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GMC Canyon



  • boikoboiko Posts: 82
    Other then cosmetic differences, are there any other significant reasons to buy one over the other...?

  • brianbmbrianbm Posts: 55
    This coming year should be interesting for midsize trucks, with GMC/Chevy, Dodge, and Nissan all coming out with new or greatly changed machines. I personally think an I-5 will be fine. I'm hoping for an American alternative to the Tundra (current smaller version). It surprises me a little that the I-6 in the TrailBlazer isn't an option, surely one more cylinder isn't THAT big a size difference. Pity we have to wait for 2004 to touch metal.
  • I think it will have slight styling changes on the front. Kind of like the headlight variation on the full size models.
  • brianbmbrianbm Posts: 55
    A local dealer told me he doesn't expect to have a floor model until December. That's OK, I can wait ...
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    from what I have been able to find it appears the 2004 Canyon physically is not a lot bigger than the Sonoma; but is better designed to give a large interior (feel). Most significantly is that the GVW and towing capacity are increased about 20% or more over the Sonoma.
  • Courtesy Chevrolet in Phoenix had a couple of Colorado demos on Saturday! They had a base model and a Z71. GM had them on display as part of a sales training. They won't be getting any actual units to sell until either this week or the next.

    Showcase, the GMC dealership across the street didn't have any Canyons on demo, but the salesman I spoke to gave me a dealer sales workbook that has all of the specs and pictures, including a comparison to the Ranger, Dakota, and Tacoma. It's a really neat piece of literature, bound by a wire notebook coil ring.

    I love the Sonoma Highrider, but this new truck is incredible! Although I like pick-ups, I plan on sticking with SUVs, but this truck is very appealing because of it's bold styling and well-though-out mechanics. The interior is VERY spacious! I couldn't believe the front leg room. I'm 6'1" and felt very comfortable, with room to spare. The whole truck appears much bigger than it's predecessor, even though it's only a few inches bigger in each direction. I almost mistook the Colorado for a Silverado when I passed by the first time.

    While the Colorado is very sharp, I like the styling of the Canyon better, especially the Z71 Crew Cab. There are two oddities that bug me, though. One is that goofy steering wheel. Why they gave it that wimpy half circle look, I'll never know. It really needs the cool angular steering wheel like the other GM trucks to go with it's angular exterior design. The other ridiculous thing is the absence of 31x10.5" BFGoodrich All-Terrains on the Z71, AT LEAST AS AN OPTION! GM is so frustrating. They get so many things right, but they seem to always blow something. They even brought the door panel cup/bottle holders back, like my Jimmy has, but the new Envoy is lacking. So, here's this great truck, with a high stance suspension that's 3.6" taller than the standard suspension, but NO BFGs?! Oh, and 3 different wheel choices that finally look cool for a GM truck, but they're ALL 15"! Come on... I guess GM's leaving it up to the buyer to swap tires.

    Other than those minor things, this seems like it will be a great truck.

    I'm holding out for the H3, built off of the same chassis, but who knows what GM might screw up on that. If it's ugly, or incomplete in some major way, I may have to consider the Canyon. Of course, I'd have to throw some BFGs and a bed cap on! I'd also have to swap out the center console with an Envoy, so I could have a center shifter...
  • aldan93aldan93 Posts: 202
    The H3 is built off the GMT 360 Platform, Trailblazer, Envoy, not the GMT 355 that is used for the Colorado/Canyon
  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    No the H3 is definately built off the GMT 355. Check out the H3 thread for spy shots that have Colorado front ends.
  • Jeep is coming out with a small diesel in their Liberty next year with 270 lb/ft torque and 28 MPG. Can tow 7700 lbs. Sounds like something GMC should have had all along in their small truck. Will GM step up?
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    and some of the other states following suit.
  • Expect a new turbo-charged in-line 5 to find it's way into the Canyon, eventually. Rumors state that the H3 will be introduced with a normally-asparated 5 and a turbo version. GM Powertrain division has been developing it for some time.

    The H3 T concept, debuting in L.A., has a version of the turbo 5 rated at 350 hp & 350 lbs/ft of torque! Sadly, I'm sure the production version, debuting at the Detroit show, will only be somewhere between 240 and 260 hp. K&N, here I come!
  • A nearby GMC canyon dealer got their first Canyon in and called me to take a look (I had stopped by a few weeks earlier to inquire about the Canyon). I am not a GM fan but this is an interesting truck so I thought I would take a look.

    The vehicle I saw was a basic extended cab with the I-5 engine. It was fairly trimless, having just arrived (didn't have window stickers yet and there was a collection of new/unattached trim pieces sitting in the extended cab area). I took it for a drive and was fairly impressed with it. It was comfortable and had plenty of power in my opinion.

    Two things gave me pause, however. During my "tour" of the vehicle I happened to push up on the headliner and discovered what seemed to be a bouncy, thin, and cheap piece of fabric covered cardboard. I could actually bounce the center of the ceiling (with the dome light going along for the ride) up and down about 0.5 inch. My old '93 Ranger's headliner is glued continuously and securely to the roof of the truck, so I wasn't expecting such an easily avoided element of "cheapness." Finally, as I took one last walk-around, I was disapointed to see that the two main headlamps and the two smaller ones (above the main ones) were all filled with condensation. Fresh from the factory! NICE!

    If anyone is considering this vehicle, make sure to check on these two issues. Perhaps they were unique to the vehicle I saw, but you never know.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810

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  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    Was in for an oil change and checks on my Grand Prix... Dealer had a couple of the New Canyons on the lot. It is looks definitely bigger than the Sonoma and the interior is a pretty good upgrade. I also noticed it had 6 lug wheels (verses 5 lug on the Sonoma). The prices don't seem too much more than a comparable Sonoma (except for rebates). I'll have to drive one to really know how much improved it is.(since I own a Sonoma)
    So far it looks pretty good.
  • cb750cb750 Posts: 1
    As a driver of a 1995 Sonoma SLS bought new and currently with 252,000 miles on my 2.2 four cyl. 5 speed, I feel I've more than earned the right to speak on this new replacement. First, I spend alot of time on the road and comfort is important to me. Seems, GM took away a few of my favorite comfort items: Lumbar only available on the 4 dr. crew cab model; Sun visors that block SLS has a slide deal that will extend out of the main sun visor for extra, well needed protection from the sun and an additional visor to pull down in the front when the main one is swung over to the side window. On all models, even the $40,000 Envoy, all you get is the cheap single visor that provides minimal protection; Instrumentation...My SLS has a speedo, fuel, temp, oil and volt gauges. The new models dumped the oil & volt gauges but added a tach...I'd rather have the oil & volt over the tach.

    A four door extended cab is ok, but you can't really seat a full sized person back there so why have those little seats back there anyway. I like the way Ford does it in the Ranger, better with one seat that sits the rear passenger sideways affording a ton more leg room. Also, doesn't 4 doors on the extended cab take away from the structural integrity? Would the price be lower is there were three doors? How 'bout those little seats being an option instead of standard...I'm trying to lower the price on this truck, hope someone is listening. Those little boxes under the rear seats don't look like they will last, the lid snaps look like they will surely break if often used. Is the nap of the carpet kind of thin, or is that my imagination? It just feels flimsy. Lastly the head liner in my 95 SLS has a very soft padded feel to it and it looks as good as the day I drove it off the dealers lot. In contrast the new models head liner has a long way to go... It just seems that GM is trying to cut corners in the interior.

    I'll give GM praise for the new engines and exterior design, but I'm going to hold on to my GM card points a little longer...I'm not quite sold on these new trucks.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    Has anyone purchased one? I'm seriously thinking of trying to down size from 2 to 1 vehicle. I need a truck, comfortable ride for 2 adults, 1 child and have a truck. I've got the sonoma but with a child seat, no real room for Momma and I can't haul lumber or compost too well in the GP. I saw a crew cab Colorado at the auto show and even though the bed is a bit short, it might do the trick. I'm going to look around for a test drive, but was curious what new owners had to say.
  • i think GM's got a stinker on their hands. just like the chevy equinox, it's not a very appealing package. as numerous people have mentioned here before, why a 5-cylinder engine?!!
    even people who know nothing about cars or trucks are turned off instinctively by an engine with an odd number of cylinders--the words "5-cylinder engine" don't even SOUND balanced!

    the interior is simply NOT good enough either. what a lame attempt! nuff said.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    I drove a 4WD crew cab Canyon over the weekend. Overall a huge improvement over my Sonoma. Interior plastic was about the same, but the seats were much more comfortable (although not on par with their sedan's bucket). Interior was quiet and the 5 Cylinder engine, quiet and smooth. Overall power and acceleration were good. Ran it up a 20-25% hill that goes for over a mile and was able to accelerate up it, hold steady without the engine straining. Interior seems larger as does the box. Overall a pretty nice package.
    Incentives aren't great, but it got me interested.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    Would like to solicit new owners and their experiences. I just purchased a 2004 Canyon Crew Cab 4WD SLE. I consolidated from a small pickup and midsize sedan to the crew cab and so far I am very pleased. Drives well, pretty quiet and plenty of room. First gas fill up in mixed driving was just over 20mpg with the I-5 motor.
    Cherry Red with off road package and this rig gets a lot of looks and compliments. (which I didn't expect from associates who are Ford and Toyota owners.)
  • That is one UGLY truck.
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