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Subaru Crew Problems & Solutions



  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,729
    Rear disks were available as an option, and included with the DOHC engine upgrade. Calipers can seize up from water in the lines (piston bore damage), or externally from slider rust. As rears typically last 2x fronts, it is doubtful that they have seen much service since new. Be willing to bet that they were not even blead when the fronts were done!

    WDB is right. I had a front caliper sieze turning a rotor blue from heat, and was faced with the same delemma. You naturally replace pads and rotors in pairs, so that just leaves the caliper. If one side died of neglect, is the other close behind? I changed both also. Parts and labor for a Toyota ran $500.

  • dmanzidmanzi Posts: 12
    I'm not sure how the dealer flushed the radiator, so I can't be sure. But as soon as the weather warms up, I plan to do it myself just to make sure. And I will probably just change the hoses to be sure.

    Thanks for the advice.
  • mrdetailermrdetailer Posts: 1,118
    Sorry I couldn't respond sooner, I recently got a quote promotion unquote. Where I have more responsibility, with absolutely no increase in pay. I guess that's typical in the high tech world given the current recession. But I did appreciate all of your comments. They sent me to the mechanic.

    Anyway here are my responses.

    1. I noticed a number of disbelieving comments about the number of timing belts that I have changed recently. Believe you me, I am among them. My belts were changed at 67K (paid by dealer before purchase) 90K, 110K, and now at 125K. It was frustrating and expensive. In all fairness the mechanic said that this last timing belt was still in good condition.

    2. I feel that I do have a complaint about the Cam and crankshaft oil seals. They were changed at the same time as the 90K timing belt changed. I actually left the car at the mechanics over the weekend until I could get in and examine the leaks for themselves. It had been sitting on the rack over the weekend. It was evident that there were consistent leaks in at least 3 places. The mechanic pointed to 2 leaks and said this is the cam seal, and to the third and said this is the crankshaft seal. This was just about 6 weeks after replacing the valve cover seals. There was no significant loss of the oil level. I check at least 2 times a month. I was just about ready to go get an oil change with Maxlife since it says it can help seal pinhole leaks.

    3. Then he showed me the water pump. It was clearly failing. Can't take a chance at that. Especially with a long trip scheduled to Arizona in a month.

    At 120K, in August, There were no oil or radiator fluid leaks. Normally, I would have just changed out the seals and added a water pump at the same time, but I didn't want to incur the extra labor of the timing belt adjustment, since it had been done just a year before.

    For $1100 I had the following repairs done.

    replace timing belt, and re-time engine,
    Replace all CAM and Crankshaft seals, including the O ring, whatever that is,
    Replace leaking oil pump seals.
    Replace water pump
    Replace and repack outer CV boots
    Replace Oxygen sensor
    Do a complete fuel system clean (the big machine version).

    It has had expected results. My Subbie doesn't leak, runs smoother and quieter and has more power. But Dang, it was an expensive set of repairs.
  • locke2clocke2c Posts: 5,038
    re: o-ring

    there's a cam seal on one end of the camshaft and an o-ring on the other. it is labor intensive to replace the o-ring correctly as you must remove the valve covers, rocker arms, and camshaft to install it.

    the cam seal can be pressed in from the front when the head is fully assembled. much less labor.

  • ffsteveffsteve Posts: 243
    Glad to hears things are running (and sealing) correctly now. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it continues in that way. You sure have had a time with that car!

    Best Regards,
  • stevesr0stevesr0 Posts: 24
    I recently purchased a WRX 5sp S/W with a turbo gauge. I haven't used one before and
    I am concerned that the gauge is not working correctly.

    The needle moves erratically and independently of acceleration or absolute RPM (between 0 and 4K, since I am in the breakin period),

    Appreciate input as to how to check if the gauge is working ok and if abnormal, what is likely wrong that I can fix (I don't want to take the audio unit out unless it is a smaller job than it appears in the installation instructions)?

    Thanks in advance.

  • locke2clocke2c Posts: 5,038
    Steve, I answered you over there this morning.

  • errolcwerrolcw Posts: 3
    I just purchased a new 2002 Outback limited and discovered that the speedometer is about 6% off -- when the speedometer shows 70 you are really going 64-65 mph. I varified this difference and took the car back to the dealer for service. When they checked the speedometer against the computer they agreed, however, when comparing the speedometer against the ABS speed sensor they too got the 5.5 - 6% error. I have never had a car off that much. The dealer contacted Subaru tech support and was told that the speedometer could be off as much as 7%. We are now contacting the Subaru Area Rep. Besides being a nuisance, it also will cheat me on my warranty. Has anyone else had this problem? I checked mine with another car and also with my GPS. I would like to know if this is a pervasive Subaru problem or a problem unique to my Outback.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    with speedos on any of the 7-10 subies in my family/extended family.

  • kazanskykazansky Posts: 9
    my stereo (standard Subaru cassette with AM/FM) resets after even few minutes being turned off like I would disconnect a battery cable. Battery seems pretty decent - no problems what so ever. What could that be? Is it time to buy a new radio? Pls help.

    2 I would like to thank Mr. ateixeira for reffering to They offer best prices I found after calling about 10 different suppliers around the country. My mass air sensor has been ordered there - compare 77$ with 150 Subaru dealer asked me!
  • seamus3seamus3 Posts: 98
    i am having a problem with dash and control panel lighting. randomly the light behind my temp control gauges won't work. the same with my rear defrost button. my car starts fine, no hesitation, windows all still go up and down at the same speed so i've eliminated battery and alternator. haven't checked the fuses but i didn't think that would be a problem if they were coming back on. ideas?

    just last week i was stopped at a light downtown and noticed my car was smoking, from under the hood. had it checked out. turns out that i dented my oil pan at some point in time (my car is lowered 1.5 inches). i was pretty bummed about that. so i have to get a new oil pan. cost estimates?

  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    errolcw- Your speedometer being off by 6 mph may lead to you getting a speeding ticket and therefore should be fixed but I'm confused on how it's going to cheat you on your warranty. You're not confusing it with your odometer are you?

    -Frank P.
  • locke2clocke2c Posts: 5,038
    uh Frank the odometer is driven by the same vehicle speed sensor input the speedometer uses. in the old days they both ran on the speedometer cable.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    His speedo and odo are reading 7% higher than normal. While he won't get into speeding problems (he'll think he's going faster than he is actually going) his warranty will run out in less than the allotted miles because his odo will read 7% higher than normal due to the speedo being off.

  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    mike- Whoops, you're right, I read that wrong.
    You sure about the odo and speedo using the same sensor?

    -Frank P.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    At least on my rodeo it did. When a fuse blew it killed my whole dash, and then it killed my speedo, odo, and all my guages. Also when I put larger tires on my trooper by 5%, the odo also goes 5% slower.

  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    Yeah I knew that changing tire size would effect the odo.

    -Frank P.
  • bluesubiebluesubie Posts: 3,497
    I wonder if it was the way the work was being done. When my wife's car went in for this, the Service Advisor said they would occasionally have a continuing problem with reseals.

    I didn't get too much into detail, but he said that they now do the reseal differently and haven't had any more recurring problems.

  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    my 2001 OB is off by about 2 mph all the time. I've calculated it at highway speeds and also used a GPS. The GPS showed it was always off by 2mph even at slow speeds. The dealer checked it and said its well within 5% error. Since it errors on the safe side and the odometer will only be slightly higher I'm not worrying about it too much.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I bought my clutch from him for the XT6 last week on tuesday. Sent him my check on wed, he shipped the unit on friday 2nd day for me and he hadn't even gotten my check yet! I got the clutch on saturday! Excellent service.

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