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BMW 6-Series



  • My dealer says tough luck. Even though there is a Bluetooth passkey card in my manual, the car does not have Bluetooth, and the only way to get it is to spend over $1000 to have it installed.
  • Does anyone know any detail on the expected 650? When will it be available? Any changes over the 645? My father has ordered a 645 which will get delivered on about a month and I am trying to get him to change his mind and wait for the 650.

  • 645iron645iron Posts: 2
    So did you get the combo you wanted? I suppose if I was going to order this late in the year I would see if a 650 was coming out, however If no changes to exterior a I think plenty enough power with current engine, wish I would of test drove with 21 inch bmw dealer wheels I like the look star spoke pattern
  • Has anyone out there participated in the driving experience that BMW offers to the 6 series purchasers? If so, I would like to hear your feedback. Thanks.
  • I think my new 645 Coupe is the max. I want to add a BMW Sirius receiver, however all of the dealers I have called want between $800 and $1100 for it installed. Does anyone know how difficult it is for self-installation? If not, does anyone know of a dealer in Southern California who will install it for less.
  • I talked with the head of a BMW dealership here a couple of months ago and he also talked about the 650. Lately he is not speaking anymore about it and is pushing me towards the 05. Makes me wonder if a release date is pending and he's not talking because he wants to sell his existing inventory. Does anybody have any news about the release of the 650?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Kinda like why the 545i is now becoming the 550i. If you like the 6 Series, you'll probably get a better price on the 645. I wouldn't hesitate to do it, and if he wants to push the 645 so much since he does want to clear it from inventory, see just how willing he is to part with it ;). Just make sure it has what you want on it and do not settle. I doubt it would be easy to order a 645 exactly how you want it. If it isn't what you want, hold out and get the 650 when it is available.

  • Thanks for the reply!. Are we talking this late fall? also do you have any idea what types of changes/improvements may be in store for the 650?. I heard rumors of a triple screen user friendly I-drive(if there is such a thing!) And you're correct I am holding out for a deal on the 05. But timing will make a difference. Inventories seem pretty good in Atlanta.
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    650's are already out... Not too many available on dealers' lots yet, but the car is officially out, nonetheless.
  • Well my guy here is keeping it under wraps. Saying not sure when they will be here and absolutely no committments on deliveries. Not a surprise. Any info about what has changed if any?
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    Who's your dealer? I'll try to do some "independent investigation"..... :)
  • BMW Gwinnett in Duluth ,GA but another friend referred me to BMW of Roswell. I have not been pleased with the service(or should I say lack of) at BMW Gwinnett. I'll consider a recommendation of anyone in any of the Atlanta BMW dealers that is good and will shoot straight with me. and thanks very much for your response and help. are you an owner? :) ">
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    If he is just wanting to unload inventory and not take an order for a 650, then I'd find somebody a bit better. Maybe somebody up in Buckhead area?

    The only change I know of is the engine change, but I'm sure there are others. Maybe HUD or adaptive cruise standard... I dunno.

    As for a 3 window iDrive, unless they grow the size of those screens, those would be pretty small windows for viewing much. Even in the 3, 5, and 7, the screens aren't big. From the 2 screen version I've seen with Nav in one of them, that would be nice. But I've heard people say they'd like to have the nav in the larger of the two windows. That makes sense.

    Have you tried the BMW site to build your own?

  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    Found out a few things.... There is some partial truth to what the guy said.... His dealership isn't getting any in anytime soon. No allocation to speak of for them... probably because they don't do much business or their CSI scores are terrible. So who knows when they'll get a new 6-Series.

    I found out that Roswell has a 650i Convertible coming in today, tomorrow, or the next day.... Same for Nalley in Decatur and Hank Aaron in Union City. Fewer coupes out there. None on the ground in GA yet. The first to show up will be 2nd week of Oct at Global Imports in Atlanta.
  • Thanks very much for the msg. Yeah I'm sure you're correct. I heard about the triple screen I-drive in a conversation with a dealer in San Diego. It woulkd be a very small screen and viewing could be a challenge. This seems to be the bane of everyone but I am set on the car. And yes I've done the BMW configure and i have noticed that nothing seems to have changed much
  • Thanks very much for your message and for your investigation. I was looking for a contact over at Roswell yesterday. I will get over there as soon as possible. i have not totally decided on the convertible as I really like the coupe as well. Maybe if there are some killer deals on a an 05 I should consider it if not much has changed
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    about the 650, here ya go...

    2006 650i Brochure.

  • Is there anyone who has purchased the 05 645 and is having problems with the car. I am interested in purchasing a 05.
  • ajroseajrose Posts: 29
    I purchased an 05 645 in late November 04 (6 sp, sport). I now have 23k miles on the car without any problems. My only annoyance with the car is an occasional slight rattle from the sunroof area which the dealer has been unable to locate and eliminate. I have had zero mechanical issues and the car is just a spectacular ride.
  • Thanks for the reply.
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