so cannot recommend any specialists. If your car is still under warranty you should work quite hard to get Audi to identify the problem. They evidently should check the oil in the box now. Get them to contact Audi AG in Germany and get the most up to date guidelines.
  • asiu28asiu28 Posts: 7
    Thank you for the info. I will try to get my dealer to check out these new guidelines.
  • brianvbrianv Posts: 1
    Sloan - a couple of potential solutions....

    To set the memor seat with advanced key, you need to lock the car with the key fob after setting the appropriate memory for each respective key fob.

    For the passenger mirror to tilt down in reverse, the mirror toggle on the driver door must be set on the passenger mirror setting (far right) for it to work. Hope this helps.
  • mileswmilesw Posts: 29
    Are you 2005 A6 owners experiencing tip lag? (hesitation on acceleration, herky-jerky shifting)

    I'm thinking of buying a 2005.5 A4, but nobody has experience with them. I thought I might get feedback from recent A6 purchasers, since the cars are siblings.
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