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GMC Canyon



  • I just bought a 2005 Canyon same as your. Just courious. did you buy bigger tires?. appreciate any info. corrected a queak had under L/S driver side. Parking brake cable was rubbing on frame. lossen clamp and reposition. cable queak is gone.
  • vernhvernh Posts: 1
    2005 crew cab 4wd w/I5, how much weight can I put on the taigate, I have a honda 650 ATV that I put into the pick-up box, fits between the wheel wells, back tires sit on the center of the tailgate. honda weight is 600# assumed half the weight is on the tailgate, 300#
  • Hey, I have a 2005 Canyon Z85 4x4 Crew Cab, does it come pre-wired for towing??? Sometimes trucks have the wiring all the way to the bumper, and you have to "finish" it with a female receiver...also, any aftermarket fog lights that fit in the cut-outs in front, or am i stuck paying 300+ for factory??? thanks!
  • Another quick says in the manual i cant leave it in 4wd for a long time on dry pavement...but on snowy roads, how long can it stay in 4wd, only for a short time while i regain traction, or for the duration of a moderate length drive??? just curious...
  • satiresatire Posts: 71
    Unless you really have to have a bed cap, look at a Roll-n-Lock. Best damn thing I ever put on a truck. Love it.
  • I have a 2005 Canyon 4x4 Z71 pkge. I used to have a 2001 Sonoma ZR 2 Highrider. Does anyone know if there is a lift kit available for the Canyon or if there is any other way to raise the height?
  • Have been watching the discussions here on '05 & '04, but nothing much said on the '06 Canyons. Looking to order '06 Crew Cab 4x4 LOADED leather SLT 4SA pkg. Does anyone know if many improvements have been made to the '06 model year? From what I have read, most are not too pleased w/ '05 and the tires are not good w/ '05. Comments surely appreciated! ;)
  • I have had my Canyon Crew Cab 4x4 in to the dealer 5 times for a/c problems. The temperature of the air cycles between warm and cold every 15 seconds. The bottom line is it won't cool the cab. There are posts here and on other owner sites that complain about the same problem. GM has known about this problem for over a year (but won't admit it)and they currently do NOT have a fix. My dealer has road tested all of their new Canyons (2006)and they are all doing the same thing. This a/c system is unlike any other a/c offered before by GM. I think that since GM is bleeding so much red ink, they are reluctant to fix probems that might cost a considerable amount of money. :mad:
  • Poor seems like everytime they try to get back in the game, someone comes along and makes them eat dirt again. I don't care about how good a Hyundai's gas mileage is, or how amazingly stout a Toyota is. GM is an American icon, and I have owned three of them happily. I do currently own a 2005 Canyon Extended Cab SLE and it is my daily driver. It has already been through -35 below and cruised right along without so much as a whimper. I was toasty warm in the cab and didn't have my ear pressed to the grille listening for any "strange" noises.
    What's with the stir about engines, anyway? You've got a very capable I5 that scoots that truck and I'm not watching my gas gauge drop while I'm idling in the driveway like my V6 did. I'm not impressed going through a 1/4 tank of gas a day and can now say that my Canyon will get me through a week and a half on a tank, sometimes 2 weeks. These folks that bemoan the lack of power in these trucks must want to pay hundreds of dollars a month to keep their big rumbling V8s on the road. Smaller engines have come a long way with fuel efficiency PLUS horsepower. It's only going to get better! I know during the summer my Canyon was a happy puppy at 65 mph, maybe not the posted speed limit in the certain area, but it still felt good at that speed.
    This truck is a great improvement over the jaded S10/Sonoma series. A roomier interior, way improved looks, and the GMC version has a certain presence when it's on the road that the Chevy version strangely lacks...I'm not sure what it is. Oh, yeah, and these trucks actually have some clearance under them! So now my truck may be able to do some wheeling one day without gutting itself. My future plans for this pickup is putting a small lift on it (3") and some tready tires and (naturally!) a Warn winch so I may pull out those less fortunate to drive a nice 4x4, and I think that may be it. I like this truck's styling so much I don't want to go bonkers with accessories.
    If you're looking for a truck that can tow a 5th wheel, get a full-size. Don't whine about the Canyon's shortcomings in towing; these trucks are designed for the individual who wants a pickup that can haul a toy in the back, the weekend project materials, or a pop-up trailer. For me, this pickup hauls the trash and water for my cabin. I am an exceedingly happy owner of this truck, everything from the purchasing of it to just this morning of driving it to work. Excellent road manners for a truck. GM, you did good, and I wish you a stellar comeback because you will always have a loyal customer with me!
    "See the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet!" ;)

    P.S. Never had any problems with the A/C in mine, but, I only get to use my A/C maybe for a week out of the year. After all, Alaska isn't known for sweltering temperatures except for a few months! Besides, I have no problem rolling down windows! :P
  • I have a 2005 4x4 SLE OFF ROAD pkg, w tow kit, with about 13,000 miles. No problems at all, tires have been ok, bed is straight.

    I put a rollbak bed cover on and I like that a lot. ($750). I also have a bug shield and roll-on bed liner.

    I am considering a cold-air kit, new rims and tires in a couple of years.
  • This is TOO CLASSIC :-)

    "Poor seems like everytime they try to get back in the game, someone comes along and makes them eat dirt again. I don't care about how good a Hyundai's gas mileage is, or how amazingly stout a Toyota is. GM is an American icon, and I have owned three of them happily."

    Bet one of those three was a Vega, one was a V8 diesel, and the other was a 468 Cadillac... LOL

    I've owned 51 vehicles, sold Chevrolets for 3 years, and I'm on Toyota #8 and Honda #2. Just checked and tradein value on my 01 Tacoma is $5000 less than I paid for it brand new... and the most that's ever been done to it by the dealer is a new shoulder harness (doesn't retract fast enough).

    My last new GM vehicle was a 2002 Envoy with the I6. GM should have put THAT engine in the Colorado/Canyon... better mileage, more horsepower. WOW... just another GM screwup. Maybe if they offered a 10 year 100K warranty, they could entice me again... but it ain't likely!
  • How do you figure better gas mileage, curb weight differences? Envoy I-6 gas mileage is 15/21 for a 4X4, Canyon Crew cab is 17/22 for the I-5. And the I-6 hits max torque at 4800RPM the I-5 hits is at 2800, so that is better for off road use and towing. I wouldn't want the
    I-6 unless they made it into more of a truck motor, with lower RPM. I think the I-6 is a good motor but I have no complaints about the I-5 for what I need, I own a trailblazer and canyon. I also must be one of the few people who have had good luck with GM's, I had full size blazers with 200,000 and a 98 buick commuter with over 120,000 and a Taurus in college with 110,000, all no problems. The big 3 still needs a swift kick in the pants though, I am not blind to that because of my good luck.
  • I could care less about torque. If I wanted torque I'd buy a big truck with a diesel. Having just gone thru that formula, I realize that's what you have to have to pull ANY RV. I'm only concerned about zip and gas mileage... and most important, RESALE VALUE.

    If someone paid me a million dollars, I wouldn't drive any of those vehicles a hundred thousand miles. I've owned most all of them (except the Buick) and none of them lasted 30,000 miles in my garage before they started having problems, or I was so bored with them I wouldn't drive them any longer. To be specific, I owned a 93 K5 Blazer, 97 Tahoe Sport, 97 GMC Z71 and 87 Sable.

    So how do like listening to the pistons slapping in your Trailblazer and Canyon? Have they had to yank the dash out to fix the HVAC motors yet? How much have you lost in depreciation for owning them so far?

    Oh, and I don't own the SuperGlide any more. Got tired of the chrome contest, and being associated with Harley owners. And Harleys are no better than American cars, except for the resale value aspect. I have owned an assortment of 13 motorcycles though, in case you want to discuss the pros and cons of those.
  • Trailblazer has no piston slap, yet I guess, almost 50,000 miles and no issues besides the stated recalls. No HVAC issues either, depreciation is bad, but mainly because of the high gas prices and used lots flooded with ALL makes and models SUV's.

    If you don't want torque in a truck then buy a station wagon. Torque is also great for 4x4ing, if you are talking 2x4 then like I said get a station wagon(HEMI?). I tow up to the 4000lb limit and low end torque is still better than high end torque, no matter how you cut it.

    When I bought the Canyon Zip came after value, size, my idea of good looks, functionality for what I need, ..... and then "zip". If I wanted zip first I would have bought a Boxter S.

    Why are you so mad for buying boring cars, that was your fault up front, not GM's?

    Too bad about selling the Superglide. I don't play the chrome contest. I ride for myself, I gave up that "look at me game" after high school. A lot of Harley riders are nice people, too bad you stereotype them. I owned Honda's and Ducati's, yet love the Harley the most. If you are talking AMF Harley's then sorry about your luck, the 90's and on have been quality machines, and recently I would say Harley quality is finally approaching the Japanese bikes.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Im just wondering if Superglide is mad at GM or just at the American car companies in general or maybe the whole world? If you dont like GM and American vehicals i have the same thing to say to you that i say to immigrants to complain about being here.... GET OUT!
    To everyone else, have a nice day and a happy new year :)
    As for chroming up the bikes... guess what, everyone likes their bike to be personal and look good. deal with it.
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    So, what brings you to this forum? Sounds like you had a bad day and just want to complain....
    Owned a lot of vehicles over the last 30 years; domestic plus Toyota, Subaru and Volvo. I wish I could say any were more reliable and outstanding than the others, but I really can't. I can say we've run most of the vehicles to over 100k miles before giving them away or selling cheap to a needy friend/family member.
    My 2004 Canyon has >24k miles and I've had one problem - resistor on climate control fan board died. No piston slap or other anomalies; starts every time and goes when and where I ask it to.
    If resale is high on your priority list, domestic vehicles aren't the way to go. Mostly hype (and little real data) keeps the values of Toyota, Honda, Volvo, Mercedes, BMW etc... higher.
    Having, many friends and family that have owned Audis, BMW, Volvo, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Saab, Jaguar,Subaru; few have had any better luck than I have with Pontiac, GMC, or Chevy. Repair and maintenance costs for the "foreign" models we've owned has been higher than the domestics, sometime quite a bit more.
    Your opinion of "just another GM screwup" is just that, another person's opinion is that they are just fine or great for what they need.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    What kind of mileage are people getting with the I-5 with either tranny? Looking to possibly step down from my Silverado since i dont do alot of heavy towing anymore. Thanks for any input.
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    I've got 4WD Crew cab, I-5, auto: Currently running in 2WD(metro area gas is diluted w/10% ethanol in winter) I'm getting 16-18 in mixed driving, 21-22 Hwy. With regular (no ethanol) I typically get 18-19 mixed and push 24mpg hwy. I haven't monitored my 4WD mileage as it is sporadic.
  • I have the five cylinder on my 2004 Canyon extended cab. The engine has a whistling noise intermittently while going down the road, esp with gentle acceleration. My dealer has heard it, tried twice to fix it, and finally produced a GM service bulletin that said, and I kid you not, if the dealer can't fix it, tell the owner the sound is a normal operation condition of that engine. Anyone know how to fix this? Can you imagine any mfgr that cared about its reputation issuing such a bulletin?
  • With the automatic, I am lucky to get what the window sticker said. Around town, 15-16, highway, 20-22. My Lexus 430 gets much better mileage.
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