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Toyota 4Runner - 2003



  • dust90dust90 Posts: 169
    I think you would get better results on another posting. This one is dedicated to the 2003 4Runner.
  • Does anyone know the height from the ground to the lowest lift gate entry point (load floor height) of the 2003 4X4 4Runner? I am trying to compare the 4Runner's height to the Ford Explorer. Ford lists this dimension in their brochure.

    I sent this question to Toyota Cares a week ago and I still have no response. Thanks in advance for the help.
  • Since nobody responded yet...I measured 25" on my 03'. As long as I'm writing this all I can say about this vehicle is "WOW". I drove home to CT from Nashua Toyota (NH)last weekend and am thrilled with the improvements over our '96 Limited. Two places to get the best deals in New England are Hartford (CT)Toyota and Nashua Toyota. Great people at both places, excellent inventory...just depends on where you want to shop. Regarding pricing, I still can't believe why people are paying close to MSRP anywhere. There are plenty of high volume dealers that want to move these.
  • deloiddeloid Posts: 18
    I think I'm going to take the plunge & get the 2003 4runner. Idaho's inventory seems pretty low. Any recommendations in the Western states for dealerships with decent inventories and willing to make deals?

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The Limited I drove yesterday in Bellevue had been brought in from a Canadian dealership.
  • Has anyone with an '03 tried out the Uphill Start Assist feature?

    I tried it today on my '03 Limited V8. Here's what I did:
    - Drove onto a steep hill in 4H, shift lever set to "D"
    - Stopped the car completely
    - Let go of the brake pedal

    Reading the manual, that looks like the Uphill assist is supposed to hold the car for 5 seconds at that point. Here's what happened to me:

    - The car started slowly rolling backwards immediately
    - The "slip indicator light" started flashing
    - A beeper started going off repeatedly
    - A loud chatter started under the dash for 1/2 of a second and stopped. (I assume this is the 'brake actuator' in action)
    - The car continued rolling backwards the entire time (maybe slowed a little during the 'chatter') until I stopped it again with the brake.

    I tried this 4 times with the same 4 results. It doesn't seem to be that great of a 'feature', if that's the 'normal' way for it to work - but maybe my system isn't working right.

    Has anyone else tried this out, and had better results than me? BTW, I first tried it on a less steep hill, and because of the torque of the V8, I actually started slowly rolling forward... I had to go find a steeper hill to really test it. Thanks for any info...
  • leodogs:

    Thanks for responding with the Load Floor Height of your 2003 4RUnner. I am assuming you have a 4WD model. If not, please let me know.
  • Texas dealership says that all 4Runner Limiteds that are being shipped have moonroof packaged with the side air bags. Can't get side air bags without a moonroof. Is this true of other areas of the country? I'm finding lots of overpriced add-ons too. Any advice on finding a Texas dealer with good prices?
  • kbmkbm Posts: 5
    I own an X5 3.0 and an Acura MDX. I test drove a Sport 4x4 w/XREAS and here are my observations:

    Handling is considerably better than the MDX but still not up to par with the X5. However, I have never driven any truck or SUV that matches the X5 in pure handling performance.

    Headroom (with sunroof) is noticeably less than the MDX or X5. It's not bad, but if you are used to either of these vehicles you will definitely notice the difference.

    Acceleration is better than either the X5 3.0 or the MDX.

    Cargo space: much better than the X5 but not even close to the MDX.

    All in all, I am still leaning toward purchasing one to replace the X5 when my lease ends. It is a much better overall value and a fun to drive vehicle.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If you can live with an SUV that is predominantly FWD then check this one out.
  • I've read up on the vehicles you mentioned, and I always find it interesting to get other peoples' perspectives. Currently, I'm driving an 01' Highlander which I enjoy, but always looking to the future. The X5 certainly is nice and I've driven both the 3.0 and the 4.4 - tons of fun. I also drove the Limited Runner 03', and found it to be quite fun as well. Now, the heavy off roader probably don't consider the "fun factor", but for me its important. I think overall, you are correct, the new Runner is a better value than the X5, and more practical as well.
  • deloiddeloid Posts: 18
    Here in Idaho the (limited) inventory is low so I understand why no one will sell below MSRP. Where are you lucky souls getting these deals $2000-2500 below msrp ???
    I'm a tough consumer but you can't bargain with a dealer that has only one or two cars on the lot (I wouldn't budge either if I were a dealer).

  • tfuzztfuzz Posts: 93
    deloid, I bought my '03 Limited in Kansas City. It wasn't $2,000 off MSRP, but it was approaching it--maybe $1700 or $1800, depending on what my trade was really worth. At first they said they would only come down "about" $500. I really wanted $2,000 off, but didn't think I could get it. Another Kansas City dealer and one in Wichita seemed willing to go a little lower, but neither could come up with a Runner with the equipment I wanted, and I didn't discuss my trade-in with them, so their verbal offers weren't exactly firm. A third Kansas City dealer, where I bought my Sienna, didn't want to deal at all on a Limited. I also had an Internet offer in Pueblo (no trade) for about $1600 off. I talked by email, phone or in person to a number of other dealers in MO, KS, OK and CO who apparently would not come off MSRP much, so I did not deal with them. I got the impression from some that discounts on SR5 and Sport models might be easier to come by.

    Anyway, I ended up pretty happy with my deal, but others apparently have done better. At least none of the dealers I talked to wanted a premium! Good luck with your search. You'd think prices will drop some as more vehicles come in.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    CarMax/Toyota dealer here in Laurel MD. They're selling well below MSRP. Around $2K IIRC? They had an excellent selection too. There's also Fitzgerald's Toyota in Gathersburg, MD selling under MSRP too.

  • I had read somewhere that an 18" wheel package was available on the 03' 4Runner, but I did not see any info on the Toyota website related to this. Does anyone know anything?
  • SR5 has 16" wheels. Sport and Limited get 17". Haven't seen any option for 18" wheels.
  • There was a post from someone earlier about a local dealership that had 18" wheels avail. This was a DEALER option. Not something that is available from Toyota. They may be from the same manufacturers as the factory wheels, but are still aftermarket wheels as 18" wheels are not available from Toyota.
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    is a Southeast Toyota port installed option. I have sold a couple with this upgrade. It looks really good. The code is WL40 and you can see a picture of it on the vehicle online in the inventory at or any other SET dealer.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    the 18" rims from the '03 Land Cruiser would look really good on there.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    The HAC hill assist control is only meant to hold the vehicle from the time you release the brake pedal and go to the gas pedal.
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