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BMW 5-Series Wagon 2004 Redesign



  • bmwgurubmwguru Posts: 51
    The Z8 is not a Chris Bangle design. It is too clean and reflective of BMW's history. I also hate the fact the Z8 is ending production. It is also, in my humble opinion, one of the best designs to come out in a long, long time.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    6_speed: you really think so? BMW has been almost universally criticized for the "same sausage, different length" styling. That's probably why Chris Bangle is trying so hard.

    The 7 looks different, but once the 5 is out they'll still have similar styling, and probably the next 3 when that comes.

    I can see that he's trying to add some character back (by the way, your 1990 5 gets an A+ from me in styling terms). Just lose the hunch backs, the cars look fat.

    The A6 and A8 look a lot different, especially in person (they had both at the NY Auto Show). The A4 is similar to the A6, though.

  • 6_speed6_speed Posts: 37
    I guess that only time will tell if Bangle is setting a trend that will seem obvious in the future or if he is creating a family of Azteks.

    Please don't mention Azteks and BMWs in the same sentence ;-)

    The Azteks are ugly from any and all angles. There is absolutely zero redeeming value, IMO. Wait, I take that back. If an Aztek rolls over, you can use it as a trash bin, so there... If not for the SUV craze, it would have sold exactly zero.

    The new 7/5/Z4 might be controversial but hardly in the same league as the Azteks. IMO, the 7 has a avant garde presence. Much like the controversial new Lexus SC430 which I like. It has some American styling cues, slightly different from the strictly Teutonic in the previous. I think the 5 will go down the same path as the 7 and Z4 - controversial but a welcome change when compared to Audi and Mercedes.

    BMW has been almost universally criticized for the "same sausage, different length" styling. That's probably why Chris Bangle is trying so hard.

    Yes, that was the case and exactly my comments about Mercedes. Chris has a tough job. He could have easily gone down the 'safe' path like Mercedes did.

    The A6 and A8 look a lot different, especially in person (they had both at the NY Auto Show). The A4 is similar to the A6, though.

    I should add that I was looking at the current A4/6/8 from the front and front 3/4 and it is hard to tell which is which unless you're really up close. Mercedes is like that. BMW was like that. I think the new 5(from the photos) and 7 looks different enough.

    Just lose the hunch backs, the cars look fat.

    You mean the new 5 looks fat because of the hunchback? Looking at it independently from the rest of the car, yes it looks kinda fat (like the Camry). But overall and with a nice set of wheels/tires, it should look fine. In fact, if you compare the back of a 1990 5 vs 1997 5, you can say the same.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Though I'm very appreciative of the most recent return to civil discussion, any further hostile conversation will cause at least the temporary closure of this thread. Reading endless posts with themes like "my car can beat up your car," and "ego challenge 2003" isn't of interest to most members (and most importantly, to me :)).


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  • subie_wrxsubie_wrx Posts: 15
    As a former 3er owner who is saving for a 540 wagon, I can definitely say it won't be an E60. It's true that car styles can grow on you, but some cars are aesthetically (and sometimes timelessly) appealing from the moment you first see them. For me the E46 and E39 fit that category. I have my WRX wagon for ugly - I don't need to spend BMW bucks for it.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I like the Z4, FWIW. There's a design that looks better in person, particularly the rear quarter view. I also like the logo/light on the sides. The front could be better, but I'll take it gladly over the 7 and the 5.

    None of them are Aztec ugly, I agree.

    The "fat" one is the 7, that has the worst hunchback. But the 5 looks a little heavier too, the pillars look thicker, there's less glass it seems.

    I prefer big green houses.

    It may be a trend, though. Dodge showed the Magnum at NY (surprise, their stand drew HUGE crowds), and the Chrsyler 300C. Both also have really thick, beefy pillars. I'd be worried about blind spots, not sure I like that trend.

  • karmikankarmikan Posts: 116
    I used the Aztek as a metaphor (pretty bad one though, it's in-a-league-of-its-own ugly). Actually, if you look up "ugly" in a dictionary it says "Aztek".

    Does anyone know where Bangle worked prior to joining BMW? Are there many examples of his previous projects on the road?
  • bmwgurubmwguru Posts: 51
    I believe he worked for Italdesign. I know he gets at least partial credit for the Fiat Coupe'.
  • I just came back from a trip to France including a visit to Paris and also saw a new 5 in Paris- parked outside of their Assembly Nationale (legislature). Mule or whatever, it was the real thing. It's a good looking vehicle although I don't know why they eliminated the body side molding- without an aftermarket addition of molding, you know its only a matter of time before those panels are full of dings and nicks.
      Shippo, by any chance did you see the vehicle in the same place? Probably some well placed French govt. official getting the perks of office!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Another sighting, I love it! The one that I saw was on the "Periferique" a few klicks west of CDG airport. I am going to be back there the weekend of 31-May/1-June, so I will take my digital camera, go by the Assembly National and try for a shot. I will be more than happy to post it if I get it.

    Thanks for the "Heads Up".

    Best Regards,
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Being a Subaru owner, I'm glad they hired Andreas Zapatinas away from Alfa Romeo. Guess where he was before Alfa? You guessed it, BMW.

    In a way Bangle is screwing up what Zapatinas (and his successor) did at BMW.

  • I don't know if the car will be there again (of course) but it was parked in what I guess is the back of the building (opposite the side that has the columns) in a small plaza/square.
     Later on my trip, after I had seen that car, I stopped in to a BMW dealership to see if they had any on the floor but they did not. The one salesman there was busy and I didn't have time to wait to talk with him to get any further info.
  • chrisjoochrisjoo Posts: 27
    Do BMW plan to make all new 2004 5 series with AWD option like 3 series and Audi A6?
  • alphamalealphamale Posts: 15
    A more "Conservative" form of unattractiveness than the 7, but not as good as the Z4 (which I almost like).
        It's not ugly, it's just not attractive, or even "conservatively handsome".
        And it looks too similar to the current one, which is too wimpy for me.
  • affyaffy Posts: 19
    I never own a BMW before and is willing to consider the new 5-series.

    I hope BMW give have a new options of a new panaromic sunroof like the new E-Class.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    FWIW, letter writers to Autoweek were also unanimous in disliking the new 5's styling.

    The moonroof in the E is very cool by the way.

  • pecclespeccles Posts: 52
    Does anyone know if the rear seat legroom has
    increased for '04 and by how much?
  • corkdsp1corkdsp1 Posts: 9
    the backseat has more legroom in 2004, Most reviews are not disliking the styling just commenting its a departure/bold. Otherwise the 4 or 5 reveiews I have read have been outstanding. Car is going to be a winner. I cant wait
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    This happened in Germany and the car went into someone's house.
    Very bad accident. 66a4ee19bcd570f&threadid=30862
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