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Dodge Durango Redesign for 2004



  • colorado1974colorado1974 Posts: 177
    I posted the old Durango as an AN model but the correct model code was DN.
  • kendoughkendough Posts: 7
    I have searched and searched this internet. Nowhere can I find a start up date. Its not that I don't beleive you Colorado, but it seems strange.

    I have even written to Dodge. They are saying spring of 2004.
  • brianbmbrianbm Posts: 55
    Colorado, if you can get the info, what ground clearance and approach angles is Dodge claiming?
    I do go offroad, and love ground clearance - it's up there with good galvanizing in my book. Bigger is nicer, but not if I get stuck on a rock.
  • My wife drives a 99 Durango 5.9 with tow package.
    We have been looking at a later model but all Dodge offers now have the 3rd row seat. With the 3rd row seat you loose a flat floor with all seats folded. Talk about a mini van interior! We wish DC offered the option of not buying the 3rd seat. All we get from our dealers is "well you can take it out and leave it in the garage." I'm not sure even the option of a hemi will keep us from shopping elsewhere. This is a pain because we really love the Durango.
  • The lease for my 2001 Durango will be up in early November (2003). Im beginning to panic when I hear the 2004 Durango may not be out until Spring 2004. We LOVE our Durango. It has never given us a single problem despite what many had warned us about before getting it. Its been wonderful and I would definately get the 2004 if it comes out in time. Spring is not "in time" for me and it breaks my heart because there really isnt any other third row seat SUV out there that does anything for me.

    Help me if anyone knows when the new style will be coming out.
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    It looks like an SUV to me not a minivan at all. Plus I love minivans' style. north, look at the Suzuki XL-7, Ford Explorer , Chrysler Pacifica, and minivans like the Toyota Sienna, Mazda MPV, and Chrysler T&C. The minivans are the best but if a minivan isn't for you, consider the XL-7 Limited as it is a great SUV with a luxurious and roomy interior and rugged looks outside.
  • dwk1031dwk1031 Posts: 1
    Anyone know if there will be more cargo space in the 04 Durango? If so, what is the total amount of cargo space available? Does it compare equaly to that of the Tahoe?
  • denimo1denimo1 Posts: 13
    I've handed my leased '00 Yukon to our local Dodge dealer and am waiting for my '04 Durango.
    I'm told it will be available in BC in mid October and yes I'm going with the Hemi. I dont tow much, but we have some pretty high level passes here and lots of single lane highway. Does anyone know if Dodge will move to a floor shifter,or if they plan to offer an OE grille guard( like the Endeavour)?
  • HammertimeHammertime Posts: 14
    The Durango isn't a minivan with off-road tires -- that would be the Toyota Highlander.

    My first impression of the 2004 D is very ugly, but that's what I first thought of the redesigned Grand Cherokee a few years ago. Now I prefer the looks of the current models.
  • i work for a dodge dealer in enid ok. if you guys think your left out in the dark, just think how i feel. i have only seen the actual truck picture 1 time. im sorry folks,,i dont believe the rt will be on the market. so far there will be a st, slt and a limited. only 17 inch wheels as right now, and yes,,,,,,,,,,the himi will be the perfered option!!!!!!!! the actual truck looks a lot like the rt comcept. i will get to drive one on the 23rd of next month. we will have class in kansas city. i hate to burst all of you guises bubbles about the rt, and mabee ill be wrong, but as of right now, we cant order a rt. the thing im bunmmmmmed out about is the wheels!! no 21's:(. if you have any questions or ir intrested on getting on my wait list for the truck you can call me here at the dealer ship 1-580-234-5400. my name is steven and ill do all i can to help.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,666
    impressive, I have my usual standard the shifter on the column, like a standard car, or is there a floor/console shifter available for those of us who "gotta have em"...
  • I am friends with a dealership owner and they will be in Oct 03. They are 15% bigger inside and also wider, longer, and higher. I have a 2000 Durango 5.9L and a 2003 Ram 1500 Hemi...AWESOME TRUCKS!!! I will be turning in my 2000 for an 04 Hemi.
  • Keep your 2000. The new Durango looks goofy!
  • I see that you still have your Jimmy. I thought you were going to get the new 4 runner? Obviously the new D is off your list. :)
  • The Durango shifter is on the steering column Here is a picture of the interior of the Durango. The design is very clean and the fit and finish is excellent.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,666
  • How do you know that the fit and finish is very good? They haven't even arrived on the dealers lots. Have you been able to have a look at them already?
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