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Nissan Maxima 2004 Redesign



  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    would you mind sharing what you paid?
  • ldldl5ldldl5 Posts: 4
    I paid around 31K.

    Yes, I am getting a lot of attention. Almost too much!!! But..... I LOVE IT!!!!!

    I live in the Philly suburbs, so there isn't a need for a lot of parallel parking. I went to show my Mom (who lives in Philly with no driveway and gararge) the new car and had to parallel park in front of her house. I couldn't see the back of the car to judge because of the Maxima's short rear window. I had to rely on the side view mirrors.
    I now have the "cockpit" under control. I know how to work everything. I even have the CD player default to the name of the track playing.
    The Heated Seats...
    I wish that the control for the heated seats operated in the same manner as the rear window defroster. Although the thermostat cycles on and off, the control remains on unless you turn it off manually. If you never had heated seats before (I never had), you may tend to forget to turn it off as I did and only noticed that it was on when I was showing a friend how it worked.
    I've already washed the car, only because of the disc brake dust on the wheels. Tried to just clean the wheels, only to get water on the car.... What's a man to do???? Wash it! It was fun!!!!!!
    Last, but not least... went to the gas station, didn't want to put regular or premium in it so opted for the middle of the road. Stood there admiring my beauty and from afar, heard "Hey.... what kind of car is that?" Of course, I heard the guy, but I wanted to hear that phrase again, so I said, "HUH!!!!!" And, he repeated it. I didn't want to brag, so I just said, "IT'S A MAXIMA!!!" Now....I could have gone on to say that it was a 2004!!!, but I'll save that for later.
    I am sooooooo happy with this car!
    I just like the fact that it will be a current car for over a year and a half!!!!
    Any questions... just ask and I'll reply.
  • bartalk2bartalk2 Posts: 326
    Drove an SL and SE over the weekend. Rear suspension and ride much improved over previous Maximas. Very noticeable. SE more fun. Manual shifting with auto 5 precise and enjoyable. Torque steer occasionally noticeable with SE with auto 5, but not objectionable. SE is son of G35, in that direction (but front drive), but not as sporty. Lots of gismos for people who like gismos: power folding mirrors, power tilt/telescope steering wheel, elaborate trip computer, key-in maintenance intervals (oil change intervals, tire rotation, etc), power lumbar, dual climate control, memory seat, steering wheel and mirror, power seat automatically moves back and and steering wheel lifts on exit, compass, etc, etc.. Lots of small buttons but not confusing and easy to learn, excellent brakes, some noticeable thrum on choppy road with fat SE tires (but less than previous generation.) In all, lots of fun and very impressive. Mysterious why car is larger on the outside but almost identical interior dimensions compared to previous Maxima.
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    I recently drove a new Maxima with leather interior. The doors and dashboard were covered and trimmed in a terry cloth like material that really looked cheep. Can you upgrade the material to make it look better? Or, are we stuck with cheep looking material.
  • monte4monte4 Posts: 101
    Tedescm1 your stuck unless you do some aftermarket upgrades, Nissan should have left the materials as they were in the 03 Maxima. They were much more classy for this type of car.
  • chooseychoosey Posts: 6
    I drove my new 2004 Maxima for an 80 mile round trip over the weekend. This I-78 Pennsylvania road is know as a rough one and PA has some dooseys. Lots of trucks over this route. It's that thrump, thrump, thrump as you go over the joints. This was heard and felt in the car but it would be heard and felt in any car. When the road is reasonably smooth, you feel like you're gliding. The Bose stereo is very good and I'm navigating the LCD readout better.

    I got a "base" SE so the sticker was 28K something. I don't have the heated seats and memory seat (wish it had the latter). Traded in my 93 Altima. The allowance was over double book value so I was happy. I bought the first and only one the dealer had at the time. I was convinced to buy the extended warrantee and I'm not usually the kind to do that. The computers and electronics on this car must be something to troubleshoot and it gives me some peace of mind down the road. I plan to keep the car long. My 1993 Altima was a "first" car and it was reliable as hell. If the first year Maximas are as reliable, I just blew a thousand bucks.

    By the way, this car feels way fast! It takes some careful feathering of the throttle not to blast away from every red light. This is fun!
  • You have add a $3,500 package to end up with the Xenons! What is up with THAT???

    I'll take my 02 SE with cloth interior, sunroof (only option) and standard Xenons!

  • yichingyiching Posts: 6
    I ran out to the dealer yesterday to test drive the 04 SE with the six speed. Man, was I impressed! I'm the owner of a 00 SE five speed and I gotta say the new car betters mine in every way. It's more powerful. The handling feels more buttoned downed with the new suspension. It's quieter with a LOT less wind, road, and engine noise. And even though it's larger, it actually feels lighter and smaller on the road. I put my foot down in second gear on the on ramp and next thing I know I'm hitting 80 mph and 6K rpms with much less vibration and noise than in my car. The only thing I don't like is how Nissan made the car much bigger. For my needs, the previous generation was already plenty big enough and this new size is just humongous. The only thing I wonder about is the pricing. At MSRP, the G35 is a minimal step up in price. Personally, I'd probably pay the difference.
  • monte4monte4 Posts: 101
    I agree with you obi give me an 02/03 SE anyday over the 04 and I have driven the 04 exstensively. Yiching have you driven an 02 or 03 Max much more powerful(3.5 enginevs the 3.0) than the 00-01 and can compare better to the 04?
  • ldldl5ldldl5 Posts: 4
    I guess it depends on the color of the interior as to whether it looks cheap or not. Mine is the frost leather (gray) and I think it looks anything but cheap! Also, they say the material on the doors is supposed to be suede.
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309
    looks more like terry cloth...

    Ithink the car looks really good but would have looked even better with leather on the doors.
  • glenng1glenng1 Posts: 1
    I test drove a new 04 Max SE today in South Dakota. I am looking at replacing a 00 GP. Most of my driving is hiway @ 78mph and I drive 45000 plus miles a year. I am wondering what type of mileage the new buyers are getting out of the Max. The car I drove had the leather seats, the Bose audio package and the Sensory package with the 900 dollar moon roof. The sticker was $31050 or something close but there was a $1995 additional dealer markup along with some other markup items which took the final sticker price to over $32XXX. What are the others seeing in their areas?
    I need a better feel for the mileage numbers as I put on a lot of miles and the price of the car plus gas plus mileage around 20 mpg will not make the grade. Does anyone have some personal experience with what I should or could expect? Again, most of my driving is 300-400 mile runs on the highway at 78mph (speed limit is 75 mph here in South Dakota.
    Thanks for any input.
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    You may want to consider the 2003 Maxima instead of the 2004. The 2003 was made in Japan (the 2004 is made in the USA) and has a excellent overall reputation for excellent long term reliability and very reasonable costs to operate.

    Add in the fact that you can still buy a loaded 2003 Maxima now (MSRP of about 30k) for more than $4k of the MSRP, and you get a pretty compelling value story.

    Go back and check out the Maxima board for years worth of discussion and history on the 95-03 Maximas.

    I am biased as I drive about 30-35k per year on my Maxima(s) (95 GLE and 00 SE) and have had excellent and very low cost (per mile)long term results with both cars.
  • buffaloesbuffaloes Posts: 24
    It appears that to even get traction control, I will have to get the vehicle skid control, which also requires the purchase of another package. Am I correct in assuming that the SE auto does not include traction control standard?
  • bartalk2bartalk2 Posts: 326
    11th commandment: don't pay over sticker. If your dealer is puffing up the price because the car is new and scarce, go elsewhere. If he's scamming you when he sells you the car, he will continue to cheat you when you get it serviced. I would never buy a car from a dealer who charges over sticker. It's an immediate sign he's a crook.

    If gas mileage is important to you, you might be happier with a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry 4 cylinder that get far better gas mileage (on regular) than the Maxima.
  • tonvaltonval Posts: 2
    After options the 04Maxima is being offerred for $32-$35k. The 03G35 is "out the door" at $31.5k with Premium Pkg and Sport Suspension. Why buy the Maxima?
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    Because I like the interior of the Maxima more for some reason.
  • They really are 2 different cars.

    I think the SL max has some pretty cool features for me. The folding mirrors are great because I have a tight fit in the garage.

    The back seat is flatter and wider which will help with getting 3 car seats.

    Trunk is larger.

    If I didn't have other things to worry about, I would get the 350 Z or G35 coupe. Teh max is more of a ffamily sedan in my opinion. And probably will be 3 to 5 thousand different in price when you compare the acttual sales prices out the door.
  • beanctrbeanctr Posts: 99

    My 02 Max SE w/6sp averages nearly 26MPG on 95% highway driving (avg speed approx 65MPH). While these figures aren't for the 04 Max, I would expect them to be similar
  • aramusaramus Posts: 5
    I test drove a 04 Maxima with a 6 sp manual. Was very impressed with the car's performance. Nissan website does not allow VDC with the manual transmission, only the automatic. Other cars such as a G 35, have VDC with the manual. Anyone know why? Is VDC the same as other cars Stability Program, and does it do anything?
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