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Audi A6 Maintenance and Repair



  • bumbiebumbie Posts: 18
    Has anyone had a problem with their A6 2005/2006 not wanting to turn over and start? It takes me 2 or 3 times to start my car, say 3 out of 5 times. The car grinds to start, almost like the battery is dead (it's not), and it sounds like the engine is barely running when I shift into reverse or drive. I was told the first time, it was the relay switch and it was replaced almost a month later, after I had to follow up about the part. My service guy apparently forgot to call me not thinking it is a problem your car not wanting to start in Arizona in July .
    Now two weeks later after the relay switch was replaced, it is back at the dealership with the same exact problem of not wanting to turn over and start. My car has been there since Friday and it is now Monday, I still have not heard a thing. Anyone have any suggestions? :(
  • g_henrysg_henrys Posts: 4
    If your battery has been disconnected then the auto up/down feature would be disabled. This goes for the inside switches as well as the auto up/down when you use the key to open or lock your door. To reset, use the inside switch to raise the driver's window all the way up. Release the switch. Then hold it in the same up position (even though the window is already closed) for a couple of seconds. That should do it. Good luck!
  • new2audi2new2audi2 Posts: 2
    I have had this car for 4 1/2 months it has 94,850 mi and this is what's happening:
    1. service insp light keeps blinking
    2. 3 beeps when start the car
    3. LCD bear visual, think it says MRND438 with a thermostat and water looking symbol
    4. today after not driving it for 7 weeks when I started it it had a orange circle with a motor and lightining rod in it blinking
    5. About 4 times since I bought it, while driving I've experienced a pause in the gear shifting only one time during each drive

    Can anyone give me some info on what's going on and what I should do? I don't have an owners manual and I'm afraid to take it to a repair shop or dealer without having some background info.

  • jrfivjrfiv Posts: 3
    I havn't had this exact problem, but mine doesn't want to start with the advance key - press start button and nothing happens. Dealer insists it is a "software problem" - neat.
    If I get in and press start and nothing happens, I can open the driver's door, close it again and then it will start.
    It is at dealer right now for this "software upgrade." I will let you know....
    Maybe you need this II software upgrade?
  • jrfivjrfiv Posts: 3
    I have had TONS of problems with this car. I leased it (thank goodness) but have had all kinds of trouble. Things like whistles in the doors (took dealer 9 tries to finally fix), new water pump, new brakes, 3 sets of new tires, new parking brake switch, 2 software upgrades, car not starting with advance key, grinding when starting.

    Has anyone else had problems with their car? I am on a first name basis with the service advisor. This is my first Audi is this a standard for this car? Everything seems to be very intermittent too - very hard to duplicate problems at dealer.


  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    Nope. I've had little to no problems with my A6. Seems like you have an anomaly. In fact, it appears the '05 and above Audi's have improved reliability from previous years, not worse.

    If you've truly had that many problems, then I suggest you look into lemmon laws :lemon: in your state and talk with the dealership GM about a buy-back.
  • jrfivjrfiv Posts: 3
    I tried that - the lemon laws in Texas are not very consumer oriented. I spoke with the GM and they didn't have a good solution - one was to put me in a 2006 for $100 more a month and reset lease....not quite what I had in mind. Going to pick up car now - been in shop all week.
  • klollyklolly Posts: 1
    For those of you that own this vehicle, I'd love to get a recap of your repairs. I bought it new in April 2001 and it has been in the shop 18 times, a few were for routine maintenance (10K, 20K, etc.) but each time, little things cropped up. My biggest problem appears to be brakes. At 17K miles they resurfaced the first time. Then at 24,500 they replaced pads & resurfaced again (just 6765 miles after the last work). Then I managed to get 12K miles before ANOTHER resurface, then 6325 miles later, resurface number FOUR. At 51,730 they finally replaced the rotors & pads. Now, 9703 miles later, I had to resurface the rears & replace pads only. That strikes me as odd, since I thought front brakes did most of the work. So brakes are a frequent issue, but I think I'm being ripped off. :mad:

    One change I am making - the dealership will no longer get my business (now that the warranty is gone). Other quality shops offer lifetime guarantees on brakes/pads, so I'm going to go that route next and see what happens.

    Now - I LOVE my car, even with it's dysfunction. In addition to brakes, they've replaced: wipers (3 times, okay, that's not really bad, ours dry out in Vegas), had 3 recalls, several issues with airbag light & engine light. Replaced faulty fuel sender, outer C V boots (twice), engine coolant sensor replaced (twice), replaced motor mounts (twice), replaced steering column, two batteries, d valve cover gaskets, cam seals, tensioner gasket, air conditioning control model, electronic fan, master window switch and rear window lockout switch, left front speaker has never worked right (but when in the shop they can never find the problem) and last but not least, my favorite, the hood strut.

    The hood strut is funny as the car was in the shop three times this last month & no one told me it wouldn't keep the hood up. I found out because the battery died & they came to jump me and we couldn't keep the hood up. So much for their walk-around inspections, including under the hood that they claim they do each time the car goes in. :surprise:

    In those last three visits, they also didn't notice the brake pads/rotors until the battery died - so between the battery, brakes & hood strut, $633! :sick:

    That's a lot of freaking problems for a car that goes in the shop regularly to keep it in good condition.

    Since October 2005, I've spent almost $4,000 on repairs and could have spent more had I not argued with the dealership about the repairs in October that included items that had been replaced less than a year prior - another $1,500 worth (the CV Boot). So, it was beneficial to contact Audi Customer Service to complain.

    Again, I love my car. :shades: It rides well, the interior is very durable for me (I love my leather), it still looks good, has convenience features such as the fold down seats. I am only posting all this info to hopefully help others & get some feedback to use on my next visit to get repairs.

    Even with all this, I'm keeping the car because I do believe it will last for a long time. It has great safety features (oh, it's been wrecked twice, not my fault, both drivers and passengers sides have been hit, passenger side was the worst, but we were pretty much okay). My daughter wants the car so before she gets it, I'll send it to a trusted shop for a very serious inspection.

    Hope all this info is helpful for everyone and feel free to email me if you have anything that I can use!

    And the new Audi's are really cool - next time, I might lease, which gets me out before things really go bad.

  • new2audi2new2audi2 Posts: 2
    Well, since I got no help from anyone online, I decided to go under the hood myself. I found oil very low and coolant very low. I filled them and drove for about 100 miles and the lights have gone out. It has been riding well since. I hope this helps someone else.

  • bumbiebumbie Posts: 18
    My last post was July 10th, I believe. I got the car back July 17 (they had it a week) and Audi service told me that they replaced the wrong relay switch in the ignition the previous time it was in - OK??? Picked it up, Audi service swore up and down it was fixed this time (since May 12, 2006 I have been dealing with this problem of my car not wanting to turn over and start, and when it does start, sounding very sluggish).

    So anyways, I notice two days after having the car back the same problem. I was praying it was just a flook, so I drove it a week, it happened about 7 times AGAIN.
    I called my Audi service guy July 24, brought it back in July 26 and it is now August 1st. My husband called late last Friday, since we did not hear from anyone at Audi and my service guy told my husband that they have no idea what is wrong and that they have to keep the car over the weekend. Once again no update call and no car.

    Audi can duplicate the problem (thank God over and over again), but they have never seen this problem before and have absolutely no idea what is wrong, thus no idea how to fix it.
    Be reassured everyone, Audi of N. America is having its data base searched ;) and the head technician is on it over at N. Scottsdale Audi! I was given that song and dance the last time it was in for a week.
    We are purposely not calling the dealership. We think it is better they appear unprofessional and incompetent and they do at this point if we have to pursue the :lemon:. We are going to contact the GM if it goes past the one week mark, which is tomorrow.

    Seriously, my car has been in and out of the shop 8 times since I bought it back in November of 2005, brand new. It was in once for the 5K service, 4 times for a loud traveling rattle in the dash, that was finally fixed by putting visible thick black foam against my windshield and the dashboard (I could have done that myself in retrospect), and now 3 times for the mystery ignition problem.
    I asked in my previous post if anyone might have a clue what could be the problem, but since Audi has no clue and this is supposedly the first time they have stumbled upon this ignition problem, I think is is safe to assume no one on this forum has a clue.

    If anyone has had a similar problem, I do not have advance key, please speak up, I would really really appreciate it :sick:.

  • bumbiebumbie Posts: 18
    Ok, I should not of said that the N. Scottsdale Audi service department is unprofessional or incompetent, they are not at all. It is not their fault my car is faulty. The reality is that I have one of the most well known and respected service advisors in the Audi industry. I am sorry, I'm just angry and frustrated.

    Audi did call before closing yesterday and told us that they are still baffled as to the problem with my A6, but Audi of N. America told them to strip and reinstall all computer software. This was done yesterday and they are keeping the car for observation, restarting it periodically throughout the day to see if the problem still exists. My service advisor did not sound confident that it was a computer problem, so here we are again. I think I got a :lemon:. Second time this has happened to me, first time was a BMW, right before I got the Audi! Those darn German cars :blush:
  • sfcharliesfcharlie Posts: 402
    The latest issue of Automobile magazine has their long term test report on a 2005 A6. They also had starter problems. Maybe a call to their editorial offices might add some perspective. I did that once years ago with a car and the editorial staff was responsive and their input helped my service dept.

    Hate to hear this, both for your sake and Audi's. Some similar complaints (not starter, per se, but rattles and such) showed up on the Infiniti forum, with early M35s and eventually the company appeared to resolve them.

    Good luck.
  • dbamutidbamuti Posts: 1
    Hi everyone
    A couple questions for you all: Can anybody tell me what sort of shop I should take my A6 to repair CV Joints? Does anyone have a sense of what kind of $ range it should be in? I have called everyone from the dealer to Les Schwab and the prices range from $900. to $1800 for both and remarkably the dealer was someplace in the middle. I also hear wildly differing thoughts on whether to replace one or both axles. Help from anyone would be really appreciated! Thank you!
  • bumbiebumbie Posts: 18
    I did read the article, thank you for the suggestion. The starter/ignition problems however were geared towards a faulty advance key/start feature, which I do not have in my A6.
    I did get the car back last Wednesday after Audi stripped the software and reinstalled it, but the car is doing the exact same thing, it is not fixed. I was told by an acquaintance of my husbands, that in his 2000 or 2001 A6, he had a very similar problem and it turned out to be temperature sensors on the fuel tank?? The car sensed the fuel tank was too hot, thus not wanting to start. I just have a hard time believing that if diagnostics have been run numerous times, that a faulty sensor would not show up. I will keep everyone posted.

  • qqmilkyqqmilky Posts: 2
    What do you mean by repair? I replaced the outer cv boots ($25 per)on my 2000 a6 in about 6 hours. Didn't really need any specialty tools either. I also replaced the rotors and brakes while I was at it. New cv joints run $200 per.
  • 1998 A6, 84,000 miles.

    About three weeks ago, I was driving down the Garden State Parkway in NJ when all of a sudden the temperature alarm starts going crazy and I get a picture of a thermometer in my HUD. Next, the engine temperature needle buried on H. I thought the car was overheating, but didn't notice any steam. Pulled over to the side of the road, waited about half an hour, and checked the coolant which was almost empty. I refilled the coolant, started the car and tried to drive away but the car began making this 'bang-bang-bang' sound. I pulled over, got out of the car and noticed that all of the coolant had leaked out over the last thirty feet of highway.

    Long story short, I wound up having the car towed to my mechanic. He initially thought it was a head gasket problem, but upon further review now believes I have a water pump/thermostat/timing belt issue. He says the car starts fine, there is no steam, the engine runs beautifully and most importantly there is no water in the oil.

    Here's what's strange-

    About, let's see, maybe eight months ago my car began having difficulty turning over; that is to say, it took two or three cranks of the ignition to get the engine fired up. Eventually, the car completely refused to start and I had to have it towed to my dealer. The dealer told me that the car needed a new 'temperature sensor', and replaced the part for fifty bucks.

    Thinking these two problems could possibly be related?
  • bumbiebumbie Posts: 18
    It could be, but my gosh on a car with 12K, even less miles when the problem started. The Audi databases have been searched and are continuing to be searched, but nothing. My problem is "special" to the new A6. I think I'm just special!
    It is back at the dealership for the forth time and is being labeled a "critical alert" whatever that means! I think that we are done attempting to fix this A6 at this point. If they figure it out, good for Audi, I think it will be their car at that point. We are moving towards the next step, no more attempting to repair, different car or refund. To tell you and everyone else the truth, I am SO done with Audi. I absolutely loved my A6, then I started to like it very much about 2 months ago, and now I just loathe my A6. This has been a terrible and frustrating experience. I have had every rental under the sun. I should have never gone back to a German car after the BMW experience (see previous posts)! Nothing against German cars, my husband's driven Porsches for years, it is just the German cars do not like me apparently.

    Thanks for all the input and help everyone. Audios :blush:
  • I have a 2002 A6 3.0 quattro. I noticed that every 2000 miles - exactly - it resets to zero. This seems very odd to me as to why it would not go to 9999 and then reset. Has anybody else experienced this - the dealer contacted Audi in Gernmany and they tell the dealer that this is normal.

    Thanks in advance for replies

    Confused!!! :confuse:
  • I own an 2001 Audi A6 2.7 - have owned it for 3 years and I love it. I was so glad to find this forum as I need some advice. Over the years I have put about $3,000 into this car in repairs - things NOT covered under the warranty - include warranty items - who knows how much has been spent. I took it into the Audi dealership for an Oil change and came out with much more. In a nut shell: new back brakes($600), timing belt ($ unknown), 80,000 check up ($700.00), oil leak in camshaft chain. WOW! It's not like I have not done maintance on this car. Several months ago I had new boots, rods and tires put on and front brakes!
    My warranty expires 8-26-06. Should I sell this car once the work is done and buy a new one with warranty - the answer seems obvious however I am curious about others opinions. Thanks in advance for any help!
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    Sell. Too expensive without warranty.
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