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Nissan Maxima 2004 Redesign



  • talon95talon95 Posts: 1,110
    So it's more accurate to say the body and chassis are new, while the drivetrain is a slightly modified carryover design.
  • gusharlsgusharls Posts: 18
    I had a look at the 2004 4 seater model at the vancouver car show. Have to admit it caught a lot of eyes including mine. It was a very nice looking piece of car.Bronze color. Smart interior! Classy lines. Will try one out when they come on line!
  • saw one yesterday on the street it really looks great

    at the car show it grabbed alot of attention, the interior i=s really nice in tan, it is pretty high quality

    is much better than what some ppl have said about it
  • the whole torque steer issue is overkilled by the toyota-honda loving press, and they test their cars out by flooring them, no one drive a car by flooring it constantly, so u might have to fight the wheels a lil during harsh acceleration, that IMO is not a good reason not to buy a car as the steering overall is rated pretty good, they should definately fix this problem quick though it would bring in alot better reviews
  • mariner7mariner7 Posts: 509
    Have you seen the new Mitsu Galant debuting in NY? It has so many Maxima styling cues, it looks more like the Max little brother than the Altima.

    For those who kept complaining about the Max design, Mitsu certainly doesn't share your complaints!

    The Lexus HPX concept has lots of FX styling cues also. Very possible, and even expected, that styling of Murano, Z & G35 styling will be displayed by other manufacturers!
  • talon95talon95 Posts: 1,110
    That's a pretty big stretch, IMO. I can see some vague similarities, but you can see mostly a lot of standard Mitsu styling cues, especially side and rear views. Clearly an evolutionary take on the previous generation Galant. The front follows the direction that they've been going towards for the past couple of years. They hinted at it with the mid-model refresh of the Galant, and really established it with the Outlander and Endeavor. Now they've carried this theme over fully to the new Galant.

    So I don't think there's much in the line of tribute to the Maxima here. But if there is, Nissan should take notes on the Galant's front end, as it has far more pleasing shapes to the grille and headlights than does the Maxima.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    IMO only VAGUELY looks like the Maxima, and certainly only in front end styling. I think that car is a disaster, almost offensive to the eye, especially those nasty taillights and far too many sharp angles. I dont think the new Max is beautiful, but it is at least pleasing, and interesting, to look at. I hope people stop comparing the Galant to the Maxima, and I'm sure Nissan feels the same way.
  • monte4monte4 Posts: 101
    Another review of the 04 Max not so good although, ndex.htm
  • 90max90max Posts: 15
    Monte - the address for the review has an error (should be "index", not "i-ndex"). The reviewer really hammered the 04, although I'm not certain all of the criticisms are justified.
  • nismoguynismoguy Posts: 7
    It may look a little different but once you get in and drive, forgetabout... This car flies.. This is one of the things that keep your mind off the other aspects of the design. I didn't notice the torque steer as bad as in prior Max years. I like it!
  • bmwdougbmwdoug Posts: 248
    How come the new 04 Maxima does not come in black? I was seriously considering the 04 Maxima because it is shaping up to be a COOL, near luxury sedan, with a sport engine. But, no black exterior color means no maxima. How can a company not offer a car in black??
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    Are you sure the 04 Max doesn't come in black? I think one of the TV commercials running now shows a Max in black, and the nissanusa website shows the Max in black on it's "intro" page to the Max. In fact the color is called "onyx".
  • there's a black max on the inside cover of the current Newsweek, and I've seen one in a commerical.
  • bmwdougbmwdoug Posts: 248
    I hope you are right. That would be great! The Nissan web site does not list black as an option. Anyone else know if black is an option for color? I think this car has potential. And, I am a BMW fan!! But, this Maxima, in my opinion, looks sleek, has more room than a BMW 3 or current 5 series, offers all the gadgets, nice qualitye interior, and is thousands less.
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    except that it is called "onyx". If you go to the "design your Nissan' link, select either model (SE or SL), and your can select onyx exterior with either charcoal or frost interior.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    i saw a black 04 max last week. HOT CAR.
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    in Center City, Philadelphia last Saturday. It was a copper SE, and it looked very sleek, and smaller than it does in pics. The wheels look huge and really fill the wheel wells well ( try saying that 10 times quickly):) Of course, I didn't see it from the front, but it is not a disaster, like a lot of people seem to believe (unlike the 04 Malibu which looks pretty horrific overall, but you knew that already Regfootball, right :))?
  • taurus2taurus2 Posts: 63
    Which car is better '04 Nissan Maxima, or '04 Audi A4? I would really like to hear your opinons!

    Dean Bonham
  • boneslvboneslv Posts: 8
    Taurus2 you can read the Motor Trend article (available on line) where they compared the two cars. If I recall correctly they liked both cars but went with the Audi because of it's refinement but stated if you want more room, more power, and design that is a little more bold then go with the maxima. I stated my reasons for buying the new maxima in post 511.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    without digressing to the point where another one or ten of my posts would get deleted, let me say I think the Maxima front end could've been better, yet its not anything bad. The Malibu's really goes off in a direction for which I have a lot of comments but if I say them they'll get deleted so I'll just say its not as successful as the Opel Vectra, which is its Epsilon trim and really would've made a perfectly fine front end for a Chevy Malibu. In fact, the whole exterior of the Vectra should've been left in tact.

    To me on the Maxima, the headlight assembly looks a little cheap for a higher buck car. They could play around with changing the grille opening and grille some. Maybe make it more like the 350Z.

    Overall the Maxima is fine. Its doesn't have the visual impact of the best cars. But it does appear crisp, which is envogue and has real clean lines. It doesn't offend in any way IMHO. I think the dashboard and console could've been different and more substantial. The door panels and seats are fine.

    Skyview is flat out dumb. Why not a 2 panel sunroof like the Mercedes Cclass 2 dr?

    At least you can still get the sunroof. If it was GM they'd make the skyroof standard and not give you the option of the sunroof.
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