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2004 GMC Envoy XUV



  • mkarp,
    The test drive went so well it is now in my garage! It is a cool vehicle. The roof works great. I very much like the way the tailgate swings open. We probably would not have gotten it if it just lowered the way the others do. It really makes the whole back end usable.
    Hope to see you driving down the road! Honk Honk
  • Just could you already have one since November when they don't start coming to the dealerships until mid- January???
  • pwitzpwitz Posts: 51
    My dealer up here in Rochester,NY has loads of 'em now...he must have at least 10 of them in stock. I'm checking to see if I can try one out on the 24 hour test-drive thing.
  • shifty4shifty4 Posts: 53
    There has not been a post on this board in 30 days. Has no one bought the XUV or is there nothing to say about it?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    I guess that's the interest level in this new GM design
  • I bought a White 2004 Envoy XUV SLT for my wife this weekend. It is absolutely the quintessential pet mobile compared with my Acura MDX. The midgate with all weather cladding in the cargo area keeps the critters out of upholstery harms way. It will also be great for hauling trees from the nursery, my 8HP rototiller to the repair shop and other taller than normal items that just don't fit well in the normal cargo areas. Got a great deal with $3,500 rebate, full retail value trade-in allowance on the 2001 Subaru VDC Wagon plus 3.9% financing. The rig comes with a navigation system, XM radio, plush leather upholstery, adjustable gas and brake pedals, memory seats, rain sensitive wiper and side impact air bags. It's built highway cruising with a mushie suspension that doesn't provide much cornering ability but will be great for long trips. We got the 6 cylinder because the V8 was an extra $1,500 with only 15HP more since we do not haul a trailer. My wife likes the truck-like feel while I prefer my car-like MDX handling. But when it comes to hauling stuff or critters, this XUV is best of breed. Hmmm I guess I will not have to change my handle to HerXUV!
  • dsharonedsharone Posts: 1
    Hi, all.
    I am a female and I just bought the XUV for the convenience of a car/SUV and a pickup. I must say that I absolutely LOVE it. It is everything that I could ask for. I bought the SLE 2WD but the dealer had ordered it with an upgraded stereo, OnStar/built-in phone, side airbags, heated OS mirrors & auto-dimming review mirror, just to name a few of the options, but he sold it for the price of a basic model. I'm still referring to the manual to learn how to operate this stuff. I upgraded from a top of the line Toyota Solara, and I have not been disappointed in the least. The ride is actually smoother and softer than the Solara due to the Bilstein Luxury shocks that are standard on all XUV's. With the GM incentives and my discount as a GM supplier employee, I snatched one with not a penny down! I must say, the greatest selling point was the sliding roof. I have a friend that owns a Mercedes C320, and she commented that Mercedes had nothing on this vehicle. She was impressed by all the things it could do and the options that it had. I have never owned a GMC before, but if the service is as pleasant as the sales transaction, I will be a happy camper! As a precautionary measure, I purchased an Extended Warranty. Test drive one and you too will be sold!
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  • I bought the white one as well. I can't stop raving about this vehicle - especially with ZERO percent financing!!!! Anyone in the LA area - go to Rydell in Van Nuys. They ROCK! They have taken care of me and my buddy who bought a Tahoe from them. As for the cargo area, I tether two of my dogs in the rear area with harnesses, a straightened choke chain and a caribeener on each end. That way, they won't jump out while driving. I love the power glass in the midgate and I love the fact that the rear door opens down or to the side.

    Options: If you have dogs, get the leather seats and the two front seats are HEATED!!!!! Great for long drives or after a long day. And get 4 extra cargo tie-out loops. There are 12 holes, yet only 4 come with the vehicle. I also wish there was a retractable cargo cover back there, a work light under the hood, an arm rest in the rear seat and a pop-out no-spill water bowl in the cargo area for the pups.

    I also love the air compressor in the cargo area. Perfect for an air mattress. They even sell a tent rig for the back of the XUV. Kind of makes it a mini RV. The other day, one of my dogs barfed in the cargo area. I broke out the hose and washed it right out - it has vents built in. So it ran right underneath the truck.

    FYI: any of you Envoy XUV owners want a roof rack....use this GM part number: 12497469 Bar Kit. It needs to be THIS one because it needs clearance for the retractable roof. You can also use the Yakima tower kit for stock rails.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 487
    Does the Midgate have glass in it? In other words, if the roof is open and the tailgate glass is down, can the interior of the truck still be sealed?
  • klingkling Posts: 1
    yeah, it has a power glass window in the midgate.
    (i guess they learned their lesson with the manual one with the avalanche). With it up, it is secure and waterproof. they say you can go through a carwash with the roof open and the midgate up and it will drain out and the inside will stay dry.

    I just leased one a few weeks ago.
    I love it, but there are a few things:
    1) The daytime running lights don't seem to go on when it rains (any other xuv owners notice this?)
    2) the 60/40 rear back seat it usually a great feature, but because of the midgate, it's useless, and in fact, it just creates extra work when folding everything down
    3) The tie down rings in the back ... they have places for 12 of them and put in 4, and want you to use a star wrench to move them. the dealer says they're $20 each. GM could have put them in in the factory for a total of about $50. GM took the cheap way out there.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't regret it, I'm 90% happy with it.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,666
    thoughts on the long-term reliability of the motorized roof???...does it seal well against the wind and the rain (esp the rain), and will it still seal well in 4 or 5 years???
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