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BMW Z3 Maintenance & Repair



  • jmbillonjmbillon Posts: 2
    I have three BMW (a 1995 318I, a 2000 Z3 and a 2000 323Ci) and would like to start making basic maintenance services such as oil and filters change, spark plug, which are very expensive when done by the dealer without coupon. I am seeking advice on the inspection reset tool to buy. I would also be able to check the codes myself to avoid to the $95 diagnose fee when my airbag light goes on. I found a R5/FC X11 universal tool that could cover all the three cars but I am not sure this would also reset the inspection light and would like to know if there would be a better alternative.Thank you for your help and advises
  • jmbillonjmbillon Posts: 2
    Do you know of any reason why I could not use one of the vacuum existing on the market to drain the oil on these cars instead of getting underneath the car to remove the drain plug and draining the oil woul not work? Dealing with the jack, stripping the drain plug every now and again, and spilling the used oil is a pain to me.
  • brewejwbrewejw Posts: 4
    Thanks for your message regarding the work you have done on your Z3. Where did you buy the service light reset tool? I want to do my own oil changes, at least, and would like to have the tool. I have just bought a '98 Z3 after owning old Porsches for years, and am slowly learning about it. Any information would be appreciated.

    Wayne Brewer
    Auburn, AL
  • brewejwbrewejw Posts: 4
    Does any one have experience with a hard top for their Z3? I am considering buying one for my '98 Z3 and would appreciate any comments on the pro''s and con's of using one.

    Wayne Brewer
  • I bought a hardtop for my 02 last fall. I love it. I keep it on untill the end of April just because it's quiet, secure and looks cool. The trick is getting the right installation kit (about$450) from BMW. It took some research but was not beyond a shadetree mechanics ability.
  • Hi,

    I bouught my '99 Z3 in Dec '07, and it came with a spare hard top. I have put it on for winter, it is great! Much warmer and gives the car another cool look. From the back it now kind of looks like a porsche!
    The only issue I'm having is the leaking around the windows with heavy rain, but other than that I can highly recommend it. Easy to put on - a 2 person job, but just clips in place.
  • rocky42rocky42 Posts: 2
    Z3 2001 Roadster 3.0L soft top.
    It says it is pre-wired for a CD changer. That is what I want to use to hook up an iPod to the radio. I took a quick look in the trunk and pulled up the trunk floor that is velcro'd over the tool kit and battery, but did not find the wire that is used to hook up the CD changer/iPod.
    Can anyone give me directions on where this is so I don't have to remove every cover in the truck to find it?
    Has anyone done this already and do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks for any help.
  • brewejwbrewejw Posts: 4
    The driver's side power window in my '98 Z3 slows down a lot as it gets near the end of the open cycle. It seems normal going up, and the passenger side window works fine. Anyone out there with a similar problem and/or solution. Many thanks.

    Wayne Brewer
  • dgregsdgregs Posts: 1

    I saw your message about your slow power window. I have a 97 with the same problem. It works, but the drivers side slows down as it gets toward the closed position.
    Did you ever get an answer from anyone? If so, I would like to know a solution.

    <img src="
  • Have you come up with any solution? Here's my window problem:
    Driver side, can go down, but can only go up after going down all the way, or using the "auto-up" by pushing the button a little harder. Window also seems slow to go down too. I'm not sure if it's a window regulator, or a window motor. Any thoughts?
    z3 coupe, 1999
  • We just bought a 2002 Z3. It doesn't have remote keyless entry. My husband is very handy around cars and has installed a keyless entry system in another car we had. Any ideas on how easy/hard would it be to install one in our Z3? If not complicated any suggestions on where a system could be bought on the internet?
  • I'm looking at a 2001 2.5 with 120K miles on it. Are you still having good luck with yours? I'm trading in a Honda CRV with 69K on it, in good shape and a pretty sensible car for Chicago weather. So, I'm a little worried that I may be making a less than sane decision (just got divorced, and I don't really need a 4 door CRV anymore.)
  • I only have 30000 on my Z and it is running great.
    I live in Wisconsin so know what it is like to have this car in the winter. I drive it all year round and lucky for me we have not had a whole lot of snow. Some people think I'm crazy to drive it in the winter, but it handles very well. Remember it is rear wheel drive so it will handle different than your front wheel drive.
    Since we do get snow you will have to decide if you can live with the Z. If it is your only car I am not sure if I would go that route. I have a second car to depend on if and when it does snow hard since if you get more than a couple of inches just before you have to get to work you may not get there with the Z. Being a 'sports' car it does sit low to the road.
    I love the Z and am glad I purchased it. Good Luck with your decision.....
  • Thanks- I've read (on a Canadian Z blog) that the DSC helps in winter driving. The enjoyment I'm anticipating from driving the Z3 (my ex-wife's car was a beetle 5-speed convertible, and while no where near a Z3, it was a fun car to drive) will probably make me forget the convienience of the 4 wheel-drive CRV.
  • I had the same problem on my wife's 97 Roadster.
    Lubricate the window guide inside the door with silicone and the problem goes away. The guide is tight and guess it gets dry and drags.
    Carefully remove the bottom of the door panel and spray away.
  • Many thanks. I will try your approach.

    Wayne Brewer
  • Autosky science and technology co.,ltd
    Product Name: BMW OPS
    Part No.: A101
    Net Weight: 5KG

    On vehicle models from the E65 on, BMW is for the first time using fibre-optic cables as standard for communication between control units.The optical buses are notable for their high data transmission rate and they are not susceptible to electromagnetic interference. The optical buses in question are the MOST bus, primarily used for in-car entertainment electronics, and the byteflight bus, which serves predominantly safety-critical functions.

    OPPS has been designed for encoding, individualising and programming (CIP) via the Software Service Station (SSS) and envisaged for use as part of the BMW diagnostic system (DIS) from DISPlus and Group Tester One (GT1). It is intended for testing and programming tasks from the E65 series, taking the place of the diagnostic head.

    OPS is intended for rapid programming of control units.When operated at the SSS, no diagnostic or technical measuring pro-cedures are possible, as no measuring technology is incorporated; in this instance, OPPS / OPS is used predominantly for programming control units (flashing). Communication with the vehicle can be performed both via the MOST and via the OBD interface. The OBD interface is required for the power supply to the OPPS / OPS and has communication properties via which the vehicle can be identified and the data to be programmed can be determined. From CIP version 7.0, it is possible to delete fault code memories via OPPS / OPS.

    Standard Configuration:
    1. OPS multiplexer
    2. OBD-II diagnostic cable
    3. LAN cable
    4. OPS MOST cable
    5.120G HDD with preinstalled SSS V28 for IBM T30
    6.120G HDD with preinstalled DIS V53 for IBM T30
  • I have 1 or 2 inches of play in my seats do I need new seat rails or will bushing kit fix it? CD holder is missing so when I get one there are no buttons showing cd player?How much should I expect to pay for a new conv top?Installed?And is a felt rear window protector really necessary? Thanks Salty 7.
  • cts_id=8

    that's the vendor I used, but I noticed eBay has added some new vendors. This should correct a little slide, but 2 inches is a lot. I have a feeling it is only 1inch and the bushing kit will fix it. If it's larger it could be something else.

    Not sure on the answers to the other questions.
  • Thank you 1" sounds better.Ordered 2 sets of 4 bushings for $30 from whalen shift machine.
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