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Chevy Silverado



  • Also have had noise in dash. Dealer found it to be a defective Intermediate steering shaft. They have had this numerous times and have said that there is a tech bulletin out on this.
  • diablo4diablo4 Posts: 40
    Don't you think silverados will get a bump in HP to compete with the nissian titan and dodge ram with their hemi.The titan has i think 305 or 340 HP and like 370lbs. of has 345HP and 365lbs.So i think silverado needs to bump there HP from 300HP to 340 or 350 and 380lbs.Does anybody know if they are going to get a bump in HP.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    the 04 5.3 will have 295HP
  • diablo4diablo4 Posts: 40
    Thanks for the info.Do you know if the 6.0L will get a bump in HP.
  • fatladfatlad Posts: 3
    I have an 00 Silver ado 4.3 long bed, 2 wheel drive that shakes from 55 mph and on. I have read about a lot of the same thing in this forum, but haven't found an actual fix yet amoung all the pages. Can anybody help? Other than the bad vibration I have no complaints with the rest of the truck.
  • Could you please describe what the noise in the dashboard sounds like?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    What is the date of manufacture for your truck? The date is located on the driver's door.

    There is a TSB out to replace the rack and pinion due to it causing the excessive vibration. Depending on the date of manufacture or VIN.
  • My '03 Silverado was built 4-03 in Canada.

    I can hear something loose rattling in the dashboard area - primarily over bumpy roads.
  • fatladfatlad Posts: 3
    The date of manufacture is 9/99. The VIN is 1GCEC14W8YE169151. How do I find the TSB's that apply to my truck? I know nothing about TSB's.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Here's a brief synopsis of the TSB.

    Steering/Suspension - Front End Vibration

    File In Section: 02 - Steering

    Bulletin No.: 00-02-35-004

    Date: June, 2000


    Steering or Front End Road Induced Vibration
    (Install and Reinforce Revised Steering and Suspension Components)

    1999-2000 Chevrolet and GMC C1500 Pickup Trucks (Silverado and Sierra)

    Built Prior to the VINs

    Important: Canadian dealers require PRIOR District Service Manager approval to apply this bulletin.

    Some customers may comment on a steering wheel or front end vibration.

    Several components in the front end steering and suspension work in unison to isolate the driver from road irregularities and from road/tire induced vibration. If any of these components are not working effectively, it will affect the other components of the suspension and steering system. Tire and road vibrations may be transmitted to the passenger compartment and steering through the rack and pinion unit. Additionally, the mounting points of the steering rack on the front frame crossmember may be amplifying any road vibrations.

    In order to dampen unwanted vibration from the steering wheel, the following revisions must be preformed:

    ^ The tires must be in accordance with Corporate Bulletin Number 99-03-09-002 published August, 1999.
    ^ The steering rack must be replaced with a revised rack.
    ^ The left front steering rack mounting point must be reinforced.
    ^ The lower control arms must be replaced with units incorporating a revised bushing.
    ^ The power steering (PS) pump metering valve must be replaced with a revised fitting.

    If you want the rest of the TSB including the VIN that are included for it, email me. My addy is in my profile.

    Even though my VIN didnt fall within the specified VINs, the district manager authorized this work done on my truck. Service manager, service advisor, and myself agreed on the test drive after that the TSB that was performed made a world of difference.

    Is you truck still under warranty? BTW, TSB means Technical Service Bulletin which are issued to the dealer's service department to aid them in diagnosing problems.
  • fatladfatlad Posts: 3
    The info is wonderful! I went to the tsb section and everything was explained, recalls and tsb's! Thanks for your help!
  • bsilerbsiler Posts: 30
    According to the owners manual you can go 10.000 miles before the oil is changed. I've always changed oil and filter at 3.000 miles. My partner has a 2002 Duramax and he changes his at 5.000 miles. I'm just wondering why GM says go that far.

    Oboyne thanks for the information on the build date
  • Probably in the wrong forum, but can anyone tell me what the meat of the TSB 02-07-30-030 is for this issue? Of course, my dealer has never heard of the issue!
  • balichbalich Posts: 62
    I got a '03 5300 Silverado .. I purchased it in
    DEC '02 .. I got 4300 miles on it and my CHANGE
    OIL LIGHT has not come on yet ..

    The vehicle is 8 months old - relative low
    mileage 4300 miles ..

    Should I wait for the light to come on or should
    I change the OIL ASAP ?

    Thoughts ??
  • tommy42tommy42 Posts: 70
    Transmission shutter 1- 2shift. Vibration,slip,chuggle.Install generator voltage sense circuit. 2001-2003 Chev/Gmc trucks with 4L60 transmission. TSB came out Oct 2002.
  • stef7stef7 Posts: 22
    You really should change your oil ASAP, specially the first time. You will notice that the magnet on the drain plug will be covered with small particules of metal, which is normal for the first few oil changes. I did mine at 500 miles and then every 3000 miles. I think that frequent oil changes are the key for the longevity of an engine.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    if after your factory warrenty expires they come out with a TSB for your truck do you still have to pay for the repairs even though its a known factory problem???
  • It depends. A lot of times there are what is known as "secret warranties" that will cover the cost of known problems even after the original warranty has expired. Trouble is, the manufacturers don't advertise them, so you have to ferret out the information from other sources.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    They sure do....esp. if its a NHTSA recall !

    My friend just got GM to replace her wiper motor (circuit board)and a 4 wd item on her 95 GMC Jimmy.

    Its funny tho...I read here and elsewhere about the wiper motor circuit board recall being pushed back to 95? or so. I called dealer. Of course they played DUMB ! I called GMC direct with the vin# and NO problem sir we have 2 recalls on this truck numbers yada, yada. Please write them down and make appt. at dealer. Fix for FREE!
    COOL !!!!!!!!!!!
    The reason they said she didn't get a recall notice is they had her old address from when she bought it new. I gave them her new one.
    I would love to buy it from her... it don't have a scratch on it and LESS than 50K miles..............geo
  • have 2003 Silverado 1500 Z71 4WD--ever since purchasing the trans intermittently bangs between upshift from 3-2, and also clunks from downshift from 2-3. Have been to the dealer twice, they reporgrammed the computer. They think they know what the problem is (talk about the TSB issued).......but its still there....any help?
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