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Subaru Crew Problems & Solutions



  • cnecoxcnecox Posts: 4
    I had to have an oil pump seal replaced on my 97 Legacy. This seems like an unusual problem, and it was rather expensive. I was wondering if this is a problem other people have had. If the seals are defective, then seem like there should be a recall.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    First I've heard of any oil pump problems. Sounds rare to me.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    XT6s and XTs are known for bad oil pump seal problems. I just add an extra 1/2Q of oil to mine.

  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    apparently there is a problem with the gasket material, I've had two replaced on one of my 92s, my mechanic says its something he sees a fair amount of with Legacys of that age but Subaru changed the material in later models.
  • mikezakmikezak Posts: 95
    Hi gang. I've been away for awhile (computer was down, and just got a new one). Since there is not a way to do a really 'search' method on these Edmonds sites, I thought I would just ask.

    Has the morning brake squeal issue been resolved?

    Patti (SOA) earlier stated that she thought a fix would be published to the dealers sometime in Aug. I would like some confirmation before I call the dealer.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    tap your brakes a few times when leaving your driveway, should clear it right up :)

  • After spending several days on the roads in the Midwest last week in rain storms I developed a leak inside my 01 Limited Outback. A drip through occurred from the drivers light above the center console (the one with two map lights and switches) I have had the 01' since late July 00' and not noticed the leak before. The only way I see that water could have come in is through a faulty seal of the front moon roof gasket since the roof was closed. There are three courses of action: 1) do nothing, 2) let the dealer fix it and possibly mess something else up or 3) repair it myself. I really do not like options 1) or 3). Anyone else had this problem? Is there a simple self repair with some sealant? I wonder about this and the brown rust spots referred to earlier on the Edmunds site. If I do not fix it perhaps I will get "Rusty" too (Is this only an OCD problem or a real concern?).
  • armac13armac13 Posts: 1,129
    #2 is the only viable option as far as I can see. A leak if that sort could well cause rust and/or electrical problems in the future. Don't try any repairs on your own. If the dealer messes up you are still fully covered until it is done properly. They may even give you a new car. :~)

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    First, then #3. Chances are your dealership will mess it up. I'd live with it and see if there are any future leaks. 1x only leaks are not a problem it's recurring ones that are.

  • I would bet it is not the moonroof. It could be the attachment point of the roof rails. Biggest bummer is to have the dealer fix it they will need to pull the headliner and that is a 6 hour job and involves removal of lots of trim.

  • Hello to all; I just picked up my '02 Legacy wagon on Tuesday night,I think it's one of the quietest cars I driven in a long time. I went from a sebring convertible to this after riding in a friend's OB limited last winter. I think the legacy rides better.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181

  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    Most of the time when you have a sun/moonroof the leak is caused by clogged tubes that run from the roof structure to drain the watter, usualy in the A and/or B pillars. Open the roof and try to locate these drain tubes, blowing air in helps most of the time. Be carefull DO NOT use 100lbs air blast when doing it. Hope this helps.
  • luck11luck11 Posts: 425
    I posted earlier that my I noticed a noise when turning sharply and dealer suggested replacing the entire rack. It was done Friday.

    When I went to leave the dealer, I heard a "groaning" sound when turning right. Head mechanic took it out with me and immediately diagnosed it as steering shutter. He said that it is likely some air in the system....not a safety issue. Recommended I drive it on the weekend, and if does not go away, return it Monday. Noise was still present on Saturday, but by Sunday, the shutter was gone. I was not evident this morning either. Next oil change, however, I will have to point out some stitching that has come undone on the rear seat.

    Its amazing how service differs from dealer to dealer. After having read a few posts in this thread on some lousy service depts, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have such excellent service from my dealer (besides the free donuts and coffee (not good for the waist) and the drives to and from work).
    Rubbing compound on a clear coats...... a "no-no". The dull appearance means you have essentially scratched the clear with the abrasives in the compound. I know at one time rubbing compounds which safe for clear coats were available, but not sure if they still exist. I have been using a product called Zaino for about a year and a half and love it. Initial cost is high, but it lasts years. The shine (wet look) and durability is second to none in my opinion and I used Meguiars and Mothers for several years prior. Anyway, they have a product called Z5 which works wonders for those fine scratches...takes several coats. Check out the Maintenance and Repair Topic and look for the thread Zaino Experiences for more info. I can't recall the web address off-hand but you'll surely find it in the above mentioned thread.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Robert: see if the dealer can remove and reinstall the roof rails, and seal it better this time. Going in from the outside sounds better - the headliner removal is begging for squeeks and rattles.

    Welcome, Paul, and congrats. GT or L? What color? Tranny choice?

  • anibalbanibalb Posts: 193
    Hey folks,

    It has been a while since I posted. I just found out that I cannot change a flat tire in my car because I did not get all the hardware necessary for it. Didn't get the wrench to remove the lug nuts. Thats "nuts"!!! I have to call the Dealer. But it has been a while since I got the car. I also realize that I never got the Torx drive to remove the cross bars. Glad I thought of this stuff before I needed it.

    On the other hand I just received my Subaru Mastercard and will soon be charging everything under the sun so that I can get credit towards Subaru dealers. Does anyone else have this??? I think that for every 3,333 dollars in charges you get 100 dollars in credit towards Subaru. Can someone tell me how the max. works? I think max is 2,000. So I suppose once you get there you can just spend some and start accruing. Is this the case? Opinions!

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Anibal: glad you checked, then!

    My torx driver was in the glove box.

  • FrankMcFrankMc Posts: 228
    I have had this card since '97 and have had no problems. You will get a "check" from the credit card company when you accumulate $100. You can accumulate up to 5 checks per year. If you go over you don't get any points until your anniversay comes around. You can also use for parts and maintenance. It's a good deal.

  • hypovhypov Posts: 3,068
    Anibal - a footnote. Your anniversary as Frank mentioned would be the date your card was issued.
    And I think that there is a condition that if you max out prior to your anniversary, you don't get points. I might be confused with the terms before the revamp.
  • anibalbanibalb Posts: 193

    Thanks for the input. 5 checks per year based on the anniversary makes sense. But, isn't 2,000 the max. you can get? Because I suppose if someone keeps going that they can accumulate quite a bit.

    Also, I got a car seat for coming baby. I cannot fit it in the center of the seat. The base is too wide and the seat belt and buckle are too close together. Is there a trick? I saw another OB on the road and his car seat was in center. It even had those belts attatched to those hooks in the back. I need help on this... JUICE????? Thanks.
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