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Pontiac Grand Prix 2004 Redesign Questions & Comments



  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    I checked the Motorweek website today because I saw their review of the 2004 GTP on Saturday. Most of their comments are posted on the "car keys" link under the "inside track" at their website. I don't know how long they post each of the articles for, but I suspect they change weekly so I cut and pasted it here also.


    "2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

    3.8-liter V-6 w/ Eaton supercharger


    $23,000 - $30,000

    While trucks are king, General Motors is making it clear that it's still a car company at heart, as its prepares a complete overhaul of its mid-size sedan lineup. First out of the gate, the 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix.

    Looking nearly identical to the G-Force show car, the '04 Grand Prix is largely all-new. The biggest visual change is the lack of body cladding, and the cleaner and sharper coupe-like profile. The wide track look is more hunkered down, especially in the top line GTP trim.

    While the base GT is powered by a carryover 200-horsepower 3.8-liter V-6, the GTP ups the ante to a 260-horsepower 3.8, a 20-horsepower gain, by way of a new Eaton supercharger. For maximum grip, a new Comp G package adds lightweight 17-inch wheels, V-rated tires, retuned suspension, Magnasteer II steering, and StabilTrak. To manage power to that grip, Comp G also adds TAPshift steering wheel shift pedals for the sole transmission, a 4-speed automatic. Unlike some Formula-One-style pedals, TAPshift requires the driver to take control. It won't upshift for you.

    The new Grand Prix provides total performance, including unmatched sedan versatility. The split-fold rear seat is huge, if spartan, and when combined with the available front folding passenger seat, allows objects up to 9 feet long to be hauled with the trunk closed. Rear doors also open nearly 90 degrees so oversized cargo can be loaded from the side. With this car you may not need a minivan or SUV.

    And when the 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix goes on sale in April it will have prices that put an SUV to shame, from about $23,000 for the GT, to around $28,000 for the GTP. Even with the Comp G package, the sticker should still be under 30-grand.

    And when you compare the new Grand Prix to mid-size car favorites Accord and Camry, it simply out classes them in everything from velocity to versatility. If this is how GM plans to revitalize its car business, the Grand Prix is a great start."

  • wgrwgr Posts: 127
    Is the G6 concept car the 2004 Grand Prix ?
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    no G6 = Grand Am
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    Seems like Pontiac has generated a bit of confusion because they have introduced a number of concepts and show cars with similar codes..

    Here is a link that has some of Pontiac's show and concept cars:

    What I understand is the G6 is the future Grand Am, the line of GXP show cars, some will be built as limited editions and there is also the G-force Grand Prix show car that may end up as a production variant.

  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    G-Force was the name of the concept that the 2004 Grand Prix is based on.
  • richm4richm4 Posts: 169
    Does anyone know if the sunroof opens up "spoilier type" as in the current GP, or into the roofline as most normal sunroofs do?
  • got back from the auto show and if I remember correctly the sun roof open spoiler stlye. The GP looked very nice. Interior looks better although the hard plastic still is there. Looking forward to driving one.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    Thanks ruski... I was meaning that some of the styling/options on the G-force might get offered on the new GP. I recalled reading somewhere that Pontiac was considering offering the G-Force 2+2 seating(4 race inspired buckets) and the satin-nickel finish gauges as options, and still hoping to offer the 280hp.(tranny reliability issues I think) It's early and maybe we'll see those come out as options. I'm hoping to see more color options for the interior.
    Per my preferred dealer they are expecting to have one of the 2004 GPs at the PDX Auto show end of January, so I'm looking forward to getting a closer look.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    Nissan just released a very dopey looking 2004 Maxima and they are going to offer a version with 2+2 seating. Maybe Pontiac will try to be not outdone.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Nah. Pontiac is giving up on dopey. Cladding is gone for 2004.

    Ba-Ba-Boom! :)
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    This was on an ARI purchasing news report

    2004 Grand Prix
    Initial date for orders Late Fall 2002
    Retail production begins February 3, 2003
    Fleet production begins May, 2003
    First fleet deliveries June / July 2003

    Per the same Report 2003 GP production ends on February 15th.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    That doesn't make sense. They are going to make both 2003 AND 2004's for nearly two weeks? (Feb 3-Feb 15) Doesn't seem like that would make sense at all...
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    Since they are introducing the 2004 early it makes sense as the 2004 production will have to ramp up and work the kinks out. Typically if they do the normal model year change over, they would shutdown in May or June to retool/reload the line for the new model year. I also believe that the 2004 is being built in Canada at a different factory than the 2003s so the "overlap" won't be a problem. In the mean time they still have orders for 2003 to fill as well as fill the gap until the 2004 is ramped up. Besides they will be wanting full price for the 2004's and the 2003's have rebates and 0% financing so many folks will want to buy the 2003.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    You are right, of course. I forgot they were switching plants! :)
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    I sat in the car at the auto show and the interior is much better than the old car. I really like the gauges and the fact that pontiac doesnt use wood on the interior. The only thing I dont like is the 17" rims. They are very plain and they do not compliment the car. One thing no one has mentioned is that he car has a rotary knob to control the trip computer, kind of like iDrive only much simpler I imagine. I have seen nothing mentioning this joystick but it was in there. The car looks better in person than it does in pictures and the windows are tinted from the factory. They are considerably darker than he average car as far as I can tell. The model on the floor was the GTP without the comp-G package.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    I'm going to the PDX auto show this week and will take some pictures of the new 2004 GP/GTP and GTO.(best word I have is that Pontiac was planning to have both here for the show.) I'll be happy to log my opinions and would like to post some photos - except I haven't been able to figure out how to import or get a copy and paste to work in these forum messages. I'd appreciate it if anyone can edumacate me on the matter.
  • richm4richm4 Posts: 169
    Were there any 2004 GP brochures at any auto shows that anyone has been to?

    orwoody, I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures soon. Sorry, I don't know how to help you with your postings.
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    yes they had a brochure at the auto show. it was the same info from the website.
  • richm4richm4 Posts: 169
    I few weeks back, someone posted that Motorweek would be featuring the 2004 GP in January. In Chicago here, we're now past our last program of Motorweek for January but no feature on the GP.

    Anyone have any further info on that program?
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