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Ford Escort ZX2



  • From what I can remeber, it was a few years ago, I took the hub off and then placed a large socket on the bearing and hammered it out. I tried the same to get it back in, and had no luck. I ended up taking up to work and using a shop press to press the new one in. IF you run into this problem some times parts stores will have a press in the back room, if not take it to a machine shop or tool and die shop and they could do it for 10 or 20 bucks I would think.
  • Thanks!
    I just bought this little car as a "Maui Cruiser" for $1,600, but I'm really starting to like it, and thinking a few well placed rehab dollars could make it a really fun ride.
  • I need to get my parts number of a "wide open throttle cutoff" for my 2000 ford escort zx2. Any idea where this part is and/or what it looks like?
  • Hi, my 2000 zx2 has 125,000 miles on it and 2 months ago the "check engine" light came on for the first time since I got it at 80K miles. Autozone's computer said it was my o2 sensor, so I changed it and the light went off. Then I noticed out of nowhere that my coolant reservoir was completely empty, so I filled it up. My car has never leaked or anything so I had no idea how this happened, until I found a few weeks ago that the big water tube from the radiator to the engine block, where it connected to the engine, was wet with anti-freeze residue where the temp. sensor connected to the tube. And now the check engine light is back on and my temperature gauge is not working and is stuck between "cold" and "hot", even when the engine is cold as ice. Someone told me that my head gasket may be beginning to warp which could cause a loss of pressure in the water tube and mess up the o2 sensor. HELP PLEASE!!!
  • I have a 2001 ZX2 with 80K that I have owned since new. Only since last month have I noticed some odd noises coming from the car. When I hit 40 mph, there is a very odd rubbing/humming noise that comes from the right side of the car. I'm thinking it just must be the tread from my Michelin Harmony tires, since the noise is still present, though far less pronounced, at lower speeds. However.....I also notice that when I am driving from 40 mph on up, when I let off the gas the car slows down too is almost as though I am driving with the overdrive disengaged, though that is not the case. The car drives fine otherwise, and I have had no mechanical problems to speak of in the 7 years I have owned it.

    I have taken the car into CarX who couldn't figure out what the problem was, though they did note a slightly out-of-round rim. We swapped rims out and it didn't solve the problem. They also thought it could be the wheel bearings.....I took the car to Ford for a more definitive answer. They could find nothing wrong, other than bad wheel bearings on the driver front-side wheel (which is NOT where all the noise is coming from, and definitely would not cause the massive slow-down in driving at faster speeds). I hope I'm not looking at a transmission issue....?
  • THis my 1st time in a forum.I own a 2002 ZX2 with 33,200 miles. This car has
    has spent basically 3 1/2 years of it's life in the shop.

    THe transmission was completely re-done,know for the last 1 1/2 years 5th will fail to stay in gear at anytime.

    My question is: Has this model allways been defective ?
  • I am at a complete one ..not even the folks atmy local ford dealer have any ideas...anyone out there who may know??? thanks in advance for your help!!

    Symptoms: 1) Temperature gauge constantly goes back and forth from cold to extremely over heating.

    2) The heater produces no heat.


    Flushed heater core (3 times)

    Flushed radiator hoses

    Flushed radiator

    New thermostat

    New radiator cap

    New Radiator

    New radiator hoses

    New thermostat

    Tested for hole in head gasket – test negative

    Heater core flushed again, this time at the dealer who explained to my mechanic that the heater core in the 2000 Ford Escort is positioned above the radiator and requires a special device to flush it properly.

    After each procedure, the heat and temperature worked for a period of 20 to 100 miles, the latter distance with the most recent procedure (heater core flushed by Ford dealer); however, while the heat worked and the temperature gauge did not fluctuate so dramatically, it did continually fluctuate between cold and warm, and the temperature level fluctuated as well, but never quit working until yesterday afternoon. This morning, the car produced no heat and the gauge fluctuated from hot to cold.
  • remowusremowus Posts: 40
    The fluctuating gauge problem may be a bad temp gauge or sensor. You could replace those. Won't help the heat though. I had to replace the heater motor on my 00zx2 when I had problems. That seemed to take care of everything. Since you've already taken everything else out, you might try this.
  • korzokorzo Posts: 5
    I have the same problem with my 1998 ZX2 stuck in park and am wondering if you would explain how you did the manual override with the screwdriver? Thanks.
  • korzokorzo Posts: 5
    I have an automatic 1998 ZX2 and the shifter is stuck in park. The button on the shfter doesn't depress so the shifter won't move. The brake lights go on.

    Someone else said they did a manual override it with a screwdriver and was wondering what that might be and if it might work in this case. Thanks.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,416
    That should work if your car has that feature. There's a little solenoid in there under the console that is probably sticking and locking the lever, even if it got the proper signal from the brake pedal. If the emergency release doesn't work, then you have either a linkage or internal problem.


  • korzokorzo Posts: 5
    Thanks. Can you tell me where the emergency release is located? I can't find it. My manual doesn't show how to do it. Thanks.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,416
    don't know. I think it's something you slide back. Hang tight on this board, some other ZX2 owner must have done this. Or go ask the parts counter guy at Ford, he may know. You might have to buy a part from him anyway if it's the shift lock solenoid. Tell him/her you need to know so you can bring the car in.


  • okay, first of all I let some dumbass jump his car with mine. At first nothing happened but a dead battery. Then I went on a two hour trip and my battery sort of exploded...So i had to replace the alternator and its running just fine, its just that none of my lights work except the dash lights. Signal lights, headlights, and all my back lights just dont work..I really need help!!!

  • izaclown1izaclown1 Posts: 116
    I will not be much help. But, I jump my sister's 98 ZX2 with a 94 Lincoln Continental and she drove a short while. Then, it died. Jumping it kill the electrical system and blew the computer in it.
  • korzokorzo Posts: 5
    Thanks so much for the info and advice. I'll call the parts guy and keep an eye on this board. I'm just a girl trying to figure this out, so I appreciate the help.
  • tacoman05tacoman05 Posts: 37
    If you look directly to the right of the shifter knob while it's in park, you'll see a small, square plastic piece. Just pry that off and stick a screwdriver down through the hole and it should release the shifter.
  • korzokorzo Posts: 5
    Thank you! What would be the permanent fix for this problem, a new solenoid?
  • tacoman05tacoman05 Posts: 37
    I really don't know a permanent fix, maybe someone else could chime in? I haven't had the time to deal with it, I just ended up putting a 3/16 x 3" bolt through the hole as it looks better than the screwdriver. The downside is that the car can be shifted out of park without depressing the brake, even when it's not running.
  • remowusremowus Posts: 40
    That sounds like a neat little trick. I'll have to remember it.
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