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BMW 6-Series



  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    “I remember someone saying any BMW color is available, however my dealer seems to disagree stating that German engineers know what combinations look good.”

    I believe I said that in this thread. I trust German engineers do know which colors look good. Too bad they have nothing to do with it. This is a typical jerky comment from a sales rep. As far as getting combos that are not stock offerings, check with other salespeople/dealers if it’s important and you have the patience. Not only did my dealer tell me you can combine, I have seen a BMW on the road with a custom combo, and it just so happened to be the combo I had inquired about. In my case I was not willing to wait and pay more.
  • 6fanatic6fanatic Posts: 16
    #100 of 129 My Dealer freaked at my int/ext color choice by 6fanatic May 09, 2004 (9:21 pm)
    Guys, I did not like the black and hated the red interiors but wanted the Titanium Silver exterior (this color absolutely GLOWS in the sun and stays looking new a LONG time) so I ordered the cream beige interior with it.

    My dealership, Irvine BMW, tried to talk me out of it because even though I put down a $1,000 deposit at time of order they were concerned if I backed out of it when seeing it they would have a car on the lot that might not get the full $5,000 over invoice. I put a lot of thought into my order an think the combination will look good. I also like that it seems no one else has ordered this combo and it will be unique.

    Anyone else out there with this combo?

    Currently the only non special order combo beige int is silver,black,white combo' s. I thought the Mineral Silver was a very soft color and black is so hard to keep looking good (I salute those of you who are going to be trying to keep them looking new). My 6 arrives at my dealership in 2 more weeks. Can't wait!

    Irvine BMW has been a great dealership to buy from and I would recommend them to anyone. They were truly concerned about me liking the car and even steered my away from ordering some options that I really did not need. Very straight forward, no games.
  • mjollnirmjollnir Posts: 16
    My 645ci was just delivered in titanium silver and you are right - it does glow in the sun... and in the moonlight, too. Just beautiful. I think the light color really shows off the sculpted body lines of the car. Pictures really don't do it justice. The car is still a rarity here in Germany and it gets alot of positive attention. Guys hammering down the left lane will slow up, pedestrians will stop and stare and, unfortunately, the gate guards stop me more frequently for "inspection".
  • 6fanatic6fanatic Posts: 16
    Boy, I was not prepared for the attention my 645ci has received on the road, in parking lots, in gas stations, at the drive thru and everywhere I take it. I live in Orange County, California where there is a lot of money and a lot of $80,000 cars, in spite of that my six gets stared at right and left. People are constantly approaching me to ask about it. BMW has scored a perfect hit with the design of this car. It oozes prestige, status, power, sophistication and style.

    This car makes a define impression on people, I love it!
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,647
    Funny story. (sort of)

    I have a friend who is not tech-shy, but gets annoyed when the technology isn't intuitive.

    So he and I went to the BMW dealership and he proposed the following to the salesman:

    "If you can do TWO things while driving this car (a 645) I will buy this car today, right now".

    So salesman says "sure".

    "Okay. I want you to preset the radio to NPR and PRI, and then I want you to preset my climate control to 70 degrees, both while driving along".

    Well, turns out the salesman couldn't do it.

    The systems might be "improved" but it looks to me that all they have done with iDrive is put in a reset button that takes you back to the top of the menu if you get lost.

    The reason I brought this up was to sort of "eat my words". I used to say that something like iDrive is not going to deter a serious BMW buyer but seeing is believing, and I may have to change my attitude about this issue.
  • mjollnirmjollnir Posts: 16
    Most reviewers take a quick drive, can't immediately manage the i-drive and condemn it. One must really sit down with the manual and spend a little time with it. It is not difficult and opens up quite a few options - the vast majority of them are set once to personal preference and forgotten like the balance/fader on the hifi or the climate vent settings. One does not need the i-drive at all to manage the climate temperature- it is right in front of you on the dash for both driver and passenger. Once you set up your radio, one has several options to locate a station while driving including voice activation to call up the station you want - very cool and your eyes never leave the road.
  • mjollnirmjollnir Posts: 16
    I read in the paper that BMW is recalling (worldwide) approx 4000 vehicles - 5-,6-,and 7- series with v-8 or v-12 engines that were produced between May 04 and 6 July 04. My 6er was on the list. The problem is a defective electronic part that may cause the engine to shut off. You may want to check with your dealer on this. BMW hasn't been real proactive getting this out - if I hadn't seen it in the paper, I would not have known about it.
  • schowschow Posts: 15
    I had just received a mailing from BMW about the recall.
    I scheduled my appointment with my dealer. They said it should take about an hour to correct.
  • schowschow Posts: 15
    The recall involves 2004 model year 545i, 645Ci, 645Cic.
    The defect involves a circular fuel retention clip along the fuel supply line. The clip was inadvertently not installed. It means in a frontal crash, fuel might leak and ignite. Does not affect vehicle performance whatsoever.
  • schowschow Posts: 15
    I agree with mjollnir. How difficult is it to set the radio station, hit the MENU button and toggle to climate control. That's only 3 steps!
  • mjollnirmjollnir Posts: 16
    Hi schow - this is a different recall - check out the link. On this one the engine can cut out on you and you loose the steering and brake assist. BMW loaded mine on a flat bed truck this morning in front of the house rather than have me drive it over to the dealer. They told be it would be 2 weeks with a loaner - and this is in Germany. I am going through withdrawls already - can't believe this is happening.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,647
    Well let me issue you a friendly challenge...go to a BMW and try it cold and see how you do.

    I like to think I'm not a dummy but I sat there with the manual and I couldn't get it to work either. Nor could my friend. Nor could the salesman. His response was "it worked yesterday" GREAT sales pitch---LOL!

    It's incredibly tedious and certainly not intuitive. I have little patience with this sort of thing I will admit.
  • schowschow Posts: 15
    Thanks for the info.
    Checked out the link.
    Thankfully, my vehicle was produced from March to April, and I picked it up on May 1, 2004.
  • confused2confused2 Posts: 4
    I just read a review that cited poor visibility in the coupe and even worse visibility in the convertible. While the convertible looks amazing even with the top up - and not all cars do - the rear window looked tiny. I am considering adding my name to the waiting list, but am concerned about safety, especially since my wife will also be driving the car. Any views. Also, I assume cars are selling for MSRP or higher??
  • 6fanatic6fanatic Posts: 16
    Higher, between 5-10 K in Southern California at least......
  • mjollnirmjollnir Posts: 16
    It is amazing to me that some folks can't change the radio station. If you can't figure out the set-up using i-drive, just use the steering wheel buttons or say "radio on frequency 104.5" abd there is your station. What could be easier? The salespeople would be buying rather than selling BMWs if they had a lot on the ball - I would not hold them up as a particularly high standard. Regardless, the car is SO much more than the radio, it is a shame to loose it in a petty personal detail. The HK Digital Surround HiFi is the best sounding car hifi out there, just magic - the only thing that comes close is in the Lexus.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,647
    Well everything is easy once you know how--LOL!

    By the way, I really like the 6-series. I wish my friend had bought one.
  • mjollnirmjollnir Posts: 16
    ajrose - I was looking through a German market pricelist for the 6 and I noticed the German market offers an "exclusivleder pearl" leather option for an extra 1700 euros - that might be what you were admiring. The German pricing is different - less standard features but more options at extra cost. I suspect it might be costly, if it were at all possible, to get a German market option on a US spec car - I would imagine they would have to pull it off the normal production line for the special installation.
  • mjollnirmjollnir Posts: 16
    are actually pretty good. The Germans have to pay this 16% tax and pay up for options that come standard on US models. I saw a well equiped 6er convertible (black on black with contrasting light birch wood - a beauty)in a BMW showroom going for a cool 100k euro or about $125,000 with tax, no dealer markup.
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