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BMW 5-Series Wagon 2004 Redesign



  • zhangqjzhangqj Posts: 15

    How long would it take for us to hear you say "that styling of new 5 series is growing on me ...."?
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Aren't you off about a year on the W210 E-Class? It went on sale in late 1995 for the 1996 model year. You mean 1994 is when you all had one right?

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Hmmmm, well I was there during both years, and for some reason my mind says 1995/1996, however, it seems the facts say otherwise. Oops! ;-)

    Thanks for the "Heads Up".

    Best Regards,
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    outselling their predecessors

    That's not a tough enough standard. Do they have more market share then their predecessors when they were brand new? That would actually mean something.

    The A6 a box on wheels? It's the opposite, far more rounded and stylish than anything in its class. Nothing boxy about it. The Avants look just as good.

  • fiddofiddo Posts: 2
    I had read various sites in the past that discussed all wheel drive availability on the 2004 5-Series. I live in the snow belt and I would really like this feature but find the 330xi to be a little too small. Any knowledge of if and when the 5-Series may have all wheel drive would be greatly appreciated.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    this new 5 is a nice design...except....why does the front look so much like a peasant Grand Am/Prix? Not surprising since the Z4's grille and headlights were lifted from a LeSabre. The hood and the trunk are too long also, what's the deal, are 70's car proportions coming back? Shorten the hood, lengthen the greenhouse, and enlarge the freaking doors.

    And why the horizontal dash? Not real 'cockpit' like. Don't much care for the "NFL referee instant replay viewing station" in the middle of the dash.

    Whatever happened to a driver oriented interior? This thing is starting to take on the look of a late 70's early 80's Buick.
  • idletaskidletask Posts: 171
    Useless comparisons by all means. If you cannot identify a BMW when you see one...

    Isn't the front grille telling enough? You cannot mistake it for any other car. Even the Z4 has this oh so unique grille design. Copied by many, never equalled.

    Why, oh why are people so reluctant to change?
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    Z4 = Le Sabre.
  • bmwdougbmwdoug Posts: 248
    Fact: The new 7 series is outselling its predecessor. Fact: When the 7 series changed body styles, everyone yelped, and whined.
    Fact: The predictions of the 7 Series' demise due to the new styling were WRONG
    Fact: The new 7 series has caught on with the public.

    The above will hold true for the new 5 series as well. It is going to be a great car. And, it will always be a BMW! I can't wait to see one in person. I hope I am able to purchase one. I am going to look into European Delivery to see if I can swing one. Does anyone know what the ED price will be for the new 04?
  • 330iii330iii Posts: 71
    Does anyone know when the last 03 5-series and the first 04's will be produced? I'm considering an 03 530i with sp.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Fact: people will buy a phenomenal car despite what it might look like.

    That's the only fact that matters.

  • jakumabajakumaba Posts: 9
    I asked a similar question about a month ago on the ED board. I've also checked with some dealers. The concensus seems to be that the new model is projected to come to the USA in October or thereabouts, maybe a bit later. As far as manufacture, the factory shuts down in August as a matter of course (vacation for Germans). The dealers say that this August shut-down will be also a time for modification to assembly process, etc., for the new model, to start production in September. '03 availability in USA after that date would probably depend on existing inventory, etc. You get the picture. BTW, Shipo's response on last '03 for ED was:

    "My guess would be August or September. Munich usually trys to produce ED orders several weeks before the scheduled ED pickup."
  • idletaskidletask Posts: 171
    Here is an article about BMW's Active Steering.

    And for the nitpicky out there, it will be an option AND it can be deactivated.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    Roundel (BMWCCA) and Bimmer magazines have both had recent informative articles on active steering.
  • drwho6drwho6 Posts: 1
    I prefer the 2003 5-series over the new redesign. I tend to like the subtle elegance typical of BMW's older designs. I do not like the sharkish looking headlights and I think the car looks a little bulky.

    All gripes aside, I am sure the new 5-series will be a peformer.

    I have never owned a BMW, but am planning on getting one in July. I had planned on buying a 530i, but I do not know if I will be able to find a 2003 w/ the package I want so soon before the new model comes out. If that turns out to be the case I may end up getting a 330i since the 2004 looks pretty much the same as the 2003.
  • 5speed55speed5 Posts: 31
    Toronto_guy "I don't know the price of the A6 in the US, but in Canada it is $20,000 less the 530 and is not considered in the same class."

    First, you must compare apples to apples. A US 530i Premium/Sport/Manual/No Nav stickered at $47,500. The equivalent A6 for comparison is a 2.7T Premium/Sport/Auto/w/Nav for same sticker price. Typically the Audi's are between 2 and 3 thousand dollars less than the same optioned BMW here.

    As far as the class goes...German manufacture, mid size Luxury sedan, everything across the board pretty equal, except the Audi has more room in the rear.

    And the comment about the A6 being "a box on wheels"..the A6 is more 'rounded' than the 5 series. Every car rag that I have seen a comparo between the two on always gave the number one spot for exterior styling to the Audi.
  • I wish that people who respond to my comments would read them more dilligently.

    I expressed that I did not know what the price of an A6 in the US. In Canada, they are $50k whereas a 530 is $70k. That is a signifigant difference.

    Further, in Canada the Audi is thought of a lesser manufacturer then BMW and Mercedes. One of the wealthy cities in the world - Toronto - boasts tons of BMW's and Mercedes and very few Audis. In fact, in the Greater Toronto Area there are only 2 Audi dealerships and around 15 Mercedes and 15 BMW dealerships.

    I was not comparing the boxiness to the old style 5 series. The A6 is already tired looking, and to compare to the 2004 5 series is unimaginable.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    How can people see forward with their noses stuck up so high? LOL

  • 5speed55speed5 Posts: 31
    First, I read, and re-read your comments three times 'diligently'. You stated you did not know US prices, and for comparison, I provided them.

    Now, again you stated " In Canada, they (Audi A6) are $50k whereas a 530 is $70k. That is a significant difference." I refused to believe that the same equipped cars can have a $20,000 difference between them, no matter what the country, so I went for the 'facts'.

    On each respective manufacturers Canada web site, I configured the same car with Auto/Premium/Sport/Nav/High End Stereo. Well guess what? They are NOT $20,000 apart. Just like in the US, there was only a $2,200 difference. The A6 was $70,705 and the BMW was $72,990 Before you post a statement like that, you should get the facts right.

    You also stated "Further, in Canada the Audi is thought of a lesser manufacturer then BMW and Mercedes." Lesser manufacturer??? what the heck is that?? again..opinion & not fact.

    The only thing I will agree with you is about the A6 design being tired. The A6 was last re designed in '98, a year after the 5 series ('97). The A6 will have it's redesign for '05. For cues as to how it will look, the '04 A8 (Audi's flagship that competes with the 7 series) was just re designed, and looks damn good!(Disclaimer-this is my opinion only, and not a fact)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Audi is a top-tier make and probably the most emulated of all brands in terms of design. Specifically, the TT's interior created no less than a revolution in interior design.

    I attended the BMW Ultimate Driving event and it's intesting to see how much influence Audi has had over BMW design (a polite way to say BMW copied Audi).

    In fact it's hard to find even one volume manufacturer that has not imitated Audi. Even funnier was attending the NY Auto Show and noticing how cars like the Galant have stopped imitating BMW.

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