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Old Used Sport Hatchback



  • Not trying to be a jerk but the Corrado was not the next Scirocco. It was the Corrado. It was meant to fill the Scirocco buying segment of VW customers but it was a very different and MUCH more expensive car. I wanted one of these cars when they first came out. So I went up to the VW dealer here in Tysons corner. They had a few on the lot. The one I looked at did not have a VR6 as it wasn't offered at the time. It was a G60 model. Fully loaded and it was 20K!!!! I almost had a heart attack looking at that window sticker.
            I admit the interior was beautiful. And much more modern looking than any Scirocco. But 20K? I walked away and starting thinking of plans for my next car. Which actually turned out to be my 76. I rescued the car from the Salvation Army's tow crew at an old man's house for $500 cash. Which was more than his write off would have been. No rust and a blown head gasket ready to be transformed. I will post a link to all the pictures of this car on here soon. I built an A1 chassis car that year that could (and did on occasion) spank the hell out of any G60 I came across. In every way. From handling on on the Jefferson Circuit road course at Summit Point in WVA. Right down to stop light drag racing. Read....still a yound stupid kid building cars. And I did it all for less than 15K. I got more attention and interest from people with that 76 Scirocco than I ever could have had I bought a G60 Corrado. Thats why I am going back to the 88 16V Scirocco.
  • jmummeryjmummery Posts: 11
    I have worn out 2 sciroco's, a 84(big valve) and a 87(16 valve) I love the feel of these cars, no compact hatchback available in north america has had handling or braking like the Sciroco. Left hand corners in the Sciroco are a 2 handed affair, you don't slow down you just use 2 hands on the wheel. 1...2...3... crank, no slip no nothing just extreme G's. New VW's and Honda's are not balanced as good as the Scirocco, they all push. I would rather have a Scirocco at the limit of lateral adhesion than an A4 Golf or an RSX.(that should say alot)
    Both of mine seemed to top around 220 kph and felt very solid at that speed. It almost feels like if you could go faster the car would bottom out.
    I got 400,000 km's out of the 84(cracked head) and 389,000 km's out of the 87(timing belt disaster @ 6000 rpm's).
    Would like to build one from the ground up like the 84.
  • is everyone forgetting the awesome Eagle Talon Tsi AWD? And, because nobody knows about Eagle, you can get them pretty darn cheap. They've got up to 210 hp, though, so they are NOT wimps. and they look great.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    is the same car as the Mitsu Eclipse GSX right? Not forgotten, believe me!

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

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