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Ford Escort ZX2



  • xxervioxxervio Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 zx2 VCT. Yesterday i bought some custom guage faces from speedhut. i was installing them using a multimeter i found a 12 volt source that turns on and off when i turn my parking lights on and off. I also have an avatal aftermarket car alarm installed. This alarm when armed or disarmed makes the dashboard lights blink. My retarded self after finding a good 12v source that turns on and off left the parking lights on. Well i went and spliced the wire to add the new gauges to it and while splicing i fried something. I am hoping it's just a fuse i blew but i can not find a fuse blown. My dashboard lights do not come on anymore and netierh do my parking lights. Only thing that comes on are my headlights. Now when i disarm and arm my car alarm my dashboard lights still blink. it's just when i turn the switch on the left of the steering column to parking lights nothing happens. Anyone have a clue or can tell me which fuse is use for this? i don't think it's a fuse since the alarm still makes them come on.
  • mj1964mj1964 Posts: 2
    I cannot find anyone who Carries this Crank Case Breather Filter I even tried the online NAPA, By chance do you have a part no.
  • kcart55kcart55 Posts: 2
    I just ordered mine today. On top of the breather there is an engineering number. On mine it's F8KE-6A768-AC. According to my local Ford dealer it references Motorcraft #FA-1661. I tried Advance auto parts, but they said it is a dealer item. It's $16.10 here.
  • kcart55kcart55 Posts: 2
    1998 Escort ZX/2:I read code P1380 "variable cam timing solenoid circuit" and code P1381 "Timing over advanced". Where is this solenoid located and how hard is it to replace? Thanks, Kevin
  • mj1964mj1964 Posts: 2
    Thanks I wasn't sure if I was looking at the correct part but my part number is exact to yours so Yup thats it... I placed my order at
  • mvg22mvg22 Posts: 2
    I would like anyone's input on this issue as well. I had this error message, but it was intermittent and hasn't shown up in months. My car idles very low (less than 1K RPM) and stalls if I turn the A/C on. It also acts as if it is in neutral instead of drive when I'm stopped and attempting to pull out in traffic. Again, an intermittent problem. Any suggestions greatly appreciated! It's a '98 and has 98K miles.
  • Well, I replaced it, but it still didn't change anything. So, the dealership gets it back, because it started doing this not long after they replaced a computer in it (not sure if they are related, but it was fine before that).

    This car is possessed. Has been, and I guess it always will be. I'll let you know what they say it is. (And at least it doesn't go back to acting normal now, so they can see what it does-that's why it still hadn't been fixed-noone would touch it since it wasn't acting up for them).
  • silvawsilvaw Posts: 2
    Quick question. My car is having the same issue. I found in a post linked off this one that the Motorcraft number is FA1661. When I looked that up on Motorcraft it doesn't look at all like the picture you have linked in your post. I found the filter in my car that looked just like the one you have in the picture. The number on the top of the filter is F8KE 6A768 AC. Is this the correct filter?

  • silvawsilvaw Posts: 2
    I have the same issue. Did you recieve the correct part for RockAuto. I looked up a picture of FA1661, but it didn't look like the filter I pulled of my car. It too has the number F8KE-6A768-AC and it's a little black cylinder with a tube on the bottom and one on the side.
  • Okay, going to feel a little silly now, but we had replaced the wrong part. And, apparently, parts of my engine are not 99 parts; they are from a 97, which baffled the dealership, but they got everything straightened out. At first, they thought the whole engine was a 97, but just parts of it.

    We replaced the wrong sensor. I really didn't feel too comfortable with my dad digging too far into it anyway-he wasn't even sure what he was looking for (worked on Fords in the 70s, but won't do much with them now).

    Thanks for all your help-runs like a charm now!
  • sbarstowsbarstow Posts: 1
    Can anyone please tell me where to find the pcv valve and hose on this car? According to the read outs from the dealer, I needed to have this replaced. Well, I have a new valve and I have the hose for my 99 Escort ZX2 DOHC. Please if anyone knows where this thing is located, I really need to know.

  • angeladtangeladt Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Ford Escort ZX2. The coil pack on it seems to be going out at random. The car will start jerking and die and not start again. I don't know much about cars so of course I have no clue what is going on, but even my mechanic cannot figure this one out. My mechanic is a family member so he does everything on my car pretty cheap. He has talked to several other mechanics including a few at a Ford dealership, and he has had no luck finding a solution to the problem. The suggestions that we have tried include: checking for a bad ground wire or short in the wiring, replacing the spark plugs, doing a tune up, replacing the spark plug wires, and replacing the wiring harness. None of this has solved the problem. Replacing the coil pack always solves the problem temporarily. It has been replace about 5 or 6 times now in the last 6 months. Fortunately for me the coil pack had a lifetime warranty and I was able to get a new one for free each time. Now O'reilly's is refusing to honor the warranty and will not replace it any more. Can anyone give me any ideas on what is causing this problem or what I can tell my mechanic to look for? I really appreciate any help. Thanks.
  • I had the same problem, and after 3 coil packs, I took it to the dealership and they had to replace the computer. This has solved the problem, but it will cost a pretty penny.
  • remowusremowus Posts: 40
    I have tuned it up, checked all the conections and fuel injectors.
    A couple of mechanics looked at it. No one can tell me why it cranks over about seven or eight times before starting.
    It used to crank once or twice. Runs good once it starts.
    Anybody have an idea?
  • angeladtangeladt Posts: 2
    The computer has already been replaced. I must have forgotten to mention that one in the things that I've already tried. It didn't work. That was one of the first things that we tried on the car. But thanks anyway.
  • Robert,

    Want to thank you very much for your information regarding that "squeal". My wife's '98 ZX2 was doing exactly the same thing. Our mechanic could not find anything; said he didn't hear it, but did change the electric cooling fan (said the bearings were going bad), but the noise was STILL there $330 later! I ordered the breather filter for $14.44, installed it yesterday afternoon, took a 50 mile drive today, and the sound is completely gone. Again, thanks very much for your wonderful information!

  • I'm sorry. Ack, I hope you find something out, and I hope it's not too terribly expensive. I can understand your frustration!
  • tmurphytmurphy Posts: 10
    It's located on the right side (as you face the engine)of the upper block just behind the radiator and under the upper radiator hose. You need small fingers to get at it.
    It really doesn't have to be replaced but just cleaned out with Gumout. As long as it's clean and the spring is loose, it's okay.
  • pastbartpastbart Posts: 1
    I've been told my a mechanic that my wife's 2000 ZX2 needs a solenoid, pulley and something else that together cost over $800 for parts. something about not retarding or advancing the camshaft. He says something about the oil pressure needing to be over 50psi and a little pin hole that the oil has to go through. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? Help!

  • mvg22mvg22 Posts: 2
    Does your wife's car idle low (around 500 RPM)? I have gotten the solenoid / overadvanced camshaft error message, and even though a mechanic managed to do something to get the service engine light off, it hasn't improved the performance at all. If I can find what the part was, I'll let you know, but I didn't see any real benefit.
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