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Honda Accord Coupe



  • mike120877mike120877 Posts: 10
    Hey everyone, how are you? I was reading somewhere in Edmunds that the Honda Navi System has a complex trip computer. What sort of functions does the trip computer keep track of? MPG, Average Speed?

    I'm looking at getting a V6 EX but am not sure if I want the navigation system or not. What do you think?

    Also, I would like to get the Auto Dim Rear View Mirror. Is that something the dealer will install or does that have to come from the factory pre-built.

    Thanks for your help,
  • mikek37mikek37 Posts: 411
    If you have the money to spend, get the navi. From what I hear, its an amazing piece of techonolgy. As for the autodim mirror, it is only a dealer installed option, they will probably charge you an arm and a leg unless you can get a nice deal in it. If I had the money, I would definitely get the navigation. Voice activation, that beautiful 7 inch screeen, nice stuff. Go for it!
  • atlantabennyatlantabenny Posts: 735
    Wanted the NAVI for my 03 coupe but not enough to seek out what dealer had my car color with the NAVI on it. So, I guess I'm stuck with aftermarket options.

    Came across a couple, with Garmin models surfacing as apparent top choices because of functionality/price/etc.

    Their Streetpilot III model is everything that Honda's factory unit is except: 1) no voice command for stereo/HVAC (but has voice guidance), 2) a smaller color screen, 3) its price can't be rolled into a low-APR car note, 4) an integrated appearance, and 5) the theft risk.

    On the upside, the Garmin models and other portables 1) can be used with any vehicle (use on family minivan for that long trip), 2) are more than half the cost ($700, new, for top Garmin model, ebay), 3) can be positioned for better visibility (best to rely on voice guidance or w/ passenger assistance, however), and 4) for smaller models, are compact enough to use for hiking, biking, etc.

    Here's a link: - 819Y5424935/qid=1053613737/sr=1-3/102-5584232-6817756
  • mikek37mikek37 Posts: 411
    They dont compare to the Honda Navigation. The kep words are INTEGRATION and VOICE RECOGNITION. They aftermarket may be decent, butyou know what they say, you get what you pay for. But they may be a viable option for many!
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    Today's NY Times Circuits section has a very detailed review of several brands of built-in and add-on navigation systems at

    You may have to sign up (simple process) to read the article.
  • beechjet21beechjet21 Posts: 26
    I've had my Navi for six weeks. So far, I'm glad that I decided to get it. It's not fool-proof, but it is pretty useful. As for the trip computer functions: It shows current (in a graph form) and average MPG, Average speed & range, miles driven, and elapsed time. It also saves the information from the previous period. You can choose to re-set it manually, or automatically with every re-fuel. Also, the Navi has a pretty handy calender function that allows you to enter information for specific dates.
    One more thing about the Navi: After seeing my Navi, my girlfriend, who was in the process of purchasing a '03 Acura TL, decided to get that for her car too. Her salesman, the same person who sold me my Accord, talked her out of it. He explained that the Accord Navi is the "new generation", and that it was vastly superior to the '03 Acura system. He said that the Acura lacks the voice recognition capability of the Honda system. Also, the Honda Navi is the first system to incorporate an expansion port. This will allow for future upgrades, and hopefully keep it from becoming obsolete in a couple of model years.
  • snowfulsnowful Posts: 53
    Oops - sorry I posted an empty message - got a little wild with the enter key. I have the navi and I do enjoy all of its many functions.

    Beechjet21 - do you find the trip computer to be accurate on the average MPG? I haven't compared it to actual figures (lazy) but it seems about right to me. It also tells you about how many more miles you can travel on a tank - have you checked to see if this is an accurate figure? I'd go take a look at my car right now, but it's raining... I never can seem to remember these things when I'm in the car!

    My only complaint right now is when I hit the "Places" button and I type in the name of a place. I'd say about 90% of the time I don't get any listings in my state. Like the nearest 7-11 is in Connecticut or Indiana instead of at least Oklahoma City. I have programmed the navi to know I'm in Oklahoma, but it always lists places very far away. The latest search I did was for Fuddruckers - there is only one in the entire state and it's in Tulsa, but Tulsa never appeared on my list. Sadly, this is a feature I would use the most but it is also the least accurate. It's also difficult because you never know how to spell things for sure - like 7-11. Do you spell it out? Just numbers? Numbers and letters? Hyphen or no hyphen? The system is very sensitive to this. Anyone have any comments on this?
  • mikek37mikek37 Posts: 411
    Did you tryin yelling at it? That might work. Im jealous, I wish I had the navi in my 03 accord.
  • beechjet21beechjet21 Posts: 26
    I've been checking my MPG and have found my trip computer to be reasonably accurate; within one MPG. Also there is a way to have the Navi display its results by city. I found the Fuddruckers in Omaha by doing a search by catigory (restaurants), then asking it to sort by vicinity. I typed in the name, and it came right up. However, for whatever reason, the Fuddruckers in Tulsa is not listed in the database.
  • martylawmartylaw Posts: 51
    I was meeting my wife at our favorite restaurant after work the other night. I was driving my lovely new graphite Accord Coupe. After passing up a number of perfectly good parking spaces, I
    pulled into a space that I though would be safer for the car. As I pulled up all the way, I heard a sound similar to the front of the car rubbing on a concrete retainer. I got out and noticed that the left front wheel was sunk very low into
    a puddle of water, and decided to back out. As I did so I heard a really bad noise, and knew I had done some damage. I got out and saw the usual cement retainer, but also saw that it had a rusty spike or bolt protruding 6 or 7 inches above it, which had evidently passed under the car going in, but caught on the bottom front fascia of the car as it moved backwards, tearing it and
    pulling the bumper assembly away from the car on the left side. There must have been a pothole or depression under the puddle, which lowered the car as well. Rather upsetting. I didn't enjoy the meal much, thinking about how the car would
    look bad over the weekend, and I couldn't get it to a body shop until Tuesday or so.

    I examined it in the garage that night, however, and figured out how the top of the plastic bumper assembly is attached by clips to the body, and was able to snap it back into place, so that it looks fine, except for the torn lower section of the air dam,which is not very noticeable (except to me). It will have to be replaced, as it
    is a leased car, but at least it won't look bad until that is done. It will be an expensive job, to replace the whole lower front one-piece assembly and reinstall the fog lights.

    I will check with a body shop on whether the tear can be mended in some way, or find out what is involved in replacing the entire fascia, which will probably be expensive. Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I just needed to vent. Sometimes looking for the perfect parking space is counter-productive.
  • cstilescstiles Posts: 465
    Okay, I admit that finding a Fuddruckers in Omaha is priceless, but $2000 extra for a navi system? I don't get it. It's a toy and a luxury, and simply doesn't justify the extra cost, Resale on a navi vs. non-navi models over the long run will also be negligible. I'll save the money and rely on a trusty old road map for $5.00. IMO, if I'm going to spend 2000 more clams, I would rather spend it on a decent tire and wheel upgrade. The Accord V6 coupe is a great buy in the $23000 to $25000 range, but the extra cost of the navi bumps it into a bracket that is a little hard to justify for this car. Just my 2 cents.
  • kcc455kcc455 Posts: 33
    I am interested in the 03 V-6 Coupe, 6-speed and would like to know what kind of deals people are getting. You always hear the Dealership stories about limited production and high demand but the car is still sitting on the lot 6 weeks after delivery.

    Thank you.
  • cstilescstiles Posts: 465
    I bought my 6spd about 2 mos. ago, and after a couple of hours of haggling and game-playing, we closed the deal at $2200 below MSRP. I live in central Illinois. The local dealer wasn't expecting one for about 2-3 mos., so I bought my car at a dealer 45 miles away. I also found 5 others within a 100 mile radius, and all of the dealers seemed eager to work out a deal. Mine is black. Although the car is somewhat limited, because it appeals to a relatively narrow band of the market, I think you can find good deals if you work hard enough. In my case, it helped that I had a low mileage Honda trade that the dealers were very interested in. The 6 spd is a very fast car...a little heavy and too much body roll in the corners for my tastes, but overall it's relatively fun to drive. I think the car needs better tires to improve the handling and to handle the torque steer. Good luck!
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    The Accord V6 6spd is a great car, but demand is not there for it. My dealer has had the same V6 Accord 6spd. for over 2 months now. It is nice looking too.
  • wibathomewibathome Posts: 2
    I just picked up my silver accord 6 speed coupe on friday. What a car. unlimited power under your foot. have been driving an 89 accord 5 speed. no comparison. the new accords are so smooth. the clutch is much more sensitive than on the older models. I live in southern california and most dealers have none or maybe 1 or 2 on the lot. After using the AAA buying services, they directed me to Miller Honda in Culver City, where they had a set price of $24,764 ($1000 over invoice)Almost no dealer was budging from msrp, so I thought the price was pretty good. With rear wing spoiler, mud flaps, wheel locks and cargo net- price was $25,343 plus tax and license. talk to the fleet manager and you can get the same price on this beautiful car too. Do you think I got a good deal in this hot Socal market?
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    It's funny that dealers were trying to sell them on eBay for about $35K when they first came out.
    They would load them up with every possible dealer installed option, body kit, spoliers, chrome rims, moonroof visor, LoJack, paint sealant etc..
    Now they see that aren't as hot as they thought.
    Americans just aren't very interested in manual transmissions.
    I wonder if the 6-speed model will be dropped soon? They may keep them around since the Acura CL is going away and the 6-speed CL will no longer be a competitor.
  • gee35coupegee35coupe Posts: 3,475
    They'll be worth a ton later. Anybody price one of those RARE Legend GS 6 speeds they made in the mid 90's. Those things are collectors items. Okay maybe not collectors items. But people are asking more for them.
  • tgozdalski1tgozdalski1 Posts: 34
    then I would consider buying it
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Not enough people want it. They are making very few 6-speed coupes and it's not as if the coupes are all presold before they hit the dealer's lot.
  • snowfulsnowful Posts: 53
    Cstiles, you're probably right in that the navi isn't worth it for most accord buyers. However, it is possible to get a loaded accord w/navi in the $25K range, which I think is a pretty good deal compared to accord's competition. Personally, I don't pay attention to re-sale value as I won't be re-selling this car. Also, I was looking at Audis and BMWs and for the price of a loaded accord, I'd only get a bare-bones Audi, so that did it for me. It is a toy and a luxury, but a fun one at that when you're driving around in a strange city and don't like to ask for directions!

    By the way, I found my Fuddruckers in Tulsa by knowing the intersection. Is there a way to add Fuddruckers to my system since it's currently not included - like a save option? And I'm not talking about "Today's Destinations."
  • lheath19lheath19 Posts: 5
    I just bought my accord coupe this weekend and payed $700 over invoice. The people at Auburn Honda in Northern California were wonderful and easy to work with. They gave me a great deal on a dark grey coupe, I love it. The V-6 has sooo much more power than my 2001 EX Honda Civic.
  • cstilescstiles Posts: 465
    Snowful, new technology always comes at a premium, but as the price of the navigation system comes down, more people will obviously opt for it. I have driven several cars with navigation systems, and my other beef with them is that many of the ancillary controls (radio and climate control) get defaulted to the screen. Although I've not yet played with the Honda (voice activation) system, I have often been frustrated by how the most simple controls become ridiculously complicated when you have to negotiate through several screens on the navi interface. My friend's Lexus is like that, and it's to the point where it's downright dangerous since you're fiddling with the screen so much just to raise the volume or reduce the ambient temperature. Hopefully the Honda system isn't so complex. I like to drive and too often the navigation screens are way too distracting and cumbersome.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    There should be steering wheel controls on the Lexus and the Accord. With autotemp control, there should be little reason to keep fiddling with it.
  • snowfulsnowful Posts: 53
    I usually like to be an early adopter of technology, which is one reason why I opted for the navigation in that it distinguishes my car from most right now. I enjoy seeing the looks on my friends' faces when they play with the cool new gadgets in my car. I also enjoy how easy it is for my friends to use the navigation system even though they haven't read the manual. I find the system to be relatively uncomplicated. With just 2 touches, I can adjust the climate control or my radio without hardly any distraction. Or you have the option of avoiding the navigation system altogether and adjusting the controls manually, and then of course there's the voice recognition. Either way it's easy to use and for me, makes my car fun to drive. I had my previous car for 10 years with absolutely no bells and whistles, so when I made the decision to buy my Accord, I wanted that baby loaded!
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    I like it and I might think about getting it if I was getting an Accord. The biggest negative is that it costs $2000 and adds so little to the resale value kind of like spoilers and fog lights don't do much to increasing the resale value even though they add a lot of cost at purchase time. You will be lucky to get an extra $500 for the navigation option when you resell the car a few years later.
    It will make it easier to sell to some people and scare others away who will be afraid of the cost to repair it when the car is out of warranty.
  • jesijesi Posts: 1
    I would like to respond to the notion that the Accord Coupe is for someone in the age group 21-35 and that 40-60 year olds would not buy it. I am a female in the 40-60 age bracket and I just bought a RED 2003 V-6 Coupe. I am on cloud nine when I drive it and I will never purchase a sedan. I have 2 cousins in the same age bracket and they both drive a 2002 RED Honda Accord. We LOVE our coupes!!!!!
  • indyfanindyfan Posts: 22
    I am also in the 40-60 age bracket (52) and considering an Accord Coupe. They are great looking and I wouldn't mind being seen in one although I too wondered if I might me too "old" and settle for a sedan instead. Thanks for the inspiration jesi. I'll bet you do feel like you are on cloud nine because those are great looking cars.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    I've got a few years on both of you and am in the market for either a 2003 Accord Coupe or Acura TSX. My 1999 Cougar Coupe suits me fine too. It's just time for a change. No way that you can sell me a slushbox though.
  • cstilescstiles Posts: 465
    Although we may not want to admit it, the Accord Coupe is closer in DNA to the Chevy Monte Carlo, 80-90 T-birds, Toyota Solara, Chrysler Sebring, and the defunct Lincoln coupe whose name escapes me now. All of these heavy front wheel drive cars appeal to an older, possibly more female, demographic. If you ask Honda, they'd tell you that the RSX, Civic Si, and formerly the Prelude (which is still sold outside the US) are their 2-door models that appeal to the 21-35 market. The Accord coupe is also specifically designed for the such thing in Europe. Although I enjoy my 6spd coupe, the car feels a bit nose-heavy and ponderous. It's more of a boulevard cruiser than something to tackle the corners. I wish they would have tightened up this car a bit so it doesn't roll so much. But the 240HP is nice!
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