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Audi A6 Maintenance and Repair



  • jodarjodar Posts: 51
    I posted a similar issue with the engine cover. It is called a belly pan. I am changing my own oil between dealer visits and found taking off the cover, without the use of a lift very cumbersome and time consuming. It did lose a few screws, but I was able to keep most of it secure and tucked part of it beneath the bumper cover. Eventually, it fell off on the highway. I contacted my dealer and the advice received from the Audi dealer, with regard to it being "okay" to leave it off is WRONG. The reason for this is the alternator sits relatively low in the engine and the belly pan serves as a shield against road grime and water from damaging/dirtying engine components.

    My alternator failed again for the second time in just over one year. In fact, it was just two days after the one year warranty period! The dealer replaced the first alternator with a rebuilt Bosch unit and charged almost $1500 to replace it last year, which my warranty company paid minus the deductible. This year, I had another repair shop do it for about $500. The mechanic explained that the alternator had frozen up and was dirty and probably damaged from road water, salt and other contaminents. So, my advice from this experience is to keep the belly pan. It pays to price shop, even the dealer. I got two different quotes at different times from the same dealer. Ebay and some Audi parts companies may have it for less.
  • I just purchased a 2000 A6 2.7T Quattro. It has 48,000 miles and the gentleman that I bought it from seems to have been very conscientious. I have a few questions about care and maintainence and would appreciate any advice.

    - The original owner pointed out that the check engine light is on and has been on for some time. He told me that the dealer couldn't find any problem with the car (and it runs fine with no warning messages), but that it would cost a bundle to reset the sensors and get the light reset. Should I pay it for the peace of mind?

    - The car seems to be in perfect working order. Should I take it to a mechanic for a thourough inspection? Should it be an Audi dealership?

    - Do you really put premium gas in it?

    - Any helpful hints generally?

    Thanks for your help. Best, Richard
  • Congratulations. I think you'll like your car. Mine is a 2001 2.7T w/6-speed. The check engine light has come on twice in five years. The first time the gas cap was loose and the second time there was a failed heat sensor somewhere. My service manager told me there were over 1500 reasons why the check engine light would come on. An Audi service department should be able to run a diagnostic and pin point the problem.

    I follow the service recommendations except that I get the oil changed at 5000 miles and the tires rotated at the same time. This has been a worthwhile investment in my opinion. Sometime ago there was a lengthy dialogue on this site regarding the merit of frequent oil changes. My view is the 10,000 recommendation is a compromise between Audi engineering, the marketing people who wanted to offer free maintenance during the warranty period, and the budget realists.

    I also always use premium. The car has done well. Nearly five years and right at 70,000 miles. No mechanical problems. I did have a starting problem which turned out to be an intermittent electrical problem with a sensor somewhere. I also had a cracked window rail which made the window impossible to close electrically - it needed a push.

    I'm in the market for a new car but this is too much fun. Good luck.
  • Thanks so much for your response. I appreciate the vote of confidence in making the decsion to buy the car. I have never had a used car, but really liked the Audi and couldn't afford a new one.

    I called my nearest Audi service center and asked them for recommendations for any necessary service and to help me get on a routine schedule. I am hoping that if I take care of the little problems and service it regularly, it will stay in good shape.

    It is obviously fun and educational for me to chat about the car, so please let me know if you have any other thoughts. Best, Richard
  • I purchased a A6 3.2 on 12/13/04 and since then it has been in the dealer four times for the same problem. I am now in my 5th week without the car and they cannot seem to fix it. I have been speaking with the dealer and Audi USA on a daily basis. I have been informed by an attorney that four times is the magic number for repair attemts. :lemon: Good Luck
  • My drivers window is stopping part way, then retracting then up some more, then retracting, then after some work up all the way.

    What is the problem - Motor, regulator or switch?

    This is only the second real problem I have had with the car in 30K miles and I bought it used at 45K miles.

    Love the car but won't use dealer due to $$$$$. I use Universal Imports as they are much easier to deal with and they are a little less than dealer prices.

    With winter in Rochester, this is an important issue. Thanks
  • hannabhannab Posts: 20
    The same thing has been happening to the left rear window on my '02 A6 2.7T. Since it is still under warranty I requested the dealer repair it at the 20K, 30K and 40K services, (3 different dealer service depts)yet it still occurs from time to time. The quick fix is to grasp the window when it stops in the upward motion and gently tug forward, I find it moves forward about 1/4 inch. Then it should continue all the way up.

    The last visit the service writer suggested it was a safety feature! Nice, for a 45K car. Since my lease is up shortly, I will not get to follow this saga any longer.
  • I own the same year and model Audi. The check engine light has come on once over the last 5 years. Defective oxygen sensor was the cause and repalcement was the cure.

    There is a reason for the "check engine" light, it should be investigated.

    The car does seem to run better on Premium and the engine is designed for 92+ octane.

    As far as the Audi dealer inspecting the car, your post sounds like you have already purchased the vehicle. I would havew the oil changed immediately and monitor all fluid levels weekly when filling w/fuel. For service, I have used local independent mechanics and the dealer, depending on the problem with the car and the warranty status of the issue.

    Usually, a good local mechanic that knows the Audi will charge less than the dealer with his sky-high overhead situation.

    Whatever you do, do NOT ever bring your Audi under any circumstances to a 10-minute oil change place, they don't understand your car, (or any car, IMHO) and you will be sorry.

    I would change to 0w-40 full synthetic oil, noticed a big difference in winter starts and takeoff.
  • Stopped by the shop I use. To completely fix will be about 300 for both front windows which is not too bad. They greased it up and it is working well. Did not charge me anything and did it when I dropped by.

    I have had pretty good luck. 30K miles this year and only repair work was frozen caliper. Pricey fix at about $600 for new caliper and brake job.

    Anyway, things are back to running correctly and I am happy.

  • Hi all,

    Bought a used 2003 A6 2.7T from a dealer about 3 weeks ago, the car is great, but I am experiencing a few problems, any help advice would be appreciated.

    1. There is a vibration between 45mph and above, seems like wheel balancing, could it be something else?
    2. the horn does not work, however the panic mode does sound off, and do does the wimpy one in the back when you alarm the car
    3. A warning light went on, this was for the auto leveling headlights, but it went on only once, and now does not comeback, so is everything ok then?

    Any ideas if the above items are covered by warranty? I have the Certified upto 100k warranty, the car has 52k miles on it right now.

  • Not sure about the vibration as it may be the tires, but all the other should absolutely be covered. Take it in and have the service advisor look at it.
  • Well, make this 4th time in 9 months my 05 A6 will be back to the dealer for the AirBag light. I am told all the usual things by Audi, they are opening a "hotline" blah blah...bottom line is, I'm beginning to wonder if this problem will ever be fixed, or is it a sign of a greater electrical problem...I get the impression this could be a serious problem, I've read about the Lemon Law in California, but does anyone think I would have a case? My car will have been out of service a combined 18-20 days as a result of this latest snafu. I love the car, but I hate this. :confuse:
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    I had the same problem with mine a few weeks after I picked it up. It turned out to be a sensor in the rear seat. It has now been 9 months and the problem has not returned. Good luck.
  • 2005 Audi A6 3.2

    The round navigation scroll wheel on the MMI has come completely loose (as in, it comes off in your hand) and needs to be repaired or replaced.

    Can anyone advise if they have had (or heard) of this problem; and how long this type of repair will take and if they need the car over night?
  • The reason that the battery drains in my A6 (2.4Se petrol) is that the brake lights come on overnight!

    That's astonishing. How did you discover that?

    There may be another reason too for the battery being weak. The A6 has software which controls when the battery is charged, and how soon the recharging process is commanded to commence.

    I found this out after I kept noticing that the battery level indicator in the MMI would show that the battery was very low despite my having driven the car for one hour and a half -- more than enough time to charge it up past the levels the MMI screen displayed.

    Audi did a software adjustment No problem since. This might have been covered in a TSB, not sure (Audi technical service bulletin).

    In any event, you may want to ask your dealer whether or not your car's battery management software was checked during prior visits for service.
  • I have a 1999 Audi A6. I used to have a Passat and it handled great in the snow. My Audi "fish-tails" on every corner even when I'm going really slow. It does not stop well at all. It seems like I may have problem with my AWD...does anyone know anything about this?
  • Has anyone found a good extended warranty company to use to Audi's. One that's not extremely expensive? Thanks!
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Probably a tire selection. What are you currently using for tires?

  • Mine was a rear seat sensor as well, which fixed it the last time. Now, they are telling me they are getting different fault codes. Who knows, but at least I have an awesome 4 cylinder Chrysler Cirrus rattle trap to drive in the mean time!
  • I had a similar problem after my accident. In my case, the button didn't come off in my hand, but would spin freely without any friction and didn't change volume at all. It was replaced in a half-day session. I called them and they preordered the part, then I brought the car in when it arrived. Overall, very painless. No further problems with it since.
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