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Chevrolet Colorado



  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    This is from the Colorado Fan website

    From The Owner's Manual Page 3-39 & 3-40

    Automatic Door Locks

    With the vehicles engine off, and the ignition in the Lock position, press and hold the power door lock button for approximately three seconds until the DIC displays the current door lock mode. Then press and hold the reset stem for approximately two seconds to switch modes. The following are the mode choices:

    Lock 1 (default)
    Lock all doors when the vehicle is shifted out of PARK(P) with an automatic transmission, or when the vehicle speed is greater than 15 MPH (24 hm/h) with a manual transmission. Doors will unlock when the vehicle is shifted into PARK(P) with an automatic transmission, or when the ignition key is removed on a manual transmission.

    Lock 2
    Turns off the automatic door locks

    Lock 3
    Lock all doors when the vehicle is shifted out of PARK(P) with an automatic transmission, or when the speed is greater than 15 MPH(24km/hr) with a manual transmission. Drivers door will unlock when the vehicle is shifted into PARK(P) with an automatic transmission, or when the ignition key is removed on a manual transmision.

    Lock 4
    Lock all doors when the vehicle is shifted out of PARK(P) with an automatic transmission, or when the vehicle speed is greater than 15 MPH (24 km/hr) with a manual transmission. No doors will unlock

    Once your selection is made, press the trip odometer reset stem QUICKLY ! The DIC should go blank at this point.

    This is the part they don't tell you and that we found out by ourselves. We are 95% sure, this is the only way we could have the computer save the setting. 2 members have made it work this way.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I don't know about illusion of more room in cab but my crewcab drivers seat goes back so far that I can barely reach the pedals and I'm 6'3"
    I can't remember the last time I drove something with this much front legroom.
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 4,080
    Yep... I would have expected that they would print an addendum to the manual and mail it out, or at least issue a TSB on the auto lock issue.
  • Hey guys I have 3500 miles on my 04 4 wheel drive Z85 package. I love driving this truck every day to work and on weekends too. The first thing I did was to remove the small 235/75/15 tires and I have no vibration of any kind. I had a little vibration when I first changed tires but one was out of round and they replaced it. It`s smooth as glass now. I have been really pleased with the power of the 3500 I5 but my gas milage is not at 23 mpg yet but i`m getting 21mpg. I guess my biggest gripe is how cheap some of the interior looks. Good luck with your trucks.
  • Yes, almost exactly at 2000 R.P.M. In my case it isn't a whining noise (although I have that as well, but it sounds more like a bell ringing), this noise sounds more like someone sticking a baseball card in a fan. I thought it might be tranny or tire relatedm but it rattles the plastic stuff in neutral as well.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I'm looking into the Colorado as a possibility sometime in the next 6 months or so. I would only be looking at getting a very basic model, probably a 4 cyl 5 speed regular or extended cab with rear wheel drive and the base suspension. But I might consider an automatic as well. It seems all the reviews in here are about the 5 cyl. Anyone want to comment on the performance and fuel economy of the 4 cyl? How quiet and smooth running is the engine? Does it feel reasonably peppy with the automatic or does it really need a 5 speed? Would the traction control be really useful or is the engine too gutless to matter (it only rains where I live)? Is the ride noticeably smoother on the extended cab compared to the regular cab?
  • I have a 2004 Z-85 4cyl-5spd. I've a lot of problems with this truck, but I still like it. The fuel economy is about 22-23 around town, and 26-27 on a trip. I think it has plenty of power for a regular cab.

    The transmission is made in Japan. The General Tires are terrible. No traction in rain or snow. You don't need traction control, just better tires. I put Goodyears's on it and don't have any traction problems. The engine is smooth, it runs at about 2000rpms at 65mph. It does have a vibration at 45-55, and know body knows why. The tires have been replaced twice. The ride is very good for a truck.
  • ndfarndfar Posts: 19
    My blinker relay sounds like a loud clock ticking. Is it just mine or are others like this also. I tried to locate the relay and it seems to be in the trim that wraps around the instrument cluster. How is this held on? Clips of some sort?
  • You might look through your owners manual and see if there's a way to adjust the volume of your blinker - I've got a 2000 Impala, and it offers two options in terms of chime volume; you have to go through the radio and adjust the setting (as you would when resetting your oil change interal indicator), but it can be done. Don't know if the Colorado is the same or not, but it might be.
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 4,080
    Normal. I thought I was the only pickup driver who used his blinkers.
  • I sort of like the sound of the blinker, It is different from other autos I have had. I still get many cars that I meet on the road at night blink there lights on high beam when my lights are on dim for some reason.
  • stephenstephen Posts: 131
    The blinker relay on my Colorado sounds like a metronome. Yesterday, it put me into a trance while I was snowplowing my driveway, and I snapped out of it only after driving in circles for 20 minutes. Snoop Dogg's new hit "Drop It like It's Hot" was playing on the radio and that's what brought me out of the trance, I believe.


  • stephenstephen Posts: 131
    I have 671 miles on my 4 cyl 5speed ext cab LS Z85 with Western 6' - 8" personal snowplow. It has been snowing every day in Northern Michigan recently and I am very impressed with the traction of the standard General tires that came with the truck.


    I can stack snow six feet high and these tires will go deep into the pile and still pull out of it (in double-low) just as good as any tire I've ever plowed with.


    The truck and tires are nice and smooth and quite in highway driving. Just a little noise and vibration under load going up hills, no more than you'd expect from a 4 cylinder engine.


  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    You must be the first person I've come accross who likes the Generals.
  • stephenstephen Posts: 131
    Bad reviews notwithstanding, in a survey of 62 owners of General Tires by Tire Rack, the overall rating was "good". A couple of favorable survey comments were:


    "These tires were original on my 2001 Ford Explorer Sport and now have 77,380 miles. Really have been pleased with them overall. We commute 150 miles a day in this vehicle, all interstate 70+ mph driving in every weather condition there is...."




    "I thought these were the greatest tires I ever owned until I started reading other reviews. 85,000 miles on these tires and they still have plenty of tread left. They get me through deep snow, wet pavement, etc with NO problem."

  • stephenstephen Posts: 131
    Checking the Tire Rack site further, I see that for Colorado size tires, the Kumho Venture HT got the best ratings of all the brands, "Superior" in most categories from 61 customers.


    Michelin, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, Firestone and Goodyear all got a higher rating overall than the Generals.


  • Tyrone,

    Its a real shame you believe everything you read. I own a Colorado Z71 LS Extended Cab. It went to the dealer once for a loose electrical clip. I was in and out of the service department in 10 minutes. My Colorado has been flawless otherwise. Maybe you should read the multitude of owner's reviews on Edmunds and you'll find that a vast majority of us love our Colorados.

    I'm no apologist for GM or Detroit for that matter either. I test drove both a Toyota and Nissan small trucks and found them both overpriced and gas guzzlers to boot. Try talking to one of us who actually own one. I put no creedence in what the Edmunds reviewer says either. I drive a Colorado every day and wouldn't trade it for any of its competitors.
  • I've had my Colorado Z-71 Crew Cab just about 1 month and am quite pleased overall so far. However, the first time through the car wash, the upper windshield molding came halfway off on the drivers side. I snapped it back in but as soon as I got on the highway it blew right off. I assumed it needed to be glued with adhesive. Brought it to the dealer and the mechanic apparently did the same thing I did (although I assumed he had glued it). After I got it back it blew off on the highway again. The service manager I dealt with said the molding was just supposed to snap in. Anyone else have this problem or know the fix? It is very irritating to have to keep returning to the dealer to get such a minor problem taken care of properly. I'm beginning to wonder if my windshield is not seated properly.
  • Just talked to a buddy who bought a 5 cyl crew cab 4x4 and he loves it. Had a 13 year old s10 4x4 he babied but finally started costing a lot to maintain. Has not had problems.


    GM "generally" (pun intended) puts crap tires on its non-performance cars. Why they do this to save $20 a car when it makes the vehicles behave so badly is beyond understanding of consumers.


    My dad had a Citation (talk about stellar designs) that came with cheap Generals and they were horrible in the rain, the car would like to 360 - of course some of this was crappy brake system....


  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 4,080
    GM "generally" (pun intended) puts crap tires on its non-performance cars.




    Most carmakers put crap tires on most of their cars. It comes down to the lowest bidder (except factory Michelins, which I suspect are sold cheaply to the factory, just not to consumers who want an OEM replacement tire)... I was astonished to see the Pirelli PZero Nero M&S is OEM on the new Mustang GT. It's currently the top of its class in the Tire Rack survey.
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