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Subaru Crew Problems & Solutions



  • At 35,000 mi my front rotors warped. Others sem to have gotten them replaced but factory rep here in Salem, OR wouldonly authorize a turning. Had it done but now at about 52,000 miles they are shaking again. When cool there is no problem but after many hours on the freeway the steering wheel really shakes badly. Have requested dealer get the rotors replaced this time as I do have the Gold plus extended warranty. They are going to contact Subaru rep again to see if he will OK it. I am very easy on the brakes. Still have lots of pad left at 52,000 miles on original pads. Any suggestions on how to convince them to replace the rotors instead of just turning them again?

  • francophilefrancophile Posts: 667
    I've had mine cut twice so far, once under warranty and once on my own. The brakes still work fine.

  • bluesubiebluesubie Posts: 3,497
    Unless SoA has changed their stance in the past year or so, they do not recommend turning the rotors. The rep should ok new rotors, but call SoA to see what they say.

  • hondafriekhondafriek Ottawa CanadaPosts: 2,924
    The line that broke was copper, but I had been careful to wind anti vibration coils on it when I installed it.

      Needless to say it is disconnected until I find a safer way to install it again.

      And yeah Craig just goes to show what can happen even when you think you are doing the right thing.

      Cheers Pat.
  • snowbeltersnowbelter Posts: 286
    I posted in Subaru Problems and Solutions, #1509, about Subaru turning my rotors at 17k on my 02 VDC. They gave me written policy from SOA that said up to two turnings ok before any rotor replacment and not to turn rotors if just replacing pads. I have Gold Plus Extended warranty and it excludes rotor coverage (I believe). Let us all know if your Gold Plus warranty covers rotors. Subaru seems to think rotors are a maintenance item after 3/36 and that numbers of Subie owners reporting warping is not excessive. I suggested that since Subaru is adding wear to my rotors when they turn then, they ought to extend the warranty to cover the excess wear they caused by turning.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Wow Pat, good thing you caught it. I've heard of brake lines breaking on Jeeps going off road, but that's about it.

  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,732
    Lucky for you it broke on the engine side of the firewall, rather than under the dash. You would have known it earlier, but imagine the mess!

    Think of it as additional chassis rust proofing.... ;-)

  • john284john284 Posts: 71
    I called 1800subaru3 for a problem with the dealer while the car was at the dealership for a cold clutch shudder problem. After paying $45 for a road test, I found my car shaking and shifter is really loose. Do you think they were mad enough to mess my car up(how do they do it)? It definitely feels different now. I have second thought now about leaving the car with manual transmission to anyone with a pontential abusiveness. By the way, Juice, can you tell me how to adjust the shifter (tighten)?

    I dont have to mention the name of the dealership, but if the matter got worse, I would let everyone know so you wont get screwed.
  • nygregnygreg Posts: 1,936
    is there another dealer you can bring your car to? There are big differences between dealers. You did the right thing about calling Subaru.

  • nygregnygreg Posts: 1,936
    My point being, here in NY we have a hands free law. I agree with the law, you need your "hands free" to operate the car. However, I also feel that even with the hands free kits people do not concentrate on driving. They are too caught up in their conversations to notice the brake lights in front of them. This can also be said for other distractions such a fixing hair, giving the baby sitting behind them their bottle, spilling coffee, etc.

  • nygregnygreg Posts: 1,936
    I was told Subaru will turn if first (once?) and then replace if still a problem. Recently, they wouldn't cover my warped rotors now that I have 42K on the car. The dealer tried to work with me saying they would give me new rotors in the back and turn the front if just pay for the turning. I politely turned it down and decided I will go with aftermarket. I plan on calling Subaru to let them know.

  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684

    I've had my front & rear rotors turned. No shaking while braking but I still get shaking in the steering wheel while driving at highway + speeds. Tires have been balanced numerous times and two alignments have been done.

    Do you feel the shaking only while you are braking, or all of the time? When my front rotors warped you could feel it through the brakes. The shaking occurs while you are in motion. No connection to being on the brakes or gas.

    Portland, OR
  • My vibration is really noticeable when running gear is HOT after many hours of freeway running.The faster I am going the more violent the shake. Feels like a shimmy in the front end and the steering wheel rocks or vibrates. This only happens when pushing brake pedal. At slow speed or when rotors are cool its not noticable. This occured awile back and when front rotors were turned the shake went away. Even more noticable when weather is hot too.

  • bat1161bat1161 Posts: 1,784
    Question for all:

    My dealer is doing a "special" on an oil flush. It's all part of an oil change, and they say it extends the life of the engine as well as improves mileage. Has anyone ever heard of this, and is it worth while or os it just a method of their making $$ on an oil change?

  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    I wouldn't get the rotors turned also. It almost always results in warpage again, but sooner. I've always wondered if there are some other factors other than driving style and lug-nut torque that affect rotor warpage. It just seems like some folks just tend to warp rotors more often.

    The oil flush sounds like an opportunity for the dealer to fatten their margin. If you have been changing your oil on a regular schedule, I'd skip it.

  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    Sounds like replacement rotors might be the solution.
  • bluesubiebluesubie Posts: 3,497
    My limited knowledge would lead me to believe that it would an oil flush would be beneficial for a high mileage engine with a lot of sludge.

    A while back I spoke with Ed Barry (shop foreman) about synthetic oil. He said that boxer engines don't develop sludge as bad as other engines.

    I'm going in Saturday. Do you have an appointment soon (assuming this is Flemington)?

  • bat1161bat1161 Posts: 1,784

    Actually I am dropping it off tonight. I'm having them check out a couple of things that they want to keep it over night. Since I repalced the battery almost 3 weeks ago, the engine keeps revving at around 2500-3000 RPMs when I start up after it sits for several hours. Also, the blower some times doesn't switch from vent to defroster, or to floor. Just little things that would take too long on a Sat.

    Maybe they'll have an XT for a test drive?

  • locke2clocke2c Posts: 5,038

    what are the highways like in your neck of the woods? (you've got nothing in your profile, so I have to ask.)

    around here in Kansas, brakes actually are stone cold on highway trips because they're never ever used. if you have anything at all similar, then I suspect you've got something else going on AND warped rotors. tire balance & runout would be the first thing I'd check, followed by wheel bearings --which should be making a lot of noise, kind of a roar, if they're failing.

  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    I'll agree with Colin. I just replaced a rear wheel bearing in our mini-van. I thought it was brakes. It made a roar noise that was a bit worse when turning (shifting the weight to that wheel). It was also worse and shaked a bit when braking.

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