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Chevrolet Colorado



  • gw2gw2 Posts: 1
    I've just had my 2005 Colorado 4WD crew cab for about 3 weeks...950 miles with no problems, although I haven't had it underwater yet. Very happy with it so far.

    I too don't see in the owner's manual where it says that the oil life remaining can be displayed. Apparently a message is only displayed when the oil should be changed.

    This is unlike my Cadillac STS which displays the percent of oil life remaining, and subsequently "change oil soon". I'll play with the system some more the next time I'm bored waiting for my wife in the supermarket parking lot.

    Any one else have comments on oil life messages ?
  • The water leak was found! They didn't finish the body caulk under the wipers at a main seem. They started to caulk it, but didn't finish it at the factory.
    Outstanding quality control!
    I got the oil changed today at the dealer.
    Four new tires!
    A new wheel!
    and they are still working on the vibration issue.
    I made it to my first oil change,
    maybe I should celebrate!
  • I recently took my 2004 Colorado in to get the upgraded rearview mirror installed and asked about the "oil life" issue. In my manual it says that the percentage of oil life remaining should be displayed when you scroll to the flashing "OIL LIFE" on the display but this doesn't happen. When I asked the tech about it he said it's not supposed to display the percentage and he thought I made it up until I showed him my owner's manual. He said it's not in the manual that they have/use and that the "oil life" message should only come on when the oil needs to be changed. However, I was at 5800 miles at that point and the message never came on so I decided to go ahead and change the oil myself anyway. The tech even checked it on the Colorado they had in the showroom and it did the same thing.

    If somebody out there has had the "oil life" message come on please post here to let us know and also at what mileage it came on at. Personally, I wasn't willing to let my engine burn up just to see if it really worked. I normally change the oil every 6-7K miles anyway but I'm curious to know when the truck says I should change it.
  • Does anyone know if there are plans in the pipeline for an Avalanche-esque version of the Colorado crew cab? I like the versatility of the Avalanche (and the look), but it's really too big for practical, daily-driver use (which is a shame, because the cross-over nature would make it appealing for such purposes). It occurred to me the other day that a Colorado-sized version of the Avalanche would be almost ideal (assuming you could gain enough usable space from the rear seat to make extending the bed worthwhile). Just wondered if anyone knew if that might be offered at some point down the road.
  • In other non premium GMT's I have seen the light come on and go out as the engine warms up. For what its worth, I'd stick with 7500 normal/ 5000 severe use intervals. I drive too much much for that though, so I switched to Mobil1 and change it every 10k
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    I'm not a big GM guy. Actually, I've been pretty much an rabid anti-GM guy. But recent positive experiences in a few Chevy's made me look at the Colorado today. I've been thinking about a crew cab minitruck. However, I must have seating for six. Fullsize is out of the question (unless someone offers a small diesel). I VERY STRONGLY prefer a 4 cyl and manual. Who would have thought you couldn't get a crew cab 4 cyl and manual from Toyota? This is the only way it comes in most of the world.

    Thought I was going to have to wait for an oil crisis or perhaps an oil catastrophe-- like we aren't in one right now? Yet the manufacturers still produce v6 and v8 in minitrucks and small cars???.

    Looks like Colorado is the only game in town!!! And the things seem to have nice HP in addition to the best in class mileage. Nice looking truck and GM is producing it on state of the art machinery. Can't wait for a test drive.
  • Incentives help bring surge in Sept. auto sales
    GM leads the way with 24.9% jump

    Your descision to buy a colorado helped Bring GM back to life! We don't need you toyota, nissan, America can make her own cars and trucks!
  • tyronetyrone Posts: 4
    America can make her own cars? Ha Ha Ha! That's pretty funny! In the last year or so, the big three and Magna International have jumped on the Chinese slave labour bandwagon, building stamping dies over there for pennies. Who knows- someone is most likely trying to figure out how to stamp out parts over there too! Will these savings be passed on to the consumer? I don't think so.

     No doubt if this trend is to continue, the North American automotive industry will be destroyed just like the electronics industry was- by having manufacturing done by third world slave labour! Being a tool and die maker, all I can say is that this is not good. Who knows- maybe that all American Ford or Chevy will say Made in China on it with final assembly in North America in ten years time! I think this is well on it's way to being fact-the Chevy Equinox has a made in China motor in it already!
  • I agree with you completely, therefore we must think of ways to save our industry...

    The solution to this problem could be to increase the cost of doing business abroad and decrease the cost of doing it at home.

    This could be done by warning China and Japan that if they don't let their currencies flow (in the present state the lower their currency in relation to ours the more money they save manufacturing goods, then shipping them here) that we would post a tarrif, like the steel tarrif but longer lasting.

    At home we could reward companies who dismantle offshore businesses with tax breaks and liability differrals, and discourage union operations, which any accountant could tell you reek havoc on the balance sheet.

    We need to act or else we will become a retail nation...
  • I have a Z85 regular cab 5spd. Can anyone tell me why the driveshaft doesn't have a balance weight on it. I would assume that GM's supplier has made perfect drive shafts? I have a vibration coming from the drive line.
  • The Oil life system in the Colorado's does not display the remaining life as the manual says.

    This was a mis-print in the 2004 owners manual.
    There are a few others as well.

    As for going by the system. I use Mobil 1 Synthetic and still changed it at 7000 miles before the oil life system told me to.
    Too much old school from my dad I guess.
  • I have a 2004 chevy colorado, Z71 extended cab. I have the vibration problem. Have had it back to the dealer 4 times. They have changed all 4 tires, rotated and balanced all 4 tires at another date, and placed it on computers. They say the 5 cylinders will do this. All the trucks on the lot did this, but not as bad as mine. It did not do it as bad until I had it for about 1 week. The truck is now 6 weeks old, and still vibrating as much as ever!
      "frustrated in Virginia"
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    My crewcab Z71 is vibration free.
  • I hope to purchase a 2005 chevy colorado in the near future. At what speed does the vibration start. I will take a long test drive on the highway before the purchase.
    Does anyone know if the Problem has been corrected for the 2005 models.
  • Don't buy one!!! The vibration starts at 45mph and ends at 55mph! The problem seems to be mainly with regular cab 5spds. (Both 5cyl and 4 cyl) I haven't seen my truck for 15 days now. There is about a 1/2" of water on the drivers side floor. The dealer is also trying to fix a list of problems. Reading other forums, I'm not the only one having problems, they are widespread! Think about all of the advertising GM did to kick off this new truck, and compare that to actual trucks on the lots. Production was limited! Has anyone ever seen a sport model on the road! Forum talk from the production line, said they were towing them of the assembly line. Most of the 2004s' are still in LA. Do a search on (Colorado Problems). You will change your mind! I would like to believe this is a well made truck, but the reliability falls short. Also pay close attention to how thin the body panels are. Common problems- Tires, A/C noise, water leaks, vibration issues, wind noise, dead battery, no brake lights, misaligned door panels. GM says the vibration falls within allowable specifications, so it is not a problem. Also if you a thinking about buying one call customer service. You will wait at least 25 minutes before you talk to a human! Is this the service you really want!
  • bporter1bporter1 Posts: 229
    Gee, all those problems and that doesn't even take into account the new competition. I wonder what GM is going to say about their 5 cylinder engine now? They can't say that it has more horsepower than all its competitors V6's, with the exception of the 05 Dakota and the outdated Ranger. I hope GM offers a more powerful engine. Still I think I would buy the new Toyota Tacoma or the Nissan Frontier. GM did not and does not need this negativity, but as usual they don't go that extra mile when designing a vehicle.
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    Had my 4WD crew cab Canyon since February; ~13,500 miles. No problems (except the slow thermo), I get a slight vibration from the engine into the steering column at idle sometimes.
    I'm very happy with mine. I also drove the Tacoma and Dakota crew cabs and chose the Canyon. I expect their new designs will be better than the old/current, but I couldn't wait a year or two to find out.
  • Update on my Colorado! When the dealer went to replace the flooring they noticed a problem with the passenger side seat belt. The main bolt holding it to the floor was two turns from coming out. Once it was out they noticed it was broken off at the factory. Thank You to the dealership for possibly saving the life of my wife or son. GM must not care about the safety of my family. I have this in writing from the dealer! What is going on in LA.!!!
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    The vibration starts at 45mph and ends at 55mph

    That sounds like a tire balance problem. An engine balance problem would occur at a certain rpm regardless of speed. A tire/suspension balance problem would occur at a certain speed regardless of rpm or whether the vehicle is in neutral.
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    The 5 cylinder engine vibration is totally different than a wheel/suspension vibration. The I-5 might transmit a slight vibration through the steering column or body but would not be noticeable during driving (unless the engine was misfiring or running very badly. (I've driven a couple of other 5 cyl over the years and they all vibrated some)
    My experience is like mrnimmo said - typically vibration during driving/various speeds is tire/wheel related. The only bad driveshaft I had (years ago) got worse with speed and then the slip yoke broke.
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