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Toyota 4Runner - 2003



  • bobf8bobf8 Posts: 5
    Had an opportunity to test drive this over the weekend. Was never impressed with the old 4runner. This one however, IS impressive. Drove the SR5 Sport. There is no comparison with the old! I was amazed at how much larger this is then the old one. And the new V8, whoa! Now it has real guts! Which brings me to my question for folks. I'm very interested in this new version of the 4Runner. I have one concern that has been on tossed around on this message board. That is the towing package. The sales person I spoke to admitted it was a pretty hokey package that Toyota had put on. And he couldn't answer my question about how much can it really tow? Toyota says 5k lbs., there was a post here, indicating that according to user manual it's only 1K lbs. AND, what is the maximum tonge weight? AND, can the brakes handle stopping 5K, or are they upgraded with the "Towing" package.
    Anyone with any answers, I'd really appreciate hearing from!
  • bobf8bobf8 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info. Do you happen to know if this limitation is due to just the hitch, or is it an issue with brakes/transmission/cooler/engine combination? If it's just the hitch, could one put a different hitch on it, and get true 5K towing capacity?
    I was very impressed with this, and that V8 certainly seems to me, like an added 5K would not be an issue for it.
    Thanks again.
  • A few of you mentioned that you drove a 4-runner 4x4 without the sunroof. I'd like to buy one immediately only if I could locate one. Where can I find one? I'd perfer to locate one in the the pacific NW. Thanks,Paul
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    But, an integrated hitch may not pull so much. An example is the Lexus LX470 and Toyota Land Cruiser. 2003 LX470 has an integrated can tow only 5000 lbs. 2002 LX470 has an add-on hitch (bolted to frame) can tow 6500 lbs. 2003 Toyota LC (no integrated hitch) can tow 6500 lbs. I am ONLY don't take this to be the truth.

    However, the above example is of the TLC, not 4Runner. The 4Runner's frame is probably smaller. In addition, wheelbase on 4Runner is significantly smaller. This all must be taken into consideration when towing stuff.

    In my opinion, you will not be able to get around the 5000 lbs limit. Get a TLC if you need more.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    Also, the '03 4Runner hitch is I believe(?) not meant for weight distribution hitches, but only for weight bearing hitches.

    As to the trailer brake issue, Toyota is not alone in their 1000 pound restriction. Most vehicles have a similar restriction. The vehicle can certainly "tow" 5000 pounds, however, the vehicle brakes can't stop an "extra" 5000 pounds, hence the need for trailer brakes.

  • If anyone knows the answers to these please help:

    - When will leather be offered with the SR5; it appears to be "greyed out" option on Toyota's website when I go to build it myself.

    - Does Toyota use trans and/ or oil coolers on any of there trucks or SUVs? The 4runner does not have it as a towing option or standard equip. It does not look like the Sequoia has it either. If they do not offer this why?

    - What does this mean from the towing capacity footnote for the 4 runner?
    "The factory-installed receiver hitch on the 4Runner should only be used with weight-carrying hitch hardware, not weight-distributing hitch hardware. "
  • rvirgrvirg Posts: 2
    I have a tacoma v6 -supposed to be 5k towing capacity and just recently bought a 2100lb boat/trailer no brakes. Its common to have up to 2500 lbs w no brakes - so my question is this - ive moved it around for hundreds of miles - and although the v6 is underpowered for this - the V8 4Runner does seem to have plenty of punch to move this water toy. So previous comments to 1000 lbs?? I dont get it - even a 4cyl Tacoma cam prob move 1000.
    I am getting the 4runner only for this reason - because Toyota cant get their stuff together and make a V8 full size truck that isnt a joke --- and for the first time with the 4runner - it seems to be a valid contender. Its either that or get a ford or chevy ---- i was almost there - until i drove the V8 4Runner this wknd.
    But where can we all find towing numbers ?? and who said 1000lbs originally ?? that has to be wrong. Im sure if i hook up my 2200lbs in the back of that new 4Runner I may forget I have anything behind me.

    Curious about Towing.
  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    SR5 leather.

    The dealer should be able to have leather put in for you. I had a dealer offer it to me for somewhere between $1000 & $1500 with many color and grade choices. I didn't press the price any farther because I wasn't buying just yet.

    They did mention they could not put in leather with the side air bag option because of some legality issues with the bags being in the seats themselves.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    Check your owners manual. I bet, under towing trailers, there's a statement regarding trailer brake restrictions. As I recall, it's "caution-type blurb" with a yellow background.

  • I'm considering buying a new 4-Runner 4WD (I have a 99 Limited 4WD) after the first of the year and can't decide between the V6 and the V8. I average about 25,000 miles per year, mostly (60%) highway at high speed and I seldom trailer anything. I do go off road (hunting and fishing) but seldom through really rough stuff. I live in LA (Lower Alabama :-)) so the AC gets used a lot. What do y'all recommend? Thanks in advance.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    that you wait until the V6 is released, then drive both the V6 and V8 back-to-back, so that your recollection is good, then make a decision.

    The new 4.0 V6 has more horsepower than the V8, but less torque. Do you tow? If so the V8 would be the better choice. Also the V8 gets a 5-speed automatic and permanent full-time 4WD, whereas the V6 gets a 4-speed automatic and an on-demand 4WD, similar to Ford's Control Trac or GM's AutoTrac.

  • vixtervixter Posts: 34
    Hey Bob,
    I couldn't resist correcting you. The V6s will be equipped with a multi-mode 4WD set up, same as in the previous gen. The only Toyota that has an on-demand system available is the Matrix, everything else is either full-time or part-time.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    I'll give you one more opportunity to correct me... ;)

    I was under the impression, with the multi-mode 4WD, when in 4WD high, it's really 2WD, but when slippage occurs the 4WD kicks in; just like Ford's Control Trac and GM's AutoTrac. I've had Toyota sales people (not cliffy*) tell me this. Am I right or wrong?

    BTW, I'm used to being corrected; the wife does it all the time... ;)

    * = Cliffy, IIRC, said the only difference between the permenent 4WD found on the V8 and the multi-mode found on the V6 is that it offers a 2WD mode too. However, I've had couple of Toyota sales people tell me otherwise, like what I've stated above. So which is it? Selectable full-time, or on-demand full-time? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    Another difference between the two engines:

    V6 uses Super-Unleaded fuel,
    is also is about 130 lbs. lighter in weight.

    V8 uses Regular-Unleaded fuel
  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    The driver's seat does move up and down for height adjustment. It "pumps" up & down like a barber's chair. As it pumps up it also moves slightly forward to keep a straight angle with the pedals. Nice little feature.

    It is the long lever on the left side of the seat.
  • sivi1sivi1 Posts: 82
    just got automobile magazine, and it says both v6 and v8 SLURP premium fuel.
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    J/K...the salesman is wrong. The Multimode 4wd system is great! If you are in 4wd, you are FULL-TIME 4x4. Power split (for '02 4Runner) is 50/50.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    Okay, that means it's a "selectable" (as opposed to permenent) full-time 4WD; and can be driven on any surface, any time. Is there also a "part-time" 4WD High mode too, like that found on Jeep's Select Trac? What about the 4WD low range? Can that be driven (if needed) on hard paved roads without any fear of binding, that one would get with a part-time 4WD? Or, is 4WD Low a part-time (only) 4WD mode?

  • My new 4X4 Sport has All leather seats with no side air bags cost 1,200.00.. It is nice leather that feels nicer than Grandma's cadillac leather. I have been told that some of the Limiteds only offer leather trim. Make sure you get the All leather, very nice..............
  • vixtervixter Posts: 34
    Multi-mode allows the user to engage 4WD on any surface full-time if he wishes. Locking the center diff. will give an effect of a part-time system given that they lack a center diff. My preference would be the V8 model w/full-time, it's less complicated for the user and still has low range. The extra $1500 CDN for the 8 IMO is better value, 5spd auto w/gated shifter,full-time 4WD, 87 oct.fuel, insignificant extra fuel usage and more torque.
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