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Dodge Durango Redesign for 2004



  • bougionibougioni Posts: 2
    Not likely…

    I own a 2001 SLT 4x4 and Love it. However, just for a change of pace I was thinking about going to an Envoy XL, not anymore, I’ll wait until 2004 and Grab Life by the Horns in that gorgeous TRUCK.

    P.S. does anyone know anything about DC putting a Diesel or a hybrid in the Durango, gas is really getting expensive up here!
  • rassom1rassom1 Posts: 35
    Just in case your wondering, the Durango is built on a chassis and the Minivans are unibody.

    Does that still make it a minivan?????
  • toonsestoonses Posts: 2
    It looks like a PT Cruiser to me - not that I like that any better. :P

    Also, is it just me, or does it look like they have lowered the ground clearance? If they have I will definately NOT be purchasing one of these. Maybe I will see if I can get enough money together for a downpayment on a 2003 before those all get sold...

    Anybody else have some good recomnedations for an SUV that can handle dirt mountain roads, snow and ice, will last 10 years, and has a decent sized engine? I don't need to pull any trailers, but one of the things that attracted me to the Durango in the first place was that it has that 4.7L engine standard. Also - not overly fond of Ford - always have electrical probs and/or leaks and nobody can ever find the problem.
  • kendoughkendough Posts: 7
    I can't find any info on when they will be available. Very little info on them out there.
  • I have been trying to find information regarding the redesign for weeks now. I can't seem to get answers from anyone. I heard they may be available for ordering sometime in June. If anyone has information on the redesign and when it will be available for purchase I would appreciate it.
  • I think the Chrysler Pacifica has more of a minivan look than this Durango. Currently drive a 2000 Durango SLT. previous owned Blazer (94) and Explorer (99) Durango is head over heels best vehicle. Waiting to see what the "real" 2004 looks like as well as engine options. My wife needs V8 power but not HEMI.....When can I see a real 2004? Picture or at dealer...........
  • kendoughkendough Posts: 7
    245hp 5.9 liter V8, 31X10.50-15 tires, full frame, no sliding doors, actual 4 wheel drive lever, 7500 lb towing capacity. If they built a minivan like that, I'd buy it. Still love my '98.
  • pop88pop88 Posts: 13
    See Kendough likes his durango. I like mine too. I'm satsified. You know. The people that want a durango for towing? Get a 5.9 liter V8. thats the best bet. Kendough what type of stuff do you haul with your durango?
  • kendoughkendough Posts: 7
    I don't tow alot. but I do tow an enclosed motorcyle trailer and a two axle utility trailer. No big mountains ever, but I have been on the Penn. turnpike several times. The durango is the best vehicle I've ever had.
  • svevarsvevar Posts: 160
    We have the 7/70 warranty on our 2002 Sebring... I believe the deductible is $100-$150. I'll have to look around for some paperwork and get back to you with a positive answer.
  • kendoughkendough Posts: 7
    Edmunds says the 2004 model will be available spring of 2004. I looks on some other sites, and there is no set date, just TBD.
  • traumagastraumagas Posts: 64
    I currently have a dakota quad slt 4.7 loaded out with 4x4 This truck rocks would buy another today have 50k no problems, I saw the site here at edmunds on specs. it says the durango will have full time 4x4 :(
      This will blow if this is the only powertrain avail. I would not buy a full time 4x4. Been there do that. Not again. Does anyone have any info on this durango. If so please let me know.
  • momulemomule Posts: 1
    See website for full views of the 85% DURANGO (almost will be used) for 2004.
    Great Pics!
    Anyone know when they will be on the market for sale ??
  • josephus1josephus1 Posts: 5
    I love the look of the RT concept, and especially the Hemi. I think Toonnses is right, it looks low, which is great for the Street rodders. But now I gotta shell out $3K for a lift kit & tires too?
    For a mid-size SUV with better clearance and Off-road ability the Toyota 4-Runner now offers a V8 option, and will last longer than you'll want it to.
    I have a 2000 4.7l and I love it, so I'll wait for Dodge to produce the Hemi'Rango.
  • Pix @ are the same as all others I have seen. Is this actual production or prototype? If 2004 is to come out "spring of 2003", where is it? I renewed lease on 2000 SLT for 6 months so I could get a good chance on the 2004. Anyone else got anything new on actual available date?
  • The deductible only applies after your 3/36 is over and it's $100 or $150.... As for the fine print, just make sure you have a history of all of your maintenance records so that if something does come up, you can show that it's not lack of upkeep on your part....

    As for the mini-van thing... oh please!

    The Durango is 15% larger everywhere, hip room, shoulder room, width, etc, etc, etc.... You can fit a 48" (4 ft) piece of plywood BETWEEN the wheel wells!
  • rodney12rodney12 Posts: 32
    From recent discussion here it seems timely to mention DC's media access site. This is where press releases are made and info is given to the general public. It's also where other sites get their pictures (then usually shrink them) and often much of their verbage.

    Its at

    Click on "continue as guest", check the box agreeing to the legal mumbo jumbo, and click next. On the left click on "Chrysler Group" then "Dodge trucks" or whatever. There is a great deal of information there, including the 2004 Durango press kit, which mentions availability this fall.

    Happy surfing...
  • spoonsjtdspoonsjtd Posts: 1
    Rodney, how did you find the 2004 press kit? I can only find one for the 2003.
  • rodney12rodney12 Posts: 32
    does not exist yet. Sorry about the mis-speak in my post. I meant to say the prototype for the 2004 Durango's press kit. They designate the concept by the year IT was produced, not any production model it may or may not 'inspire'. In this case, the 2003 Durango RT Hemi concept is the prototype of the 2004 Durango. As the kit says, it's about 85% of the exterior. They talk about the 2004 model as if this is almost it.

    I'm looking forward to spyshots, and details about the real 2004 as well. In the mean time we'll have to settle for the concept [sigh] which should be pretty close.

    Again, sorry for the confusion...
  • colorado1974colorado1974 Posts: 177
    I am a Dodge dealer in Washington state and to my surprise yesterday I was able to order the all new Durango. Even though Chrysler has not informed the dealer body yet of the change it was very obvious.

    The new sales code is HB, last year it was AN.
    The engine choices are 4.7L or 5.7L Hemi.
    The rear set is split 50/50.
    The fuel capacity goes from 25 in 2003 to 27 in 2004.
    17 inch wheels are standard.
    The SLT Plus trim is now called Limited Trim.
    And so on.

    Pricing was not given but I ordered a bunch of them.
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