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Audi A6 Maintenance and Repair



  • jeqqjeqq Posts: 216
    Gabby, years ago I had an Audi lemon. What I learned from my experience was to go to the (BBB) Better Business Bureau and follow their instruction to the letter and file a claim. All other attempts to resolve with Audi were a waste of time. Audi will and must respond to a BBB hearing. Read your state's lemon law, it can be found on the web. Most states have BBB solutions, hopefully yours does too. Your other recourse is to hire a good lemon lawyer and stay away from the ones that work on a contingency basis.
  • gabby10gabby10 Posts: 32
    Thank You jegg for your advice , greatly appreciate that , i have contacted maryland attorney general office when going in for 180 degree temps out vent for 4th time , not to be annoying many of readers here audi recieved there letter from a/g office and as of yesterday no response back to them so it been over 3 weeks and as i told them it took 65 days to get a call thanks for the heads up on the lawyer , i truly do think i just got a bad one and for some reason somewhere in middle of management there a road block , thanks
  • gabby10gabby10 Posts: 32
    thank you jeqq for the link , so sad that you need a law like that to help people to recover money from a company that has not lived up to what it promised , nothing is perfect most things can be fix and then there a few just need to be scraped ,
  • jeqqjeqq Posts: 216
    Gabby, reality is: I think most of the auto makers react the same when it comes to lemons and that's why individual states enacted lemon laws. Don't waste time, there are time and mileage restrictions; read the law and file your claim. Good luck to you, hope all goes well. Let us know the outcome.
  • gabby10gabby10 Posts: 32
    Thank you jeqq , i am in a meeting tomorrow with attorneys i was given a offer and when i called them and fax the offer they laugh , said to come in i know this firm i am a driver for a sedan service and he gave me his card few months ago he use me as a tax deduction i let you know
  • gabby10gabby10 Posts: 32
    also jeqq i have a mediator at a/g office i will be talking to him also thanks
  • zorozoro Posts: 5
    I totally agree !! I just filed suit against Audi for my 2005 A6 after months of trying to get audi to do the right thing. My car has been in the shop over 60 days for problems with the engine, fuel system, etc. I used the lemon law in my state to try to get some action but the lawyer for Audi is just an idiot - even the dealership told her to give me a new car. On two occassions they had to fly in a technician from Audi to figure out the problem. This is my third Audi - the other two I had no issues with - once this is settled it looks like Audi will be losing yet another customer. I just want the attorney fired.
  • gabby10gabby10 Posts: 32
    I wonder if we all could get some sort of a Class Action Suit against Audi ,I bet that when that 800 # would appear on TV against Audi that might even get Mr Nysschen the Exec VP looking into the ranks below him , Try and send a letter to him Mt Nysschen i believe it was intercepted by advocates , I can not imagine a Dealer that had multiples dealer ship even taking on a Audi dealership since they put there good name on the building with a company that requires the dealers 100% performance but Corporate won't even give any customer care ,
  • jeqqjeqq Posts: 216
    I think all the car manufacturers play the same game. If this is of any consolation to you, I too had a lemon but I still leased two others after that. They were great cars with minimal problemas. You guys picked the wrong straws.
  • When I use the turn signal, the hazard lights come on??? All the bulbs are working, I have no idea why this is happening. Anybody else have this prolem?
  • Can someone who has a 2007 A6 3.2 tell me what the oil capacity is if the filter is changed. I didnt get a owners manual. A 2006 & 2005 model year should be the same.
  • dneumetdneumet Posts: 2
    I've had all of this with my 2006 A6 3.2. The fuel gauge problem (for me) went away after Audi changed a sensor. For the low battey in the key fob I made an appointment and the service advisor directed me to purchase a battery from the parts department; he would install. The parts guy dropped a battery on the counter that I stock in my office (we're computer guys) that costs me around a buck. Audi charged me $ 8+ for it, but I decided to proceed since the advisor said that he would install it. He may have changed the battery, but a week or so later the "CHANGE KEY BATTERY" indicator came on again. Car goes back in December so I'm ignoring this. My MMI goes blank once in a great while...maybe 4 or 5 times over the last 30 months. It goes into a reset and comes back. Disconcerting but I've accepted it as "just one of those things."
  • zorozoro Posts: 5
    I have 9 months left on my lease for my 2005 A6. the engine still sputters at times when taking off from a dead stop when in auto transmission mode - very frustrating. next year is suppose to be new redesign year for the A6. Depending on how my law suite ends up against VW/Audi I doubt I will get another one. After 10 years of driving Audi it may be time to switch to a different brand..
  • gabby10gabby10 Posts: 32
    when i drop my Lemon A6 off first of this month , there was a gentleman there saying he counting the days till his A6 is gone and all his trouble if you deal in owingsmills md we have met , I wish you luck , I think that German not only destroy there customer base but also destroy the dealership customer base , I am working on a card to slip under windshield of Audi owners warning them to be sure they have all there paper work and never ever go home without a loaner and if no loaner is available make sure it is written on service paper sign by management ,
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    >"I am working on a card to slip under windshield of Audi owners"

    I hope you're kidding about that. If you're not, you'd better stay the hell away from my car.

    I'm sorry you've had a bad experience with your car, but man - let it go. I'm in the process of Lemoning a Lexus, and I'm not even 1/10th as bitter as you. I'm sure you've been through a lot, as I have, but once my experience is over I'm not going to troll Lexus message boards and trash talk Lexus.

    Also, if you're expecting perfection from everyone, you should look into using more punctuation; it really makes things easier to read.
  • Hello Gabby10

    I am experiencing the same A/C blowing (extremely) hot air problem.

    Service at dealership states they have never heard of this problem before (sure?).

    Can you tell me if you have made any progress on having the problem resolved or Audi America accepting any sort of responsibility?

  • have your service manager contact Stoler Audi in owings mills md , talk to service manager there , i think it is a rare issue but they finally sent in a field tech to work on it even if it did take 45 days to get that tech in , there was so many other issues with my car that when i look at my paper work it just would be easier for the two garages to talk , i had a 06 A6 canyon red , I think possibly the a/c issue was taken care of but i was able to get out of my lease so once i got my a6 back , i parked it till i had a meeting with audi rep which took over 65 days to get that to happen from may to july, and on that same day i had that meeting going home i had fuel gauge to fail again , gps to freeze up , and go dark and back on , low battery light on key phob which was new , then by time i was taking it back to garage to have it look at I lost sound system also ,so that week a deal was struck , I can only encourage everyone never leave shop with out paper work , keep all your records , and if your entitle to a loaner car get it , I don't think Audi USA will accept any responsibility or show any Care . Good Luck have you had any other electrical issues just curious
  • credcred Posts: 3
    My 2003 A6 was feeling soft around corners and over bumps so I had my dealer look into it during a recent oil change. He said that 1 of the 3 motor mounts was 'blown' and needed to be replaced. My A6 has only 40K miles on it and is in tip top shape otherwise. Is this a common problem on a car only 4 years old with 40K miles? I plan to call Audi to see if they will give me relief on this since it's only been out of warranty for 9 months. Thanks!
  • just seeing if you had any luck with your a/c issue
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