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Chevrolet Colorado



  • jlb2jlb2 Posts: 18
    2005 Z-71 Crewcab ,Shimmy at 55-60 off the lot, First trip to service all tires needed balance, Shimmy now at 60-65 Second trip and service mjr says the tires are the way they are and the frount end is ok.Being concerned about safety [wheels,axil,etc]called GM customer service and explained said they would ck and return call in 48hrs,waited 4 days no responce called the person I had talked to an left message each of the next 4 days and nothing.Went to Sears for rebalance an now shimmy at 50-55 plus today a rattle on the left side,panel,door? 3 months 800miles.Ordering a new set of wheels and tires from sears.From what I am reading thank goodness for my backup 92 Nissian pu thats never missed a beat and will save money on rentals.
  • jmarfizjmarfiz Posts: 1
    i bought a 2005 colorado new it now has less then 8000 miles on it has been in shop 16 times i cant seem to hold a brake light fuse in it gm says everything checks out good i have no fog lights and the cruise control never works i have been to the dealer so much last time they told me dont come back we cant fix it
    i got a lawyer and am suing gm for money back under the lemon law and if you still got yours i suggest you do the same
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    Oh wow, guys and gals. I just saw pictures of the new Isuzu pick-up. (Re-badged Chevy Colorado) and that chromed front grille looks great. I wanted a Colorado but now after seeing the Isuzu.............Decisions,decisions.........
  • tdt3tdt3 Posts: 9
    Hope you have better luck them me.
    "Check engine light" on at 2732 miles - Reprogramed PCM module
    Back on at 2784 miles - replaced O2 sensor
    Back on at 2911 miles - replaced a different O2 sensor
    Back on at 3273 miles - replaced fuel regulator
    Back on at 3565 miles - replaced air flow sensor, air filter
    Back on at 3805 miles - who knows what they will blame it on this time.
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    I'd take it to Autozone and have them pull the code if its a common one, and they can tell you what the code means I think too. I'd guess from your description they are "resetting" the computer but not reading the code and solving your problem.

    Seems like the tech at the dealer is very lazy old-schooler who doesn't use computers to check things or do complete analysis of the situation, they just swaps out parts. Good for generating revenue for the dealer, bad for customer service and GM. Let us know what the result is.

    Bad dealers are going to drag down the domestics if they don't watch it.

  • jawahijawahi Posts: 6
    Is this the new Isuzu?image
    or just a concept.
    I think I like my Colorado.
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    That is not the 2005 Isuzu. The new one has a great chrome grille which I prefer over the Colorado's.
  • crunch78crunch78 Posts: 1
    Sorry to hear about your issues, I bought my crew cab colorado in june 04 had it a week when someone rearended me while I was at a stop doing over 60 mph. A pretty good thump, but the only thing it really did was trash the bed and bumper. No frame damage whatsoever. The jeep that hit me was totalled and same with the car in front of me. I still have the truck, and it runs like new... the only gripes I have about it are the cruise control and wimpy looking tires (z85) which I remedied though with some 20" panther wheels which really set the truck apart... You wouldn't imagine how many people ask me about my truck, I am constantly being stopped and asked all kinds of questions about it. It really turns heads if you put some different wheels on it. I kinda wish gm would get with the program and put some decent looking wheels on these vehicles. I've heard all the horrible reviews about it, but I love it, it's a great looking truck and as far as I'm concerned with the interior it's a truck... It's not supposed to look like a mercedes inside...
  • madridjoemadridjoe Posts: 28
    Sorry for the delay in answering.

    We have had many of these tires with vibration and/or thumping. GM says we have to wait for the customer to put on 500 miles to see if they sort themselves out from sitting on the lot. After that, we have replaced quite a few, if we are unable to balance the problem out. I imagine some service managers are more responsive to this problem than others.
  • jlb2jlb2 Posts: 18
    Information please,Can six lug 16in wheel [chevy or others] from 1/2 ton PU fit a 05,Z/71 Colorado?.There is 1/2in between stock 15in wheel and upper balljoint.Was wanting to go with 255/70/16 thats about the overall size as my 265/75/15 [shimmys] by General.And to go 8in wide rim would I have to go 17in rim? They sell a 8in wide 16in wheel thats 1in deeper,what about the balljoint? Confused and need help,Thanks.">
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    The Colorado uses a new bolt pattern that is different than any other vehicle. When I bought my after market wheels last fall it was near impossible to find chrome mag style wheels that would fit. Even the regular 6 lug wheels used for years on GM trucks don't fit. So you need to be very careful in picking the proper wheel for your truck. I was just lucky in finding someone who owned one at the tire dealer and was in the know. :shades:
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    I don't have the dimensions but the wheels I had on my 1999 Sierra w/ 6 bolt pattern (New gen Sierra) fit my Canyon (Colorado) with the exception I had to buy a different set of lug nuts. They are 16 In verses 15 in - Changed to lower aspect ratio tire nd they work just great. I've had no problems running them 17k miles.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    my understanding if I remember right was the offset was different too.
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    Don't know the offset - but the 16" Niche's fit easily on either my Sierra or the Canyon with no slop/problems. New lug nuts I believe were because of the length of the lug bolt. I'm betting finding 15" with 6 holes pattern is more difficult than 16" wheels. I'm running 265/70R16 verses the 245/75R15 General tires that came on the Canyon.
  • rgrossmanrgrossman Posts: 37
    Leased a 2005 z71 loaded crew cab in November and have around 8500 miles on it so far. The truck has run great and handled well during a snowy winter here in the Boston area. I decided to forgo another $40k SUV with lousy gas mileage and have not regretted the decision. Cost of the truck was under $30K and I am getting almost 20 mpg using regular unleaded. More room than most SUV's for both my family and all our vacation stuff. Ride is not quite a good and interior not quite as luxurious as an expensive SUV but still pretty good overall. I've actually had more compliments on the looks of this truck from total strangers than on any other car I've owned.

    My only complaint so far is a squeeky vent fan when on the lowest setting which I've not had time to get fixed yet. I certainly understand the frustrations of folks that get a lemon but overall I can't complain.
  • fontzfontz Posts: 1
    I've had the same vibration at 2000 RPM for the last 10,000 miles. It's the only thing that's been wrong with the truck, it's been a gem in the snow and rain. :)

    When I went to see the dealer last fall about the noise GM said to bring it back after 10K, so I'm soon to bring it back and will let everyone know what they said.
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    Hi guys and gals. Could someone confirm this as true. The Colorado comes with a 3 yr / 36,000 mi warranty. The Isuzu pick-up ( a re-badged Colorado-same truck) comes with a 5 yr / 75,000 mi powertrain warranty!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Yes, it appears the Isuzu truck will have a 7year/75k powertrain warranty as well as 3yr/50k bumper-to-bumper. But I have to ask, what good is the longer warranty if the company won't be around to cover it? Isuzu is on its last leg and not worth the risk. Plus, the option configurations will be restricted. They already aren't offering the regular cab.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
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  • Did you get it bought back under the BBB Auto Line or your states lemon law. I have an arbitration hearing on 6/8 for my 04 Colorado. Power locks, brakes, shakes and loses power, did you have any of these problems?
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