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Audi A6 Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a similar experience. 2006 A6 3.2. Gas gauge started to jump around: from half full to empty, from quarter full to half. I took it to the dealer who said it's a known problem -- they said it needed a software upgrade but the car smelled of gas for a week after. Then I noticed that the seat memory wasn't working correctly -- they fixed that. Then the gas gauge problem re-surfaced. They said they put in a new sensor but the next time I filled the tank I found a major gas leak. Turns out that they overtightened and cracked the cover to the tank. They fixed that a week ago but once again today the gas gauge jumped around.

    Does anyone know a permanent fix for this?

    I'm not sure I want to take it back, what will they break this time?
  • Hi. My 2000 A6 4.2 has the entire RH side of the car's exterior lights are dimmed and flashing funny. I have checked every light to make sure it is working and they all are. I thought it may be a bulb out?? I have read my owners manual and it is really vague.. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Many thanks in advance and Happy Holidays!
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    A friend who has an 05 A6 had me looking at his car yesterday. It seems the front end makes a grinding noise when turning slowly, usually to the left, but it will do it ot the right too. He's tried rotating the tires, thinking it was a wear issue, but they are fine and it does it regardless of tires.

    Has anybody had issues with grinding/gear noises from the front end on their 05 A6? I'd like to be able to point him in the right direction. His dealer has said that noise is normal, yet it is only happening on a few A6's around here.

  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    Mine does the same thing on the first start of the day and only for the first few seconds. Dealer told me it was the car cleaning the brake rotors. I don't know if I believe it, but who knows.
  • jeqqjeqq Posts: 216
    I also had gas gauge issues. I didn't ask them what they did but from the service invoice it looks like they updated the software and also changed or cleaned the fuel sensors. All is well since then. Have your dealer redo it.
  • I had a EPC or EPS warning light come on while driving. Then the car would only idle no matter what I did with the gas. If I slammed it down with my foot ir would only idle and continue out 3 MPH and th RPM would not change. Has anyone else had this problem? Did it come back after the software update? Please let me know. Thanks, Dennis
  • I had this same problem and was told I need a software update. I do not feel my car is safe to drive after this happened. The dealer is trying to give it back to my with the all clear. This car has been in their shop for 30 days during the last 6 months. Please email me at
  • kirby2010kirby2010 Posts: 136
    I'm coming up on six years with my 2001 2.7T w/6-speed. I have about 86,500 miles. Although I'm not looking forward to the expense of the 90,000 service interval I think I'll have the car thoroughly gone over so I can drive it another three or four years, at least.

    I've had very few problems and none that have taken the car off the road. Everything was fixed at a normal service interval except for one problem about four years ago - I made an appointment and the dealer gave me a loaner. I get the oil changed every 5,000 miles, more frequently than the owners manual calls for. I always go to the dealer. I don't drive it on short errands where it won't fully warm up and I don't merge off the on-ramp at 90 mph unless the turbo temp indicator is up.

    I'm not opposed to a new car, I just like the six speed and the room in the A-6. I could afford a new car and I'm considering a Jeep Unlimited for in-and-around driving in order to prolong the life of my A-6.

    My opinion is this car is no more or less reliable than any other on the road. But it is a lot more fun to drive than most. It needs to be taken care of. Even Lexus and Camry have recalls. I cancelled my subscription to Consumer Reports a few years ago after what I believe was their erroneous assessment of Audi. Tonight's news further confirms that these people will print anything on the barest of facts.
  • What news???
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    It made some mistakes on child car seats.
  • Oh! I was aware of that. I thought it involved Audi specifically. I would think that will hurt CR. It makes you feel like they conduct the tests to come out with results that will sell magazines. Certainly took a few steps backwards in the weight I put on their reports.
  • kirby2010kirby2010 Posts: 136
    Not only was their credibility severely damaged by a completely fraudulent report (and been suspect for many more) I see from the news yesterday that the perennial favorite of Consumer Report - Toyota - recalled 530,000 Tundra's and Highlanders.

    I expect they'll do okay weighing the sauce and fruit in national and store brands of fruit cocktail. After that their expertise falls off pretty quickly.
  • a0kiaa0kia Posts: 2
    I have an Audi A6 1999. I have noticed that whenever it sits outside for more than a couple of hours in the below freezing temperature, the heater, the outside lights (headlight/blinkers) and the windshield wipers do not work. For now, the only way to get it to work seems to be to drive it around until something happens (just idling does not accomplish this feat) and the headlights come on, at which time the wipers and the heater all turn on at the same time. Inside panel lights are turned on throughout this ordeal. Problematic especially at night, when it's colder and there is no headlight! Any ideas? Thanks,
  • a6davea6dave Posts: 1
    Has anyone had any joy with Audi re this?

    I bought an '03 A6 2.5TDi previously owned by Leaseplan UK. When purchased the car had a full service history (recommended 40K mile service done at 38K). At just over 48K miles the gearbox failed and was lifted to my local garage where I was told the box had 'exploded'. I rang the local dealers and was told to take it in. There I was told they would strip the box down and send a report to Audi to see if they would, as the car is out of warranty, contribute to to the cost of a new box. Gearbox was stripped and the guy that did it said he had never seen a box in that condition. Audi have today rung me saying that they are not prepared to show goodwill in this case, which in all fairness they are not legally bound to as the car is now out of warranty.

    However my argument is that the car has been serviced as per Audi recommendation and is not due another gearbox oil change until 78K. It is only 10K since last oil change and that this looks as so it is a common fault with the design/durability of the box.

    I am now arguing the toss with Audi and have told them that warranty or not I want a new box, I have been told by my local garage that if I kick up enough stink they'll replace it so I'll let you know what goes on
  • I'm considering buying that car for $9000. As far as I can tell it looks ok RIGHT NOW. But what are the experiences here about what the future will bring? It's the 2.8l engine with tip-tronic. Is the tranny likely to fail soon or is there any other 'typical' problem that might come up for this model of that age ?

  • new 2007 A6 shudders when given gas from complete stop. Have taken in to dealership 4 or 5 times. Each time, tech who test drives says it doesn't sound right. Yet each time answer comes back, normal operation of CVT. One time, they rebooted computer of engine (dealer won't document that in writing), didnt' fix problem. Took to level of TFM. Was able to duplicate shudder. Test drive brand new 2007 A6 CVT off the lot. NO SHUDDER AT ALL. TFM downloaded information off computer, ran tests, came back said normal "characteristic" of cvt engine. Anyone else had this experience? thanks!
  • I've just posted a new message (1st one) about my car that shudders. I also have a delay/hesitation when in drive or reverse w/2007 A6 CVT
  • I have two problems i don't know how to fix.

    1. how do you change your ECT Sensor, how much and where do you buy.

    2. Bank 1 AIR Flow Too Low
    Bank 2 AIR Restricted Flow

    How do you fix those two error codes?

    Please help
  • I have what sounds like the same squeak on my 2006 A6 3.2, it's usually when I go over broad speed bumps. I haven't taken it in to get diagnosed yet. Did you ever figure out the source of yours?
  • Hi all -

    Anyone else have this happening? When I accelerate, I hear a ticking sound from the engine. Kind of like an old car used to sound when it was low on oil. I'm told by my dealer that this is the fuel injectors and is a normal sound relating to the FSI system? No performance issues, just loud and chinsy sounding in my opinion. Any others have this problem?
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