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Toyota 4Runner - 2003

Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
edited March 10 in Toyota
Have something to say about the redesigned '03 4Runner set to debut this Fall? Let's talk about it here.

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  • mifidimifidi Posts: 5
    Any info available on what extra features are included on the Limited? Does it have the 13" disc brakes Semantics mentioned was in the sport package?
  • prjacoprjaco Posts: 7
    I haven't seen any information on the new 4-runner. What are the changes and new features?
    I am considering a Honda Pilot.

  • rward99rward99 Posts: 185
    They just opened this discussion, but there is a lot of information about the 2003 in the SUV Toyota 4Runner discussion.

    Before you make your decision I think you should look at what is coming for the 4Runner this fall.
  • whothemanwhotheman Posts: 169
    The Pilot is obviously one of the top two or three mid-sized SUV's around. Honda's innovations, using a minivan to produce roomy SUV's, yields many benifits.

    But the 4Runner is not really going after Pilot customers. The 4Runner seems more for the traditional SUV buyer looking for rakish, athletic style, a tall stance, and excellent off-road ability. Now Toyota wants to add state-of-the-art safety features, and segment leading V6 power to the mix. A third seat seems low on the priority list.

    If style, off-road ability, and optional V8 power are high on your list, go with the 'Yota. If a third seat, extra elbow room, and a low price are priorities, lean toward the Pilot. More single guys will lean toward the 4Runner because it has that certain "something", a look, that makes it more than just another SUV. The Pilot is softer around the middle, less stylish, better as a family hauler
  • Looks like Paul S ( toyota forum) will go down in history...catching the first of the 4th generation. Wow - does it look bad! What is with all the plastic side cladding?

    Wake up kids - it is here!
  • mentor34mentor34 Posts: 60
    Our dealer in Madison said that they just received confirmation that the Limited would have the third seat option in 2003.
  • i_luv_toyotai_luv_toyota Posts: 350
    I like the color too.
  • spencer327spencer327 Posts: 106
    The picture looks like the rear window no longer
    goes down. Anybody?
  • jf01jf01 Posts: 88
    The rear window in that picture looks similar to the current one, and I think probably goes down. If it didn't, I think it would be flush with the rest of the rear (like the Highlander).
  • reed4reed4 Posts: 56
    Does anyone know if the 3.4 V6 will carry over to the new runner or will a new V6 be offered? If so, any stats on the engine? Also, I've read that it will receive the Tundra's V8. Will the output remain the same for that engine?

  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    V6 - 245hp / 283 torque

    V8 - 235 hp / 320 torque
  • reed4reed4 Posts: 56

    Thanks for the numbers. The V6 sounds very impressive. Do you know what the displacement is and if it will be a VVT-i design? Based on those numbers I'd be curious to know how close the mpg is between the two.

  • i_luv_toyotai_luv_toyota Posts: 350
    I think the displacement on the new V-6 is 4.0-liters. I do not know if it's VVT-i or not, though.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.
  • Does anyone know if Toyota is going to match the Pilot by offerring a third row of seats in the next generation 'runner?
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    Many on the main 4Runner board have weighed in and it has gone back and forth. The ones that work for Toyota and should know have sounded a resounding NO 3rd row of seats, at least not at first. They claim that a survey of potential buyers in Toyota's target market called that unimportant. It seems that it would cost too much and begin to compete with the Sequoia too much.
  • whothemanwhotheman Posts: 169
    would engineer the new truck to have a fold-flat 3rd seat, if they were to put one in! The clam-shell seats are an easy add-on for 2004. If you get a picture of the 2nd row, that will provide the answers, of if it is ready for 3rd row passengers.

    Remember, Toyota DID TRY a 3rd seat with the current 4Runner in 1997. Maybe this time, they can make it more useable.
  • md2002md2002 Posts: 142
    Toyota has three (3) vehicles built off of this new platform for MY 03. The new TLC Prado, GX470 and 4RUNNER. Since the GX470 will have the 3RD row seats (very similar to the TLC & LX470).

    While the general thought is no on the 3rd row the at first is very likely. If Toyota sees a market segment and business case they will do it, and it may be an option to order. Saying the 3rd row seats would eat up Sequoia sales is like saying the Explorer takes away Expedition sales. They don't. Two different sized vehicles for different sized uses.

    If you want it tell Toyota you want it. Since the GX470, Prado and 4RUNNER are all the same minus sheet metal and interior grade levels then the seat can be done.
  • ibleaveibleave Posts: 13
    Anyone know a reputable Toyota dealership/sales person in the Washington DC area? I'm considering one of the 2003 4runners and want to avoid "required" dealership add-on extras (e.g., paint protection, market alignment charges, etc).
  • whothemanwhotheman Posts: 169
    The Explorer has definitely hurt Expedition sales, as Expedition sales have been in a consistent 15-20% decline since the Explorers 3rd seat came out. I work for Ford, so I know costumers do compare the medium and full-sized SUV's.

    That's why Tahoe sales are so strong. It's the only GM SUV with 3 rows! So Toyota knows this, and is trying to sell more Sequioas, for a higher margin than the 30k 4Runner/HighLander. That's why they don't have 3 rows yet. Toyota wants the Sequioa to sell.
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