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GMC Canyon



  • dannygdannyg Posts: 131
    Hello, just curious if anyone has heard anything about a hybrid version of the Canyon/Colorado. I read recently that GM released a hybrid Silverado, has there been talk of a hybrid for the smaller pickup? To me, it would be great to getter better MPG and also have the 120V outlets.

    Thanks for any info.

  • fmhopsonfmhopson Posts: 1
    There is a SI Bulletin on the a/c ringing noise, # 04-01-38-012A Took mine in last week and it looks like they changed the evaporator cooler. It took care of the ringing problem. The dealer had changed the expansion valve back in Oct. 2004 but that didn't help. Hope this helps you!
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    This past weekend, I finally got some free time to attack the wind noise in my Canyon that I previously mentioned. I purchased some of the sound deadener mat that the "stereo guys" use in their cars, and applied it to the rear pillars and the back wall of the cab. I also sprayed the floor of the truck, both top and bottom with liqiud Dynamat.

    This made the cab noticably quieter. HOWEVER, the wind noise, which is the most annoying, is still present, although to a lesser degree. Spraying both sides of the floor gave both sound insulation, as well as some rust protection. You can easily tell that the lower portion of the cab is quieter, but the noise is still up around "ear level". Maybe I'll have to see what kind of sound barrier can be put above the headliner.

    I just don't know how this glaring problem got past the engineers, however....
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    Glad to see this forum up again. Had my Crew Cab Canyon 4WD since February 2004. Over 17k miles. The only issue I have had is basically annoying - the outside thermometer (read out is in the ADRVM) is slow to work after sitting a while on warm days. Basically if I park it i the morning and its 52F out. Late after work I hop in and take off it still reads 52F, slowly increments until after about 15-20 minutes - it pops to the right temp... I'm having the service dept check on any updates in TSBs as this is supposedly a known issue.
    Other than that, I got rid of the junky looking wheels and General tires after about 500 miles and have had no problems. Good cruiser and has been very reliable.
  • kazoo_bluekazoo_blue Posts: 1
    I bought my Colorado about a year ago and I can attest to what I consider excellent mileage. On our trips from Kalamazoo--Lexington, Ky we average just over 27mpg. We drive about 5 over posted speed limits. This is my first pick-up so I wasn't sure what to expect with the mileage. I think that overall it has been a wise decision to buy the Colorado/Canyon. The only problem I've had is with the wind noise on the pass. side of the cab. It is pretty much fixed now with some adjustments the dlr made to the door. Good Luck and enjoy!
  • I have seen the outside temp issue too... any resolution?

    I have had mine for 1300 miles and so far I love it. Much more expensive to fill up than my 98 Blazer!

  • I planning on drilling some holes for through the roof antennas (ham radio)... has any one got any insight for getting above the headliner? Anything published on the internet about this vehicle?

    Thanks in advance.... :shades:
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    I talked with the service manager when I was in for an oil change and he said they have been changing out the sensors (located up in front near the radiator.). He was saying this has so far fixed the issue on all the ones they have had in. I plan to make an appointment to get mine swapped out. (warranty of course)
  • Hello All,

    Just wondering if anyone else is having similar problems.
    I have the 2DR, 4WD, 2800 4cyl. 2004 Canyon
    Have had it just over a year and just turned 12,000 miles.

    1. Tires are almost shot, half the tread is gone and the sidewalls are beginning to
    show malformations, (Wavy look)

    2. Windshield has developed a stress crack, which dealer insists is from a stone chip and won't replace under warranty even though there is no visible chip.

    3. Loss of engine power. I know, I never expected a lot from a 4cyl., but I have noticed a significant drop in power. Transmission is spending a lot of time in the lower gears, higher RPM's.

    4. Poor gas milelage. When I first bought the truck, I was averaging 26-30mpg. Now I'm lucky if I can get 24mpg. This is pretty unacceptable considering it a 4cyl. (Possibly linked to #3)?

    5. Extensive rusting. Only 12,000miles and rust is very visble on the leaf springs, control arm and towing kit.

    6. Noisy as hell. Wind noise, engine noise, road noise... in addition the damn fan rattles around like its got a playing card jammed down it.

    Now I know its no Sierra, but I really expected a lot of this little truck.
    Anyone else with these problems?

    Sven :confuse:
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    05 Colorado Ext cab 2wd 4 banger 5 speed here.

    1. It's a known fact that General tires are the cheapest crappiest OE tires around. My tires started showing a wavy indentation in the sidewall from the beginning. Tall sidewall tires tend to have this issue but under most circumstances it doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong with the tire.

    2. No stress cracks here. I would have to see the crack in order to tell if it was caused by a rock.

    3. No change in power on my engine in 4700 miles.

    4. I'm not sure what kind of driving you are doing, but your original mileage was excellent and way above average. Keep in mind it's a tall truck with horrible aerodynamics and a large engine (it may be a four cylinder but its the size of the original S10's V6; size is the enemy of fuel economy). Plus, you have the added weight and friction of 4wd. A 24 mpg average is more then acceptable considering your 4wd is only rated at 19/23 if its auto or 17/23 if its manual. The best I have ever averaged was 23 mpg but normally it hovers at 21 (my truck is rated at 21/27). Granted, this is 100% city/suburban driving. I haven't driven on the highway for a long distance yet so I'm not sure how it does there. At any rate, your mileage is normal. This is not an economy car. That being said, your drop in mileage can be attributed to spending lots more time at higher rpms.

    5. Rust is normal on these parts. This is common pressed steel, not stainless or rust-proof steel. You will always see surface rust here, especially when you live in cold or beach areas.

    6. I have heard the regular cab is noisier then other models. My extended cab's wind noise only becomes noticeable after 70mph and even then it's not bad. The ride is extremely quiet. The engine does get loud when pushed hard but is quiet otherwise. Your noisy fan is probably caused by a leaf stuck in the fan blades.

    So overall, I only see 2 possible problems with your truck. The rest is either normal or just the design of it. Try to enjoy your truck. It looks like you are searching hard to find fault with it.
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    I have crew cad 4WD and have not really had any issues - bought in Feb 2004 and have 17.5k miles.
    1) Generals are about as low budget as they come - mine are in the garage collecting dust since I took them off a few hundred miles into ownership.
    2) This sometimes happens - I had one on a previous vehicle. Mine was replaced under warranty.
    3) Sounds like something is not working in the electronic control system.
    4) My mileage has stayed steady - worst was first couple thousand miles during break in.
    5) This is normal on these parts; the rust actually protects the parts from further oxidation. Unless you are in area using lots of salt or by the ocean, this should not be a concern.
    6) My crew cab is as quiet as most cars and better than most trucks.

    I've had both full size & small trucks. This Canyon drives more like a full size- smooth, good ride, reasonably quiet. :D
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    You are right about General tires. General Motors puts sorry tires on a lot of their products. I bought a 2004 Suburban leather and loaded out. It had Firestone tires which the Firestone/Bridgestone dealer told me they were cheaper tires. My experience with Ford is that they generally use good tires. My F150 came with Michelin.
  • gjmcgjmc Posts: 5
    For those that are frustrated over wind noise coming from one side of the other rear of the cab, look at the bed on that side relative to the rear of the cab. In my case, I only had noise from the passenger rear. I noticed that the bed was sticking out about 1/8 to 1/4 beyond the rear of the cab on that side and was about 1/8 to 1/4 in behind the cab on the drivers side. I loosened the bolts that hold the bed down and adjusted the bed so it's properly centered. Problem solved. The bed sticking out beyond the cab produces air turbulence driving down the highway that you hear in through the rear door hinge area and the flow-thru vent. Good luck.
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    That's a good suggestion. I never thougt of that, so I'll take a close look at mine. The noise is really annoying!
  • exgmcexgmc Posts: 5
    I just got rid of 2004 Canyon 2 wheel drive 5 cyl. I hope yours is better than mine The squeaks drove me crazy and the interior is not up to par. I had problems withthe brakes being too touchy in the morning damp air. They would grab so hard they would throw you forward. GMC would not fix. The rear differential makes clunking noises and feels loose. GMC will not fix Had several computor malfunctions which GMC did fix. The horn just broke and I decided to buy trcuk of the year 2005 Toyota 4 x 4 V6 SR5.

    good luck
  • exgmcexgmc Posts: 5
    It's me again with tthe 2004 Canyon. I had wind noise on the passenger side door that drove nuts too. GMC fixed it by putting white powder all over the weather stripping to find the leak. It would have been nice of them to clean it off before they returned it back to me. Three months after I owned the Canyon I noticed the driver door part that hold the door from opening too far was falling off. I tightened it up myself. Then I noticed the door was rubbing the apint off of the rocker panel where the door and the rocker meet when it closes. GMC adjusted the door, but now I have wind noise on this door. I lived with that for 8 more months and traded it in for a new truck 2005 Toyota 4 x 4
  • exgmcexgmc Posts: 5
    You might want to think again. I just unloaded a 2004 Canyon SLE and bought a 2005 4 x 4 Toyota Tacoma. You can't even comapre the quality of a GMC to the Toyota. The GMC is very poorly put together.
  • exgmcexgmc Posts: 5
    I bought one new in 2004 and had the SLE 5 cyl and had nothing but stupid problems with it. The interior is squeaky, the brakes grab ,wind noise, the differential is noisy, and is electrical issues.
    I now have a 2005 Toyota 4 X 4 SR5 night and day . you get what you pay for
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    4 negative posts in 20 minutes....Guess you didn't like your Canyon, eh??
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    You must have gone through the entire forum postings - It is interesting you are replying to a message I posted almost 16 months ago.
    Guess I got lucky my Canyon has treated me well and I really have no squeaks or rattles unless I am bouncing down some rough dirt & gravel roads/trails. I've got well over 17k miles and 15 months of ownership. :D
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