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GMC Canyon



  • ssakonyissakonyi Posts: 2
    Just bought a '05 Canyon w/Z85 suspension. I like the way it rides, but like the overall height of the Z71. Considering buying factory OEM wheels off a Z71 with 265/75/15 tires. Will this work? How much wider will they seem, especially with small flares? How much height will I gain? Any other ideas?
  • ssakonyissakonyi Posts: 2
    Just bought a '05 Canyon w/Z85 suspension. I like the way it rides, but like the overall height of the Z71. Considering buying factory OEM wheels off a Z71 with 265/75/15 tires. Will this work? How much wider will they seem, especially with small flares? How much height will I gain? Any other ideas?
  • duncan95duncan95 Posts: 6
    Hmm... and what makes you think I am a doctor. I'm not. I'm a plain old working soul like most of the population.
    As for "unlikely"....well, I don't know where you live, but NJ does have one of the toughest laws in the country, and they do follow through on it. But, it's all a moot point. I spoke with the General Sales Manager (and I did not mention Lemon Law) and he is more than willing to put any kind of tires on the truck I'd like to have. Also, I'd like to give the dealearship a large pat on the back for helping me with another problem.
    Last year, the former Gov of NJ decided that ANY NEW REG MUST BE FOR 4 YEARS. I'm my case, that would come to about $360. Well, we thought we could just transfer my old plates. WRONG! NJ has decided that you CAN NOT transfer "station wagon" (SUV) plates to a PickUp. NOPE! So when I stopped in to pick up the reg the woman at the cashiers desk asked for $353.65. I said to hold on, and that's when I had my conversation with the GSM. He went in, got the new plates and reg, had a salesman remove the old plates, put on the new ones and gave me the reg. Then he wrote off the cost.
    So... I get a 4 year reg for the original cost to transfer and he's gonna replace the tires with what I want. No yelling, no hassle, no threats etc. Now THIS is the kind of GM dealer they should all be like. He just wants a happy customer. :)
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Oopps....I reread your post and realized I misinterpreted what you were saying. Your remark about going in for cardio work sounded like you were the doctor but then when I reread it, I realized you were the patient. Sorry about that, LOL. Hope things went well :blush:

    I'm glad your dealer is willing to work with you. I was just preparing you for denial with the lemon law. Many people think it can be used for any little problem, but something has to be legitimately wrong with your car and it has to be determined to be hazardous to your safety for you to be able to use it. They would see that the problem is the tires and not the truck itself, so they would suggest the manufacturer give you new tires and see if that solves it. Only if it didn't would you be able to get anywhere. So, since the General tires are known to be the problem, I was trying to save you time by suggesting different ways of getting new tires.
  • duncan95duncan95 Posts: 6
    HAHAH!! Yup - I was the one on the table. Happy to say that despite the previous tests showing I had major problems, the Cardiac Catheterization showed all to be very normal with almost no blockage. So, I'm a very happy 57 year old !
    I understand what you were saying about the lemon law. Now I just have to get back there and get the tires changed.
    I've been doing some research at The Tire Rack and I'm not certian as to which would be best for me.
    Anyone have any suggestions??
  • chinntchinnt Posts: 2
    Hey all...

    I just took delivery on a regular cab Canyon (Z85 suspension, 2WD) SLE 5cyl...and enjoying it so far...I've been reading about how the tires are pretty bad and notice myself that I wished it handled a little better (I don't expect a sports car). I don't want to change the overall height of the vehicle, just want to tighten up the handling a bit. Would you suggest a larger rim (16") and 60s or some other combination?...I've got the Canyon mainly to commute so there's no off-road here, but would like to be able to drive around the bay area without feeling tossed around inside the cab....

    thanks for any advice....

  • rosalvinrosalvin Posts: 1
    I have 05 canyon 2wd 4 cyl w. 5 speed. my major beef is 17 mpg average fuel mileage, vibration on smooth roads at 47 to 54 mph even after the generals were replaced with michelins, touchy brakes on damp mornings, and newest problem at 7 months old and 4500 miles is engine noise when 1st started in morning for 2 seconds. dealer is currently working on this after replacing main bearing thrust bearing and in process of replacing oil pressure relief valve as well as timing chain tensioners. If GMC continues like this, I expect they may be bought out by Toyota or Nissan in the future. Why can't GMC get it right. I also have a 2001 Sierra with no problems and traded an 03 Ranger that averaged 24 MPG in on the Canyon cause I wanted the larger cab. My next step is to try getting GMC to buy this one
  • bburkertbburkert Posts: 1
    Yes iam I have a problem with my transmission, sometimes it slams really hard into 2nd gear and some times it feels like it stalls out when it shifts. It seems to do it when i go into a turn from a dead stop. Has anyone else had this problem i can't seem to get the dealer to decide it has a problem . Also does anybody hear a growling noise going from there dash at slow take offs. It drive me crazy
  • kagz71kagz71 Posts: 12
    Hey, I do not have one, but my dad does, an 04 Z71 4X4 Crew Cab. When riding in it the other day I asked him, why it felt like it was slamming into second gear and he said "thats because it is!" He told me that the local dealer told him no one else has complained and they don't see a problem, what a suprise, I have always owned GM but as of late I'm thinking that might change with my next purchase, too bad that is about 3 years off...HA

  • Hi there,

    We purchased a GMC Canyon in May '05. Have been happy with it so far, however (I hate "however's"!) over the weekend I started noticing that my front tires would squeal just turning from street to street. If I dont take the corner too tight, its okay. I assume this can also be blamed on the tires? (I have read all previous posts). I noticed from the beginning turning sharp felt tight and the vehicle would actually slow to about nothing - but the squealing is new.

    Some of the other problems posted have me wondering if we should unload before anything "new" pops up!! Your opinions are much appreciated, Thanks!
  • I posted yesterday about front tires squealing when turning corners... Mentioned it to my husband last night and he said "Check to make sure your not in four wheel drive - that button is easy to hit and then not notice you hit it ..."

    Alas - I have been driving in 4 wheel drive for a couple of days. My husband had used the flashers on Saturday and must have hit the button by accident. Maybe GMC should make that feature a little harder to get at! Oh well - at least I didn't take it to the dealership! Still think the tires don't do justice to the vehicle though.
  • h0merjh0merj Posts: 1
    I had the wind noise issue too. Bought an '05 Canyon Z71 ext. cab, and didn't think much of the noise (moderate at highway speeds) until I read this thread. Lo and behold, upon further examination, the cargo box was shifted nearly 3/8" to the passenger side. This really shows poor fit-and-finish. I emailed the dealership about the issue along with brake rotor warpage I began feeling at 2600 miles. They were eager to fix this ASAP. They took care of the problem in less than a day, and I can't believe how much difference the offset of the cargo box made in the amount of wind noise!

    There are about 10 Colorados in the vehicle fleet where I work. Most are crew cab; some I have noticed having their beds offset in the same manner. I can't get over how plant assembly lets this go. I was in favor for replacing my Nissan PU with another Nissan prior to purchasing this truck, but the GM incentives reeled me in. This is the first new domestic vehicle I have ever purchased, and this left me guessing about whether or not I should have chose Nissan instead.

    My local dealership's concern, service, and attitude helped convince me that my opinion and experience about GM should be a good one. Thanks to Greiner GM for their top-notch service.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I bought mine in June and after reading the posts on here looked a mine and lo and behold the same thing. I have not had it fixed. This kind of crap is what is killing General Motors. That and the cheap tires they put on most of their vehicles.
  • I got a 4 cyl. 4X2 crew cab in early Aug. So far everything is fine & I'm real pleased with it. No wind noise, no offset box, transmission slamming, etc. The larger tank had me worried about the fuel I was using, but measurement showed me that I'm getting about 20mpg; about the same as I got with the 00 Sonoma xcab 4cyl 4X2 it replaced.

    One difference I noticed was the feeling of a higher CG than the sonoma; I'm still not used to that. The 2.8 seems to have more power than the 2.2, which is pleasing.

    Does anyone here have any experience with mods that might improve gas milage a little more, without killing the power? I know it's early for the aftermarket engineers, but has anyone heard of anything yet?
  • I feel your pain,
    I was a recent owner of a 2004 GMC Canyon and hated that truck. I thought it looked like a cool truck, but between the touchy brakes ( that they can't fix) the squeaks and wind noise I had enough. I had the inline 5 cyl which never sounded right from day one with its whiney engine noise. With the sloppy drive train on this 2 wheel drive truck was down right embarassing. After GMC offered me 3 years of free oil changes to shut me up, it was time to trade it in for my 2005 4 x4 Toyota Tacoma. I am glad I got out of that rag before it did to me what it is doing to you. Toyota's truck of the year , what a machine.

  • I noticed the same thing with my tires. I just took it in for the first inspection. To my mechanic, not the dealer, and found that the front tires were worn out after only 13,000 miles.
  • 22west22west Posts: 1
    I have an 05 Canyon Extended Cab and I'm considering buying a bed cap. I've looked at Leer and A.R.E. and other than price, which is fairly close, I can't really tell which is the better product. Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful.
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    Haven't seen the A.R.E. but I looked at Leer and a couple of others. I decided on a LoRider - it was less money, not quite as nice as the Leer, but just as secure and came with upgraded lifts. It's about 75 lbs. which I believe was 15-25 lbs lighter than the Leer.
  • MY 2004 CREW CAB IS HAVING ITS ENGINE REPLACED AT 20,000(5-CYL) :mad: . After replace all of my valves, then the cylinder head, they decided to replace the engine. GM TECHS TOLD MY MECHANIC AT THE DEALERSHIP TO REBUILD THE ENGINE, BUT HE REFUSED BECAUSE HE HAS SEEN THIS PROBLEM BEFORE AND FEEL THE LOWER HALF OF THESE ENGINES IS FAULTY. Everybody at GM has been very helpful, but this shouldnt happen in the first place. So now they are putting in a 2006 engine which is supposed to have been redesigned to cure these problems.
    To quote my father in law, an avid Ford fan, "Thats what you get for buying a Chevy". Maybe he's right......

    :lemon: ?????? Hopefully not.
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    Sorry to hear your problem - my 2004 Crew Cab 4WD w/I5 has been very reliable with no engine or tranny issues and I am almost 22k miles. The only issue I have had is a fan switch resistor that blew (had off & high only). Its my daily driver.
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