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Dodge Durango Redesign for 2004



  • Will the 6.1 hemi engine be available on the Durango? When ?
  • boredbored Posts: 300
    That particular engine doesn't even exist in any current production DC product.

    The 6.1L would be a good buy...for a Ram 4500 (or 3500), if either did exist. It is a good idea, I'm getting sick and tired of GM and their "We have more power than Ford and Dodge" commercials.
  • Hey did Daimler have any influence on this thing? If they did I fear what the next Mercedes will look like. This new Durango is a Frankestein of rip-ed off looks. The front looks just like a Honda Pilot, the back is extremely Liberty-like, and those bulging fenders look like an afterthought. At least the interior looks promising.
  • No, after all that talk and anticipation. The more I looked at it, the more I became disappointed with the design. When you compare it to the GX 470 or the Prado, or even the last generation, it just starts looking goofy. All I see when I look at the front end is a big hippo's face!

    I'm glad Toyota got the hint, finally, and now offers the SR5 and Sport Edition without the cladding. I liked the cladding at first, but when I started seeing 4Runners driving around with it, they looked really dumpy. If the truck was lifted a bit, and had nice beefy tires, the cladding might look fine. The down-side is that now there's nothing to separate the Limited, except the silver accents.

    I really like the GX, but it's over-priced, in my opinion. A used one is still a consideration for my next SUV, but I really prefer buying new. So, for now, the top contenders are the '05 H3, '05 Grand Cherokee, and '05 Pathfinder, if it looks like the DuneHawk concept. I don't know what any of them will look like for sure, but I like what I've been seeing in spy shots so far.

    I also love the Volvo XC90. It's features, utility, quality, and safety are all top-notch, but the styling isn't quite as rugged-looking as I prefer. Motor Trend said it handled some off-road situations better than the H2, but I'm not convinced it's over all off-road prowess is up to the same standards as even my truck.

    I was really looking forward to the new Durango, but DC/Dodge has let me down. They should have stuck with the Powerbox styling. That was tough-looking! And they should have put a center shifter in, especially with the Hemi!

    I still love my truck, and we just bought my wife a loaded Mazda MPV this Spring, so I'm in no rush to replace my Jimmy. But, I'm back to searching for spy shots and posting in forums, in anticipation of these other trucks, once again!
  • Does anyone have any idea how the durango will be priced?
  • How can you guys knock such a beautiful truck? I currently own a 2001 Durango and I absolutely love the truck, no problems, even as she's gettin up there in the mileage. I think the new design is a great step up from the old one, especially since they took the hint and based it more on the Ram series.

    For a truck that remains to be a more rugged vehicle, I think the Durango is the way to go. Not these, SUV-car concepts like the Volvo, though I give them credit for some of the systems developed in the XC90. Gotta go with the Big Rig look of Dodge.
  • The current Durango looks great. Tough, cohesive, and practical. While the new design resembles the Ram, it falls short of looking tough. It looks goofy and wimpy from the front. The back looks good and the interior looks great, but the front looks like a mistake.

    Give me the Powerbox!!!
  • i work at chrysler in newark delaware building the new 2004 durango hb. let me start by saying that this durango is 100 times better then the old one. and has alot more features for example: power sunroof, satilite radio, tv with dvd, hands free cell phone, side curtain airbags, in dash six disc cd changer, big white face gauges out lined in silver, your choice of silver, wood or plain black interior trim, 5.7L V8 hemi engine just to name a few. the body also looks 10 times better it's bigger badder and it gets better gas mileage then the old durango. go to your local dealer and check one out when they get there. you won't be disappointed. oh if you don't like the wheels don't worry i'm almost 100% sure they will come out with the bigger 20" chrome ones like the dodge ram. it's just a matter of time. we are notorious for changing the wheels up and giving the customer more then one option.

    t berstler
    local 1183
  • durangobuilder, it's great to get insight from the inside. Please keep us up to date on this exciting redesign. On the plus side, my father just bought a 2003 for a great price, and it suits him perfectly.

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  • Remember The new Durango has a full Hydoformed chassis. Thos other so called SUV's are unibody over sized car like wanna be's.
  • rassom2, I'm not sure exactly what that means in a practical sense - does that make it better in the "utility" department?

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  • Hey Guys. The wife and I are car shooping. We have a 2001 Chevy Suburban LT. The lease is up in Nov. She wants something smaller and the Durango looks like it would fit her needs. She likes the style, from the pictures, that is. Any info would be great i.e. pricing etc.

    Thanks in advance, Jack
  • It looks better in these pics, but I'll give my final vote when it comes out next month: 32,a1hFjB8J
  • boredbored Posts: 300
    The Durango is set to launch on November 15th. Looks like the timeframe is perfect for a trade. Another positive: The Chrysler's group of new vehicles across all brands seems to go through the first model year without much trouble. For example, Dodge Ram, Chrysler Pacifica, etc.
  • The Durango will be the best SUV for the dollar. The new Durango has a base price that is lower than the competion and $1,000 less than last year at $25,000. In addition, the Durango SLT 4x4, which accounts for 40% of sales, starts at $2,000 less than last year. I think that the Durango could rule the midsize and possibly fullsize segments.

    Read This

    Saturday, October 18, 2003

    DaimlerChrysler sets Durango price below competitors

    By Jeff Green / Bloomberg News

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    DaimlerChrysler AG's Chrysler set the base price of the re-designed Dodge Durango sport-utility vehicle below that of U.S. competitors and less than the smaller model it replaces as the company tries to halt U.S. sales drops.

    The 2004 Durango, which comes with a six-cylinder engine for the first time, will start at $26,565, less than the base price for Ford Motor Co.'s Explorer, General Motors Corp.'s TrailBlazer and Honda Motor Co.'s Pilot sport-utilities, according to The new Durango goes on sale next month. The most expensive Durango will sell for $41,710.

    The new Durango is the first of 25 new products that Chrysler Chief Executive Officer Dieter Zetsche will introduce in the next three years to reverse five years of market-share losses. Chrysler, the third-largest U.S. automaker, lost $1.1 billion in the second quarter and cut its 2003 forecast to a "slight" profit from $2 billion. Sales fell 6 percent in 2003's first nine months.

    Chrysler has dealer orders equal to the 30,000 Durangos that the company plans to produce this year, Joe Eberhardt, the unit's top sales and marketing executive, said in an interview.

    The redesigned Durango, which Chrysler says has 15 percent more cargo room, a plusher interior and a more fuel-efficient engine, replaces a model that now needs as much as $4,500 in rebates to sell. Chrysler said it will offer a $500 mail-in rebate on the new Durango.

    Chrysler is relying on Durango because other new vehicles haven't sold as well as expected. The Pacifica station wagon, introduced in March, is selling at an annual rate of 87,550, less than the 100,000 production capacity. Chrysler has cut the average price about 13 percent to $33,000 and spokesman James Kenyon said today that the company is offering $3,000 rebates and five-year no-interest loans on Pacifica.

    The current Durango slipped to about 13 percent of the large sport-utility vehicle market this year from about 24 percent in 1999, according to Ward's AutoInfoBank.

    The 2003 Durango ranges in price from $27,520 to $39,570 compared with a range of $26,930 to $37,795 for the Explorer, $27,545 to $36,195 for the TrailBlazer and $27,590 to $33,360 for the Pilot. Toyota Motor Co.p.'s Highlander SUV is less, ranging from $24,620 to $31.920, said.

    Chrysler's U.S. market share fell to 12.8 percent through September from 16.1 percent in 1998, the last time it had an annual market share gain. Chrysler has eliminated 30,000 jobs and closed seven plants since 2001 in an effort to return to profitability. The latest United Auto Workers union contract allows it to close two more plants, sell three and eliminate more jobs.

    Some consumers complained that the old Durango was less reliable than competitors' models, and had a rougher ride and less comfortable interior than other, newer sport-utility models.
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    To durangobuilder - could you pls do all of us, former, and possibly future Dodge owners, a favor, and tell us, what DC is actually doing to improve quality of it's producs? We all read about the 125 inspection check, the new paint facility, etc. - but could you pls tell more about it from the point of daily routine you see? And, how from the standpoint of expected quality, the new Durango is better that the predecessor?
  • Is a navigation system available? Also, if you go to Dodge's website, look at the "versatility" tab. It looks like it has distance radar on the rear bumper. Can anyone confirm?
  • bmwdougbmwdoug Posts: 248
    The specs of the new 04 Durango look great! The specs put the Durango on par with the Sequoia, Tahoe, Expedition, which appear to make the Durango a full size SUV. Is this correct? If so, the Durango could be the sleeper of the year, if the truck pans out.
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    It is already ordered in very large numbers by dealers, and considering how many RAM Magnums are roaming the roads, Durango will not be a sleeper. It will be good, if it sells for MSRP. Or could be like Pathfinder - I saw it with mark-up of US$ 7,500 on R22 in NJ. Hopefully DC will not let their dealers to act like that - I remember how these greedy creatures were selling PT Cruiser with 20G over MSRP - who cares for PT Cruiser now? And DC has to close now the factory building them. They will be better off building up the market share, otherwise, after recent losses, Pacifica/Crossfire flop, a very questionable RWD LX platform products in the pipeline - there is a chance that all plants might close. Mercedes-Benz already had an alliance with an American car company - Studenbekker - and they were the ones who turned off the last light in the factory. Weren't there any lessons learned?
  • jblaze13jblaze13 Posts: 152
    I'm sure the new Durango is a nice vehicle but boy does it look GOOFY! DCX has been famous for building vehicles that look just like the concept vehicle. The concept that the new Durango was based on was a fierce looking vehicle! This thing doesn't even come close. What happened?
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