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Any news on 2003 Honda CR-V?



  • rere... thanks for responding to my question. I've done a lot of research and will have an opportunity to test drive a CRV tomorrow. If I like it, I'm planning on buying. I may put my name on the list for the 2003 model or I may just drive the 2002 home. It depends on whether or not I'll get any price break on the 2002. It doesn't seem likely in this market!
  • lls2lls2 Posts: 1
    I've been told by a few dealers that they expect the 2003 CRVs in November. Some have even said mid-November and that there are no changes from the 2002.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    I wish they can put a color-keyed bumper on CR-V. It looks like everywhere in the world except US has the color-keyed bumper on CR-V. Check out and click Honda Worldwide to see what they have in the rest of the world.
  • cgphil1cgphil1 Posts: 29
    Prices for the 2003 CRV can be found at:

    Prices are approx. $100.00 more than 2002.

  • My wife is unsure about maybe purchasing new 2003 CR-V, AWD EX.
    She drives a Jeep and was looking at the new
    Jeep models, as she wanted something she feels
    safe, driving, especially in winter.
    Wife test drove the Jeep Liberty Limited and
    was thinking about buying a new Jeep.

    Now that the 2003 CR-V is out, would you
    opt for this vehicle, or the Jeep, and why?
  • bvolksbvolks Posts: 10
    Check out and pull up crash test results for 2002 Honda CRV and Jeep Liberty. The data pretty much answers that question in terms of safety.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    Still long wait and pay MSRP. Can't wait to see the Special Edition with color keyed bumper, door handles and leather seats. Honda usually introduces the Special Edition toward to last (maybe two) model year.
  • Posted this on the main board as well:

    Got a call from my dealer today - I have the VIN and CRV will be here in 2-3 days. Am getting 5 Speed EX - Chianti Red. Paying $800 over invoice.

    Can't wait for vehicle to get here. Am planning on adding the woodgrain accents to the dash and doors as well as the cargo cover through
  • okmomokmom Posts: 37
    wow, you got a good deal.
    We will get ours on Monday or Tuesday.
    We pay $580 less than MSRP($22,860), and that was the best deal around.
    We get Red also. My kids like Blue, my husband likes Tan... so I picked Red =)
  • When you say you paid $580 less thank MSRP, is that with everything included? I'm being offered a 2003 Red CRV EX - auto at $22,500 with everything (taxes, tags and destination charges) included. Just wondering if this is a decent deal?

  • saber86saber86 Posts: 128
    The sticker price on a EX is almost $23k so if they are quoting you $22500 with tax licenses included thats a terrific deal. I would make sure they are quoting you the right vehicle when you go sign the paper.
  • They are finally here.
    My dealer is giving me a price of $20,150(w/destination charges,tag and tax.
    I don't want any dealer accessories because I can get them at a better price and installed by a honda dealer mechanic.
    They are including all of the interior and exterior special coatings pkg.
    Is this a good deal?
  • This is $540 ABOVE the 'destination & MSRP' price SO, I'd have to know your TAX RATE & "tag fee".

    Tne dealer should split out the amount they are discounting.

    Generally, the demand for the CR-V is good, but the 2WD is NOT popular in the winter (except maybe in Sun Belt states...). You should be getting a discount of at least $300-500 dollars from the MSRP of $19150 before one could consider this a "good deal". Edmunds has the detsination charge listed as $460. WE NEED TO KNOW the amounts "left out".
  • Destination charge is $460
    Tax is 6.5% (Florida)
    Tag is $135 (transfer fee)
    The sticker price on this car is $19.300

    Good deal or not?
  • If I back calculated everything correctly...

    Sounds like the selling price (including destination charge, which in IL should have sales tax applied...) is around $18800

    That looks to be over $500 off the MSRP -- a pretty good deal!

    Can you do better? Who knows... I doubt this is "as low as they can go", but if you are happy it might not be worth grinding out an extra $100-200 buck.

    Dealers are not yet slashing $1000s off any 03 CR-Vs, and I doubt that will happen unless something tragic happens to the economy.
  • I got $500 less than MSRP for the 2003 model. Unfortunately, it takes forever to get the car.
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